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  1. It seems to fit with this recent survey from the CIES (most exported nationalities): https://football-observatory.com/IMG/sites/mr/mr55/fr/
  2. The shortest transfer in the club: 10 days Salis Abdul Samed arrived on the 1st of July and left the 11th... It's already tough enough to recruit decent players but if they leave so quick, how can I win the championship??
  3. I just finished my 2nd season in Maisons-Alfort. I won the R2 and have been promoted to R1 (tier 6). The road to CL is still long^^ Challenges for next year: * Replace my leavers (already 3 first-team players signed in better teams for free) by better players for free (already signed 3 great players) * Won the R1 and get promoted to N3 * Improve my staff (I already gained 1 trainer and 1 recruiter) * Most difficult challenge: improve the infrastructures (I asked almost each month but no money, so I still have the lowest infra possible). Maybe an hypothetical tycoon wil
  4. I think that's a cup for the non-professional clubs of the Ile-de-France (Paris' area).
  5. Update about my story with Maisons-Alfort at the half-season: * 1st of my league (tier 7) but only 2 points above the 2nd, so I will have to be competitive till the end * eliminated of the French Cup by a tier 3 (only 2-1 and I dominated the game) * 1/16 final of the Paris Cup (it really exists??) So I should achieve my goals if I continue like this.
  6. Jean Bouin stadium on the left (actually a rugby stadium), Parc des Princes on the right
  7. Jean Bouin stadium has a great architecture (looks like a nest) and is indeed in front of the Parc. Games again PSG will be real derbies then!
  8. I just had the same issue! My team is red, the others are white and there are 3 players in black (plus my goalkeeper).
  9. Don't select Marseille, they're pricks (yes, I'm Parisian, I hate Marseille!) and always have internal issues. Toulouse are by far the weakest in your list. So it depends which challenge you're looking for, but IMO Rennes or Lille seem the most exciting ones.
  10. Congrats for your 1st impressive season in L1! Next year, your target is the CL
  11. Small correction: the most titled club in France is PSG (41 titles). But if you only speak about Championship, indeed St-Etienne has 1 title more than PSG. IMO, a great challenge in L1 is Lille has they have plenty of great young players and one of the best director of football (Luis Campos).
  12. You need to pay for the game editor? I've seen 4€ in the download section...
  13. Maybe a stupid question but how do you get this view? I'm playing the French version, so I don't know what CA and PA mean. Thx!
  14. I normally don't post results but this one is too tempting We finally "only" finished at 8-0
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