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  1. Should come up with this window then select 3D along the bottom there
  2. Then in the top right select the override app default setting, then select apply, let me know how you get on
  3. Okay so this is what worked for me, open this control panel then select the 3D option along the bottom
  4. This is what made the difference for me , open the intel graphics control panel, select 3D along the bottom menu
  5. I’ve somehow managed to sort mine, what graphics card do you have? If it’s intel like mine I might be able to help
  6. YEP exactly the same for me as well, ive even been in contact with sega support for the last 2 days and they still havnt found a solution, now they seem to be ignoring me sounds like you have the same problem as me, was working completely fine now this
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