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  1. Round-Up of first half 2026 -- National team career special (Brazil + World Cup 2026) ~ First half of 2026 ~ Our Brazil wrapped up 2025 with a winning streak to complete the World Cup Qualifier for World Cup 2026 in Canada+Mexico+United States. We have goal conversion problems and win games with 1 to 2 goals margin (gegenpress). There are two international friendlies in March 2026 before the World Cup in June, as well as 2 more friendlies before World Cup (the final 2 friends were play after cutting down the WC Preliminary Squad down to 23). This is some worth pointing out becau
  2. Round-Up of the First half of 2026 -- Club team career (RCD Espanyol [Spain]) ~ First half of 2026 ~ First and foremost -- I am skipping the update for the national team updates, because my Brazil is in the World Cup 2026 that runs between June and July. So I'll update it after the event, or possibly push it back to a year summary. Winter transfer window -- we signed 5 players, including 2 free transfers and splashed cash on yet another Brazilian wonderkid. Here is the quick summary: We signed Elia Petrelli, who supposedly the cheap man's version of Roberto Piccoli (turned
  3. Round-Up of the second half of 2025 -- Club team career (RCD Espanyol [Spain]) ~ Second half of 2025 ~ Last update I covered that how our Espanyol were able to fight through the table (starting in January 2025) in the 2nd half of the La Liga season to and finished at 3rd place with UCL qualification. Here is what happened by summer: We sold drama king Zelimkhan Bakaev to Zenit, James Igbekeme (a backup DM) to Tianjin TEDA, a young prospect Carles (CPU gen) to Real Valladolid after a loan. However, we signed a ton of young players, mostly for free, to our team. - Roberto Piccol
  4. Thanks for reading/following! Yeah, this is obviously an unrealistic save compare to most others, but I'd like to showcase that "this is what it takes to get to the top" kinda thing! Based on players rating, I think Espanyol definitely have potentials to fight for continental competitions, with the squad has a few best players at the age of 26-28 (in 2025). That being said, to compete against Barca, Real, and any other top teams that are willing to spend +$100M each season for a mega star -- I have to actively scout and sign young CPU gen players (not a fan of the term "regen") into our academ
  5. Round-Up of second half 2025 -- National team career (Brazil) ~ Second half of 2025 ~ As the season of 24-25 over, Casemiro decided to retired from football / soccer completely, after being released by Real Madrid and nobody wanna pay him for +$200k pw euros. As a result, with aging stars such as Philippe Coutinho, Roberto Firmino, as well as a bunch of stars at their primes struggled to get playing time because of the regens / CPU players, such as Gabriel Jesus, Arthur, Rodrygo -- I decided to call up a bunch of new or regens as well -- Wallace Moreira, Abedi, Glaucio (CPU gens
  6. Round-Up of the first half of 2025 -- Club team career (RCD Espanyol [Spain]) ~ Second half of the first half of 2025 ~ (Part 2 of the update) Mid-march, biggest match up must be the away game against Atletico Madrid. As discussed, At. Mad. was sitting at #3 in mid-February, and every game matters in order for us to qualify for Champions League / UCL. This is once again, a close match and decided by the 21-year old genius Carlos Alvarez in the 90+3 mins with a long range volley: Copa del Rey semi final, 2nd leg. We were humiliated by Granada in a 4-2 away lost, despite winning b
  7. Round-Up of the first half of 2025 -- Club team career (DL Pro [China] --> RCD Espanyol [Spain]) ~ First half of 2025 ~ As reviewed in the last update for my club team career -- WE MADE IT TO EUROPE! I got an offer from RCD Espanyol, who were struggling with the season in 2025 (and they are at the bottom of the table in 2020 thus far). It takes 6 years in-game to land a position in a top-flight league. The next challenge, obviously, is to land a position in the naturally UCL title contender team (if not Barca)! But to take a step back, and because there are so many things tha
  8. Round-Up of first half 2025 -- National team career (Brazil) ~ First half of 2025 ~ First half of 2025 has been pretty quiet -- just 2 games of CONMEBOL WCQ against Chile and Colombia. We played Chile in Copa America 2024 Quarter final and win by penalty shootout. So it is motivating for us to start the new year with a clean win. Building up to these games, there are some injuries left and right -- 3rd choice DC Bruno Fuchs, two new rising strikers Marcos Leonardo and Kaio Jorge are unavailable. So I called up Dico (CPU gen, who is now my 5th choice DC) for the reserved DC spot. I al
  9. Round-Up of the second half of 2024 -- Club team career (DL Pro [China]) ~ Second half of 2024 ~ Into second half of the year (and season), we are trying to be competitive between Chinese Super League, FA Cup, and AFC Champions League. For FA Cup, we got to the semi with 3 other powerhouses that finished top 4 -- Beijing Guoan, Shanghai SIPG, and Guangzhou Evergrande. Our opponents in the semi-final is Guangzhou Evergrande, who have won the past 2 years of AFC Champions League as well (2021-2022, 2022-2023). In the middle of the year, I sold the drama king #1 Granit Xhaka to Nor
  10. Round-Up of second half 2024 -- National team career (Brazil) ~ Second half of 2024 ~ In the previous update, my Brazil went through group stage of Copa America and got to the quarter-final. We played Chile in a match where we supposed to score with ease -- ended with a 5-4 win over penalty shootout. With either the hectic schedule 1 game every 2-3 days). this game we got the reserved XI to play. Despite we dominated in shot attempts, we continue to suffer from a dry spell at the front: so we are pretty lucky to get passed quarter-final, because we don't deserve to win this
  11. Round-Up of the first half of 2024 -- Club team career (DL Pro [China]) ~ First half of 2024 ~ If I haven't made it clear before, Chinese Super League starts around March and ends around November. So for the first month or so it has been slow. But all the events just pop-up and becomes kind of a hectic schedule -- AFC Champions League Group Stage starts in mid February, Chinese FA Super Cup in late February, Chinese Super League in early March. We kind of have to start the AFC Champions League without being fully fit. But let's recap what happened so far. So we signed 2 players
  12. Round-Up of first half 2024 -- National team career (Brazil) ~ First half of 2024 ~ I was wrong. I was wrong about the international fixture in 2024 was "just as chill" -- it was a lie. Copa America 2024 -- all in the summer! Here is how the groups look like: Major rivals in the group including Colombia (ranked 16) and Mexico (ranked 11). It should be a reasonably easy to qualify for the second leg. So to prepare for Copa America in June, I scheduled a friendly against Senegal (world ranked 13). Before June, there are still 2 matches for the WCQ / CONMEBOL World Cup Qualifi
  13. Round-Up of the second half of 2023 -- Club team career (DL Pro [China]) ~ Second half of 2023 ~ So a fast recapped -- I started out manage a top-flight team (R&F from Hong Kong) in a league ranked ~34-41th place (Hong Kong First Division League) by competition reputation in Asia, I moved the a team that tried to stay away from regulation zone and finish in mid table (Dempo SC from India), in the top division league ranked 26-27th (Airtel I-league), and then moved to a then-defending from regulation team (DL Pro from China) in the 1st place by competition reputation (Ping An Chin
  14. Round-Up of second half 2023 -- National team career (Brazil) ~ Second half of 2023 ~ National team fixture has been slow, especially the year after WC. Our Brazil was getting ready to participate in my first (two) ever World Cup Qualification Game(s). After two international friendlies win against Germany and the United States (again, World Cup 2022 winner), I was able to let a few young guns to represent Brazil for the first time. With the WCQ coming up, I consider the establish a more consistent squad to build the team work down the road. Unfortunately, we were hit by some major i
  15. Round-Up of the first half of 2023 -- Club team career (Dempo SC [India] --> DL Pro [China]) ~ First half of 2023 ~ The season is mostly marred by the horrific financial condition of the club and the lack-of-empathy club president and board (you know, the same old ridiculous expectations and provide little to none). This post is gonnabe L O N G. Beware! Let's start of with the club finance. If you follow the post above, you would know that overall balance of the club is like a landslide zone warning sign that you may see in some parts of the road/country. Here is the dragged
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