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  1. Really liked the shape and roles of FM19PILGRIMAGE451KnapTHP92PLCLP100, so decided to play a quick campaign with MLS no-hopers Colorado (40-1 odds pre-season). Turned off first transfer window and, one of my best players, Gilles Barnes basically spent whole season on treatment table. Yet results were superb. Some of the attacking stuff is really nice, but a shout out for the work of the Half-Back. Seems to be constantly in the right place at the right time, ensuring that when your attacks break down (always a danger with technically limited midfielders), you aren't getting caught wrong side of the ball. Brilliant safety blanket for a mediocre team.
  2. Well, suffice to say this tactic does not appear to be cowed by the step up a division. Have already beaten Dunfermline (a) in the League Cup and Raith Rovers (h) in League 1. Last match played was utter filth. Still with 4-4-2.
  3. A couple of people have queried how this the tactic set would work in LLM so, since I was playing at East Fife, I thought I'd throw my tuppence worth in. It might be a simplistic view, but I wonder whether it's a simple case of 3-4-3 is terrific with big teams (see that chaps unbeaten run with Man Utd above) and the 4-4-2 / 4-4-1-1 is better with minnows, given it is less susceptible to be torn apart on the break if your average players cause the move to break down. I tried 3-4-3 until half-time in my fourth league game of the season, having leaked a barrel-load of goals in every game. The 4-4-2 immediately turned around that game (winning 4-3) and I used it for the rest of the season, going onto win League 2 with a very, very average group of players and piecing together a phenomenal run of form towards the tail end of the season, where every game seemed to herald four goals (ignore the final two league games of the season - the league was won so I was giving fringe players a game to stop them from whining). Additionally, the tactic dominated the average ratings, while my wide players were top of the assists chart. Given the amount of defensive work they get through, I also thought 15 league goals apiece was a pretty good haul for my strike pairing. (As a reference point for the screenshots below: Austin and McKinnon are my strikers, McAleer and Cox are my MR and ML respectively, Phinn is MC and Walker is DMC.) Huge thumbs up. Looking forward to seeing how it does in League 1. Will perhaps revisit 3-4-3 with a better team, but I would suggest the 4-4-2 is a real go-er in LLM, particularly after Christmas once it is fluid.
  4. Reached the festive break in Italy. Sadly, I've had fairly ordinary results. Wins against Napoli and Roma were the high-point but, other than that, the tactic seems hugely hit and miss. Would love to know how you attained defensive solidity at WBA, because with such a narrow midfield there is a constant barrage of crosses coming in that (especially in this FM) are always likely to lead to a goal. That's certainly where teams are scoring against me . . . well, plus corners and penalties. Still, not a disaster by any means. Safe mid-table obscurity is probably about right for the squad.
  5. Looks very promising. Will give this a whirl in Serie A with Verona, so should certainly challenge it.
  6. Hi there, Just a quick query. On the opening post there is a Config file you can download so the interior of the stadium appears on the club and squad screen. Where do you put this? I have put it in the '/pictures' folder, replacing the existing Config.xml file, but that makes no background pictures appear at all. Just wondering if I am missing something obvious? Thanks
  7. I didn't remove any instructions - to be honest, it was just a slight tweak made out of exasperation, and it seems to have had an effect. You may find that removing the instructions to make DC/R more in line with a covering defender works even better. I'm just reluctant to change too much of the tactic in case it loses the attacking essence. I've just started a file with Palermo in order to give it a stringent test, so I guess I'll have a better idea about the defence once Higuain, Icardi, Tevez, Llorente, Totti, Torres etc have had a go at me!
  8. I switched to this formation with Dunfermline (Scottish League 1), as it was a fairly similar shape to my own inconsistent 4-1-2-2-1 formation. First two matches (both away to Peterhead, league then cup) finished 6-1 and 6-4. Since then I have only lost one in 9, when I fielded my reserves in the Scottish Cup. But scores have also included a 6-3, 5-1 and 4-4. It's not entirely the tactics issue - SI have confirmed that guff goalkeeping in the Beta is being looked at. Been trying to go as many different teams in as many different nations as possible, so used your formation from the start with FC Astra Giurgiu in the Romanian top-flight. The Super Cup against Steaua finished 4-4 AET, with us losing 13-12 in the most tedious shootout in history. At that point, I decided to have a tinker to see if I could lessen the goals conceded - as a few people above have alluded too. I switched the right-sided centre-back to "DC - Cover" and changed the left-sided centre-back to "DC - Stopper". It seems to have made the back-line less square and less susceptible to the ubiquitous long ball over the top. Since that change, we have P6 W4 D1 L1: the loss was daylilght robbery, the draw was against Steaua so to be expected. But, more interestingly, we have only conceded two goals. Four clean sheets in six league games seems promising, given they are golddust in the Beta. Of course, it could be a complete fluke. A couple of the months in Romania is no proper sample size. Just a wee idea for anyone become exasperated. But, in general, the tactic plays some lovely stuff and I've been really happy with the results, so a big thumbs up.
  9. Just a wee update, in addition to the quoted piece in the 2nd post of this thread: As mentioned, this formation won promotion to the Scottish Championship with wee East Fife. And it is easily the most difficult Scottish second tier in my lifetime, with Hearts and Rangers in there, along with excellent Falkirk, Dundee and Hamilton sides. Basically had to replace an entire team, as both first choice strikers, all three CMs and my best CB and GK all decided they didn't want to stay. Nevertheless, we are putting up a good fight and, as the players get to know each other, playing some good stuff again. Last three Championship fixtures were Dundee (A): 3-1 win, Hearts (H) 0-0, Rangers (H) 1-0 win. I would say its important to get the right guys for the right positions, with the attributes as outlined by the OP. And give it a couple of months. It took about 6 months to become completely fluent for me but, when it does, some of the interplay between the midfield three and F9 is beautiful. I have watched the debate over the second striker with some interest. I have to say: I like the F9 and it's been pivotal to my side. But maybe it's because I've had the right sort of players; with dribbling, some pace and a bit of intelligence (Christian Nade - very good for third tier Scotland and, this season, Kenny Miller). They seem to naturally drop into 'the hole' and provide a good link between the midfield and attack. Perhaps it's more about the personnel than the position?
  10. If you are still looking for bodies to test your FM14 effort then I'd be interested. Cheers.
  11. Crikey, I know it's not the highest level of football, and people will probably be more impressed by Arsenal away wins at Man Utd or whatever. But, this is a flabbergasting result given the status of both teams.
  12. I've had a complete nightmare with tactics since 13.1.3 patch came out. Mr Hough's Tac, the 5-5-0 zero tactic which had been terrific, and numerous others - all tested with new saves and with plenty of time to bed in have been, at best, patchy. Last night I played a save which I had not played since the unpatched out-the-box version of the game, with Hearts, during which I had been using this tactic with some success, sitting 2nd in the SPL and qualifying from my Europa Cup group. Having not seen the effects of the latest patch on this tactic I decided just to carry on with it and it was, frankly, terrific. I lead Celtic going into the final two SPL matches but drew at Pittodrie, and saw a good goal disallowed (the FA "stayed silent" on criticism) while Celtic beat me at Tynecastle simply thanks to the unreal ability of Hooper and ultimately won the SPL. Sometimes just nothing you can do about that quality gulf! I lost out in the Europa Cup knockout rounds only on away goals against a very good Bordeaux side. Stuck with it going into the second season and I am currently unbeaten after 8 league matches (W5, D3) and two points ahead of our old pals in the West. I defeated (again, old pals) Bordeaux in the Europa Cup qualifying playoff round 6-4 on aggregate after extra-time at Tynecastle, showing distinct progress. Played two group games so far, won 2-0 at Viktoria Plzen and lost 1-0 at home to Liverpool with a 69th minute Luis Suarez goal but played very well. My team, in case anyone thinks I have pillaged some unbelievable bargains or whatever, is mainly home-grown... GK: Craig Gordon DCL: Dylan McGowan DC: Andrew Webster DCR: Ryan McGowan WBR: Chidi Odiah WBL: Danny Grainger CML: Stephen McGinn CM: Denis Prychynenko CMR: Scott Robinson AMC: Jason Holt SC: Callum Paterson (Although, due to injury it has been Dale Carrick for most of second season thus far.) It's a two-player save with a mate, incidentally, who is also using this tactic. He won the double with Dinamo Zagreb in first season, looks set to waltz the second season and has beaten FC Copenhagen 4-0 in his Champions League group after getting through the qualifiers. It's perhaps less of an endorsement given the strength of Dinamo, but there it is nonetheless. Anyway, thought this tactic was worth a bump amid all the frustration regarding finding a decent tactic. In training, generally flit between Tactics Only, Teamwork and Attacking Movement for Match Preparation (30%) depending on my whims, really; I keep it the same if it's going well or give it a wee change if I draw a blank or lose a couple of games or whatever. Not a super tactic - nothing is for this version, it seems, but certainly the most success I have had over, say, 20-30 matches since the patch. Maybe worth a try for anyone else struggling....
  13. A season with Tom Tomsk in the Russian Premier has come and gone, and 'solid' would probably be the best way to describe it. A sixth placed finish in what is a hugely challenging league. Spartak, Lokomotiv, Anji, Rubin Kazan and CSKA finished above me. and I fear there is not a tactic in the land which would overcome the spending power of those sides. Still, 'best of the rest' is an OK finish. After four seasons in the top flight with Tom, surviving with a series of tactics, I have been given the Anji job, so looking forward to seeing how this does as overwhelming favourites. £37 million spent, so my job is on the line Am also implementing the slightly shortened passing at the back as I too have become fed up of long punts up the field in a formation with no strikers!
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