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  1. I haven't so far and I am three seasons in game. Add to that, I have never seen a yellow card for time wasting for any player.
  2. Match engine - Improved AI, get rid of the oddities in game such as the moonwalk, players acting like a deer in headlight when the ball is coming towards them etc etc. Introduce "basic football intelligence" as suggested by another user - that is for example, no matter on what level your team is at, players should at least be able to take one step forward and hoof the ball away if need be.
  3. Rain on 3D

    Well, the commentary never said if it was heavy rain and the game was a 3 pm KO in june in Sweden so floodlights is very unlikely. Still, just a minor thing.
  4. Rain on 3D

    I think there is always sun in 3D - at least judging by the shadows in game. Quite funny to read the commentary "He is taking the ball forward in the rain" while the player in 3d casts a shadow and there is shadow from the stand.
  5. As for 2D or 3D - it is just basically two ways of showing the same thing really. 3D is nicer to look at but at the same time more demanding for your computer. To me- the major news is the revamping of the transfer system, reworking on the match engine and so on. If I get to see my forward miss goal from two yards out in 2d or 3d is really not that important to me...
  6. And what if you are the manager of say, Fiji Islands, would you still be able to send your "coaching staff" across the globe? I was hoping that there will be some distinctions between countries to make it really realistic.