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  1. Hi Francis, it's called "gorekneceolur.fm". It happened when the season ended, and the new one started. All my player's statistics disappeared, even the players of other teams with few exceptions that i observed. Past winners update every season and shows only the last season's winner and runner-up. Most of the awards are faded out and are not clickable. My job history and milestones are blank completely, players who complete transfers also don't appear on milestones and their awards don't show. Finally, when you look into the team's past honours, it doesn't show all the past honours (e.g: Doesn't show any of Milan's past Champions League and Serie A titles. Just to mention everything was fine in the first season, it started to become like this gradually from season 2 onwards.

  2. I am playing on Mac. In one of my career saves, all the player and manager milestones don't show, while in the other save it is visible. Do you know how it can be fixed? I attached a photo where Salah plays for Barcelona, but it still shows Liverpool plus none of his achievements are shown.

    Screen Shot 2020-05-16 at 17.20.26.png

  3. I am playing in Serie A on Macbook Air, and my job history and milestones sections are just blank. Also the milestones section of players I bought show their old club. The awards section also have some bugs. Does anyone know how this can be fixed please?

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