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  1. <widget class="text" entity_layout_id="at02" id="Asss" height="18"> <animation class="fade_animation" start_value="0" end_value="1" duration="0.2" delay="0.5" end_mode="hold_auto_reverse" trigger_id="hidden" trigger_value="false"/> <string id="value" value="Ast - Robert Huth"/> <string id="colour" value="bg darker"/> <layout class="stick_to_object_attachment" id="align_top" get_side="bottom" set_side="top" move_side="true" target="at00"/> <layout class=
  2. I tried to restart the game, delete cache but still like that..what's the name of the xml file that controls this panel?
  3. I followed all the passages and now it works, so thank you very much, but I got a problem, when I go into tactics-set pieces and set pieces takers, all the values are black and not dynamics like the last screenshot, how can I fix it? @a31632 Thanks
  4. Hello, I tried to do it and followed all passages and I have a question: you said : "the code for player condition ("PcOI") needs to be added into the panels for it to show". But how do I put it if I change the old two codes into: "PRCF"? Because I followed the instructions and still don't show the old icon percentage. Thanks Oh I'm using a personal skin @a31632
  5. rename it into "match players bar widget" and put it in panels/widgets of your skin (if you don't have the folder called widgets, you need to create it) delete cache and reload the skin match players bar widget.xml
  6. Thank you! It goes into the panels/club folder?
  7. yes, this nation overview panel, I would like to use into my game
  8. looking nice, may you share again the files?
  9. I need also the graphics file to make it work, can you share it? Thanks!
  10. hello Everyone, which file I need to edit for changing the sky blue background of questions into the press conference panel? Thanks @michaeltmurrayuk
  11. any chance of sharing this score area panel? I would like to add club kits into the scoreboard, thanks
  12. I tried but.. still in trouble, Can you tell me how to modify the away team panel into the scoreboard? I lefted the panel here match score area panel.xml
  13. how to make the away team name shows completely and make the scoreboard looks better? @michaeltmurrayuk
  14. how to add the stadium pic into the stadium panel?
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