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  1. I uninstalled the game after the crash dump.. But before the crash dump i remember that update 20.4.1 was available and now if i wanna start a new save i can only choose 20.4.0..
  2. Yes i do. Not sure why but i remember when the crash dump happened i had the update 20.4.1 on my fm available and I uninstalled the game. Now i have only 20.4.0. Maybe that update was the problem? All three saves were corrupted that day, not only the main one! Autosaves too.. What is your advice to avoid this to happen to me in the future?
  3. The main one and the autosaves were corrupted but if i choose to load other saves with different teams or go to a earlier Timisoara save like i just mentioned the game works fine.
  4. Yes i uploaded my save file in to the cloud and the name of the save is "Timisoara" . Here is the picture of the error i get each time i try to load it! please help me with this issue! FM 2020 v20.4.1.1363262 (2020.05.15 07.36.24).dmp
  5. Hi. My save is not loading anymore and after few seconds the game crashes and it gives me an error message. Other saves that i have are loading fine but these 3 that i set up automatically for the game to save are not loading anymore. I advanced 7 seasons into my career please help me! So I’m repeating myself.. the game is loading with other saves but not the one that i just mentioned!
  6. I’m having the exact same problem and my save is in February 2026... i worked so hard to bring a very small club to the chsmpions league and now my save wouldn’t load anymore. I feel so angry and I’m afraid that I’ll have the same issue with every save i’ll start! Please please someone help us...
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