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  1. 1 hour ago, tlyne said:

    I am coaching CSKA Moscow. I sold a player to Wolfsburg, and four, or five years, later bought him back. I reviewed a percentage of the transfer fee. I thought that was odd. I supposed it has happened before.

    This is normal, it just means that you included a sell on clause when you sold him and then activated it by buying him back.

  2. 1 hour ago, casperzwaart100 said:

    Maybe it could be possible to load in new leagues while the save has already started. 

    Somebody asked about this on another thread and Marc Vaughan confirmed that its not possible to add it at present

    "Not possible in FMM at present I'm afraid - there are a LOT of things which could go wrong with this on a mobile device - battery death (doing this process would take quite a while), running out of memory (such a process would heavily strength memory on some devices etc.)."

  3. You can see the best players in your division by going to the average ratings screen.

    Go to your division then press the menu button and choose player stats, from there click on filter and choose average rating. The players with the highest average rating are generally the best ones in that league.


    Screenshot_20200602-225856_FM20 Mobile.jpg

  4. I believe a players potential is a random number between 2 values depending on what his potential is set as in the database so if the player is set as -1 in the database then his potential will be a random number between say 0 and 20 where as if his potential is set to -10 in the database then his potential will probably be a value between 170-200.

  5. Juventus B start off in Serie C Group A which is a playable league so they have a full fixture list on my game.

    Did you choose the option to have Serie C active in your game as the Italian League defaults to Serie B and above.

    Also have you checked that they havent been relegated to Serie D in your save as Serie D isnt available at all so they wont get any fixtures.

  6. I have just had a glitch occur after making a forced substitutiin in my K-League.

    My RWB went off injured and I didnt have one on my bench so brought on a CB and moved one of the centre backs I already had on however after confirming the change it now only shows 10 players in my line up on the left of the tactics screen and has 2 players listed as DR on the right of the screen.

    I moved the player showing in the right back position over to CB and confirmed the change but now it is showing Hong Jeong-Ho in my team twice.

    Are these known glitches.


    Screenshot_20200511-190450_FM20 Mobile.jpg

    Screenshot_20200511-190647_FM20 Mobile.jpg

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