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  1. Completely off topic here, but everytime i see your username passing by i just get a good feeling 😂 Jari Litmanen, my all time IDOL since i was a young kid going to the old Ajax stadium De Meer in our glory years! 🙏🏻
  2. So true. Told you, right? Nothing more to add to this and you’re bang on the money right here.
  3. I still feel that shorter passing coupled with a higher tempo should only be used effectively when you are a very high quality side. Not like in fm where it just works on about every team. If you take a look at almost all Team Sequence Style scattergraphs you’ll immediately notice how there are almost no teams in the upper right quadrant (meaning short+fast). Only Liverpool in England and PSV in holland somewhat jump out. Teams usually sit in either the upper left quadrant (direct+fast), and lower right quadrant (short+slow). This just goes hand in hand and seems very logical. So FM letting high tempo and shorter passing work together so easily and in such a effective way, just isn’t a good reflection of irl and irl data.
  4. It’s far from playing the control possession preset tho. Standard passing lenght, higher tempo, counter, counter press, high press, high line and more often pressing. These are all the ingredients to get almost any tactic working on this game unfortunately. Your tactic looks well distributed in terms of roles and duties. So yeah, coupled with those ti’s it’s almost always the winning formula. Particularly anoying how using a higher tempo always let’s you outperform, no matter your team’s quality. 😅 It defo shouldn’t be quite this easy… 🤷🏻‍♂️
  5. Oh mate, I know we’ve touched upon this many a times and it’s defo one of my biggest frustrations too because of the way I play. Like you said PPDA is meant as a measurement of a high press, but the way SI measures this doesn’t indicate a high press measurement at all and that’s also why there’s so little difference between high presses and a low block. The way it’s meant to be measured (and is measured by almost all providers online) is like you said; the first 60% of the pitch starting from the oppo’s goal, like this: But SI measures this with the first 60% of the pitch starting from your own goal, like this: It’s also why the PPDA numbers are lower in general. With the measurements starting from here is why mid- and low-blocks also have lower PPDA numbers. This measurement negates the area where a high press is taking place. Daljit touched upon this subject at the beginning of fm23 and made a vid about it after he talked to SI about how they measure this metric in-game. If you play a mid- or low-block you couldn’t be bothered i guess, but the people who want to play a high pressing game now can’t really measure if their high press is working properly. I am totally with you on this subject as you know already.
  6. Would be greatly appreciated if the team at least puts out some kind of transparent heads up on what they’re working on right now. Whether it’s just a winter transfers update, or changes to the game/ME as well. What can we all expect? Doesn’t have to be a long thread at all, just a plain and simple message to their community 🙂
  7. @MattyLewis11 If you enjoy watching games then I have another great addition for you to go through… This is a youtube playlist with the match highlights from 31 of the 34 eredivisie games played in Ajax’ 94/95 invincible season. I’ve watched this over and over again myself and everytime you re-watch it, you’ll notice different things tactics wise. I’m also very much looking forward to your release of The Iron Tulip write-up! 👍🏻 Also, with the high probability of you having already read it, there’s a great doc on several factors within the Ajax way from around that 90’s period of time. This is the one: ajax-amsterdam-coaching-and-system-full.pdf
  8. I’m litterally lost for words to describe the quality of this series. This surely is amongst the best threads, and this might even be THE best thread written. Maybe I’m a bit biased given i’m a lifelong Ajax fan who sits in the Johan Cruijff Arena myself every other week watching things unfold (and even briefly seen them play in the old stadium ‘De Meer’ in the 90’s as a kid), but nevertheless… A true masterpiece this is! I can just smell the interest and enthousiasm for the way the Ajax academy and dna works. So out of curiosity I wanted to ask you if you have ever watched the old VHS-recordings which were released in the 90’s regarding the Ajax Training Method? It’s a double part documentary of how the Ajax academy was setup around the time of Louis van Gaal golden Ajax generation. If not, I will put the two yt-links in here just in case. It’s translated in English too. An absolute must-see for everyone who’s interested in this! PART 1: PART 2:
  9. Okay, so after a lot of time venting disappointments and placing bug reports, it seems only fair now to also speak my positive thoughts. While there is still room for improvement and more fixes, at least the game now doesn’t feel game-breaking anymore, to me personally that is. They have dropped the ball around the release this year, but I’m actually pleased that the december fix came early and starting the longterm save is good to go now. Complaining is easy, but a compliment for the fixes is also in place now. (although i feel a lot of people in here will still not agree with me on this one) Just keep it up now SI and maintain the high standards of this great simulation game please 👍🏻
  10. Okay, so the 24.1.1 update post has disappeared from the forum now… 👀 Won’t be long now lads
  11. Can’t even argue on this one tho. You’re absolutely right. But I’m also the type of person that can’t go on with negativity for too long. This is just me trying to vent some positive ways of looking at things right now, because we can’t change what already happened 😅🤷🏻‍♂️
  12. Waiting on the update really requires me to go into George Michael mode right now 😂 “Baby, I know you're askin' me to stay Say, "Please, please, please don't go away" “Because I gotta have faith, faith, faithhhh” ☝🏻
  13. Haha yeah but that’s the thing tho. I bet we won’t want the update rushed because that could go at the cost of quality. But I bet everyone still wants the update be fully ready rather sooner than later. You know what I mean? If not rushing means it will be ready later on, all fine. But if not rushing it means it could already be finished very early december, then why not? 🙂
  14. Only we don’t know what will be “too early”. I don’t think SI will release an update “too early” and risk many things not being fixed. Yeah there’s a lot wrong, and yeah it needs time. Only we don’t know how much, right? So yeah I’d rather have the game fixed sooner rather than later. They release the update only when it’s fully ready. If this should be by the end of december, so be it. But what’s wrong with hoping this fully ready release will already be on december 1st? Hoping it will not be on december 1st already because people are afraid that it then might not be fully fixed is a bit weird. They release it when it’s done, so no worries about ‘how much time is needed to fix things’ when we don’t have all the info about what’s going on and how fast the team works. But yeah, I can get why the trust in a full fix is a bit low right now, given the state in which the game got released in the first place…
  15. Since we aren’t the actual devs of this game and don’t know what’s going on behind closed doors i think it’s safe to say that we don’t know how much time is actually needed, or how much “more” time is needed..? SI will release the update when it’s ready, and i’m just hoping that ‘ready’ will be sooner rather than later 🙂
  16. Definitely a shame 100%. But on the other hand, they’ve delivered a game which got me hooked for over 22 years now since the good old cm days. Imo they’ve deserved the benefit of the doubt as well tho to redeem themselves and prove us they are capable of fixing this and deliver us a good game after all. I’d like to stay positive right now and hoping to not being let down twice in such a short period of time 😅
  17. Last year the major 23.2 update dropped on december 1st. Let’s hope this year it will drop on december 1st as well 👀 That way I can still put the last month of my inbetween jobs period to good use 😂
  18. Some info for the people who want to vote: Personally I’ll skip this year tho for known reasons. Redeem yourself, step up the game, so next year my vote will be back again 🙏🏻 This game has now been a significant part of my life for over 22 years, and I still love the game very much. Only this year the game has been a letdown up until now unfortunately.
  19. This is why I’m definitely going to play with Daveincid’s mods in my save after the update drops. He’s given me a very very interesting reply earlier today proving the outcome can differ when higher penalties are given when constantly employing a maxed out intensity tactic 😋
  20. I know patience is a virtue. But mannn this update can’t come soon enough. All fired up to finally start the proper longterm save, hopefully with a somewhat fixed game. Come on now! 😋
  21. I so keen on giving your realism pack a go when the december update has dropped
  22. I actually love this reply and your outcome. Seems with your mod there’s actually punishment present for maintaining maxed out intensity tactics
  23. All simmed with a preset 4231 Gegenpress... 1st in the league All simmed with a preset 433 Control Possession... 6th in the league How does Gegenpress still feel like a pay to win tactic after so many years?
  24. Yeah I’m thinking I’ll just postpone my gameplay some more, and just start the real longterm one after the december update. Just to be sure
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