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  1. I unlocked Sugar daddy through a Liverpool save in which i won many trophies, 18 in total over a course over 5 years, so then i made other saves in which i used the unlockable. I had loads of money for transfers, and I could use the unlockable. And it was in my unlockables to switch on and off, until recently, I get back in the Game and i only have two of my previous 3 unlockables, I used to have Sugar Daddy, Abolish all transfer windows, And Abolish all work permits. But now I only have two of them and not Sugar Daddy. Please someone help me, I was having a lot of fun in my experiment sugar daddy saves and now i can't even use an Unlockable i had before. Which is really confusing, I had this same dilemma in last year's game,
  2. Hey i'm a new member of this site
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