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  1. Round-Up of the second half of 2023 -- Club team career (DL Pro [China]) ~ Second half of 2023 ~ So a fast recapped -- I started out manage a top-flight team (R&F from Hong Kong) in a league ranked ~34-41th place (Hong Kong First Division League) by competition reputation in Asia, I moved the a team that tried to stay away from regulation zone and finish in mid table (Dempo SC from India), in the top division league ranked 26-27th (Airtel I-league), and then moved to a then-defending from regulation team (DL Pro from China) in the 1st place by competition reputation (Ping An Chinese Football Association Super League). Noticed that I took over DL Pro around May 2023 where there's a mid-year / summer break of the league. Our team at the time was ranked 13th (out of 16 teams). And you know that this save is coming from a perspective of manager, who is trying to do whatever it takes to lead the largest club in the history, just to build a dynasty and be Arsene Wenger who will always be around the corner and steal your wunderkinds: Let's take a look at the second half of the fixture as a 13th place. Title challengers are Shanghai SIPG, Beijing Guoan; defending champion is Guangzhou Evergrande. Old school powerhouse(s) including Shandong Luneng and Shanghai Shenhua: Basically we have a tougher schedule immediately after the mid-season break, and ease out in the end. I play 4-1-2-3 DM Wide all the time. While most of the time tiki-taka, sometimes gegenpress. Mentality changes depending on opponents, and opposition instructions always on (by position). Here is the formation: as you can see, we have a few things to deal with -- horrific / untested connection of 2 pairs of players (Lei Yuning and Li Shuai; Lyanco and Aly Camara). I swear I have never seen a orange dotted lines before, but there you are. A couple things changed here as well. I loaned out Diego Demme to make a foreign player space for Khéphren Thuram, I bought into Granit Xhaka for free (who turned out to be a pain in the ass in everything), Ma Fuyu for free, Jasper van der Laan (CPU gen) for $70K euros and immediately loan back to the Netherlands, Tian Quan and Peng Linhao (CPU gen) to loan, as well as a few other folks that were not in this screenshot. But the story follows. A quick look at the transfer history (some are my decisions, some aren't [scheduled]): To recap the transfer summary: 1. Humam Tariq joined before I did. I sold him for opening up a Foreign player spot and his inability to play AML. 2. Qu Peng was a young strikers with a potential to be a 2.5 / 3-star forward. 3. Paolo Perez was from AC Milan Youth team and a youngster that I coached in The Philippines National Team. 4. Sold a bunch of 1, 1.5 stars who are replaceable by some players from the U-19 team. Here are some of the signings that I am pretty proud of: although both are only 4 stars, they would have been instant starters in this team -- should they have no limit on non-Chinese players. Jasper van der Laan would really have been a steal. First official game, straight 3-0 win against Shanghai Shenhua. Aly Camara has been dominating the aerial game for our team that scoring becomes regular for him, as a DC. Matias Vecino has been a very consistent MC for me as well. The team features a lot of young players who I prioritize for their development: VAR is extremely common (and annoying) in Chinese Super League games. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ DRAMA ALERT As the drama later develops, it turned out that not only FM20 has been pretty decent at predicting young prospects' ability -- it can predict the pooholeness of a person too! First this: [ Granit Xhaka speaks out on ‘hatred’ from Arsenal fans after telling them to ‘f*** off’ ] then this: basically, Granit Xhaka doesn't not react well to any team talk that has a nature of disapproval (e.g. if you were disappointed by half-time). He also doesn't react well to any common shouts ('demand more', 'show some passion', 'get creative'). And then he started this drama. First, he feels there is a "lack of depth in attacking midfield". Although I differentiate attacking wingers from attacking midfield, I did promote a couple young players to the first team, who ultimately replaced veterans as starting XI. He then went on that I broke the promise and threatened that "I am a professional so I'll stop it here. But I'm sure the teammates would like to know how you handle this." (something along this blackmail line). So soon after he used this "finding it difficult to settle in the area" to double-down on his "lack of depth" complains. Because of this, and because of his training rating being the bottom of the team (yet, he was paid the most in the team), I issued a warning for him regarding his training performance. That results a "feels training criticism was unfair". Xhaka DROPPED 3 BOMBS ON ME , as a team leader, quick enough to make captain Aly Camara to called for a meeting of about 14 people about all these drama. I believe my response to the "unfair treatment" with (along the line of) "nobody should be excused from the training / performance / rules / my leadership / whatever" to drop Xhaka's "finding it diffcult to settle in the area" from high 14 down to 2 (Lyanco being 1 of the 2). Leadership support raised from Abysmal to Very poor. I got my plan to sell him before the next season. I instantly regret to sign him for a multi-year contract, when he couldn't even deliver in the season. But that's for another story down the road. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ The season goes on and we continued to win. Here's a game where our team scored 2 goals (90'+5 and 90'+6) to get away with a 4-2 win against Henan Jianye: Fast forward to the final 2 fixture, we were able to maintain our winning streak and climbed from 13th place to 2nd place. The highest finish of DL pro is 5th (I think), and the team needs to finish top 2 to guaranteed a spot in the AFC competition next year: Late into October, after the debacle by the drama king, Granit Xhaka dropped the charges (but it's too late, our team has limited foreign player spots and enough talents to have a place to keep him): How so? We have 2 prospects are joining us (1 of them is Taiwanese, so he will occupy a special foreign player spot [from either Taiwan, Hong Kong, or Macau]): To take a look at Djordje Kovacevic (CPU gen) who will take over Xhaka's place, this young fella can play both MC and AMR: Who needs a Granit when you have a Djordje? Into the final fixture, we are qualified for AFC Champions League: With the final fixture features a miracle - Beijing Guoan dropped a game against Hebei China Fortune, while we got a easy 2-0 win against Guangzhou R&F -- WE WON THE LEAGUE TITLE BY 3 POINTS IN THE LAST DAY! Here is the a good recap on the season, and why I was brought on into this team: And nobody expect us to be at the top of the table: As we wrap up the season, here are the list/gist of player performance -- fans favorite = 1. Captain Aly Camara, 2. Matias Vecino, 3. Shan Huanhuan; singing of the season = Khephren Thuram: young player of the season = Shan Huanhuan: Shan Huanhuan, despite being DL Pro's home grown and only at the age of 24, he also became the most popular Chinese player period: We got 4 players (3 foreign) selected in the team of the year. Can you guess which of the 4 foreign starters missed the selection? We has a great run in second half of the season. Apparently, the team was at the bottom of the table at one point! One of the key reasons is that, apparently, we may have one of the best defense in the back at the center: And I was able to KO'ed one of the objective: Still more to come: We are able to increase our team's reputation to 7th in the country. After AFC Champions League in 2024, we should be able to reach top 3 then: So the season is over, but a few things are cooking: Youth facilities should help speeding up our young talents [although the class of 2023 wasn't good, at least we have a 4-star prospect at the goal, with a current rating of 2-star (who will replace the 1 / 1.5 star starting GK]: The there's the wild, wild demand of managers (~78 teams including 4 national teams) that I actually am OK to wait: I think Haiti National Football Team has been without a manager / head coach for the entire year. Can't wait for 2024!
  2. Round-Up of second half 2023 -- National team career (Brazil) ~ Second half of 2023 ~ National team fixture has been slow, especially the year after WC. Our Brazil was getting ready to participate in my first (two) ever World Cup Qualification Game(s). After two international friendlies win against Germany and the United States (again, World Cup 2022 winner), I was able to let a few young guns to represent Brazil for the first time. With the WCQ coming up, I consider the establish a more consistent squad to build the team work down the road. Unfortunately, we were hit by some major injuries, so while we were able to maintain the roster for the backcourt (or every position behind MC), I have to make some adjustment to the front (AM L/R, ST). Vinicius Junior is good, but not good enough in FM20. Neymar is a 5-star, but injury prone (at least during international fixture). I picked Roberto Firmino only because the fans really love him and he has the highest rating. But because of his role in the club, he doesn't really score much as a forward: In this selection, we lost Emerson due to a suspension, and both Gabriel Jesus and Neymar due to injuries: As one of the image above have mentioned, I recalled David Neres due to previous injuries. DUDE ISABEAST! I know, I know. It's just a hat-trick against some random Bolivia team. But using 4-1-2-3 DM Wide with gegenpress, having inside forward on both wings, with finishing at least 14, really increase the number of shots. This game also features first-timer Gabriel Martinelli who is currently my 4th choice of AML behind Neymar, Philippe Coutinho (who actually doesn't play well in AML), and Rodrygo [Also a BEAST]: Fast forward to the 3rd and 4th game of WCQ against Chile in Maracana Stadium and Venezuela (surprisingly good), I decided to drop Roberto Firmino due to recently recovered injuries and generally poor showing in premiership as a forward (I think his rating was a 7.5 but score 1 goal in 5 games or something). So this call up was another time to recall those who were missed in the previous round, as well as to give international newbie a chance (this time is Reinier). First game against Chile, we dominated the number of shots in the game. And this is also the game where I determined that Rodrygo (AML) + David Neres (AMR) could very well be my preferred starting Insider Forwards in this formation. David had a 9.6 rating with a hat-trick, the next international game he got a 9.0 for 1 goal and 2 assists: The forth game against Venezuela was a exciting game. They are a team that refused to give up, and put up some impressive numbers of shots. Noticed that I decided to rest David Neres and let Antony (São Paulo) play (he's my 2nd best AMR). Rodrygo also scored his 1st international goal in his 3rd cap: To to recap the second half of the 2023, my Brazil has tied the top of the FIFA World Cup Qualification (CONMEBOL) with Argentina (no Messi as he retired) -- 4 games, 4 wins, 9 goal differences. Our players have been showing good performance so far in the tournament. David Neres is currently leading in goals, player rating, and ranked 2nd in assists: International fixture in 2024 will be just as chill. So stay tuned...
  3. Round-Up of the first half of 2023 -- Club team career (Dempo SC [India] --> DL Pro [China]) ~ First half of 2023 ~ The season is mostly marred by the horrific financial condition of the club and the lack-of-empathy club president and board (you know, the same old ridiculous expectations and provide little to none). This post is gonnabe L O N G. Beware! Let's start of with the club finance. If you follow the post above, you would know that overall balance of the club is like a landslide zone warning sign that you may see in some parts of the road/country. Here is the dragged out, widen version: As you can see, the club is in a denial mode, where they consider a balance of -$870k euros is "Okay". Like, WTF? The payroll budget was ~$36K p/w at the beginning of the season, with a on-going payroll expense at $22K p/w. It was later changed to $16K p/w with the board refuse to mutually terminate overpaid players because "they don't have the money" o'\_( ' _ ' )_/`o. One thing I found out is that the Asian Confederation Cup schedule (that I qualified for in the previous season) doesn't show until the new year: so we made no foreign player transferred this winter, and this winter has a 2-month long break without friendly games because of WC, we played the reserve / youth team before returning to the Airtel I-League. A 5-0 win against our own friend, Indian Arrows: with the "Hope of India" Samir Colaco scoring a hat-trick (including a PK) as a AMR (even though I sometimes let him played his natural AMC as a Attacking MF with Support assignments. Just about a month into the new year, new financial report hits, and I guess the whole board are attending the 12 Steps of AA (Alcoholic-Annonymous)? They admitted that the financial condition is "insecure" at $-980k euros: As we brace through this drama, we started our first continental competition -- Asian Confederation Cup (ACC hereafter), which, unfortunately, I won't explain the format because it was too complicated for me to comprehend. Remember, last season we were supposed to be the last team to finish Airtel I-League with a winning odd of 801.00. Our first game is against Air Force from Sri Lanka. It was chill (8-1 after 2 legs): We then play against our next opponent, and our team was partially effected by the more restrictive foreign players policy. So the lineup is far from the best, before the team started showing tired legs and injuries at the back started to become a problem: At some point I promoted the 17-year old Abdul Babu (CPU gen) to be my starting GK. I also started to use the 17 / 18 years old striker Prasanth Xavier (CPU gen) more in ACC, with veteran striker Aaron Rodrigues, mainly due to the foreign players restriction. Our key, foreign players keep us in the running over this brutal season. Here's an example: March 1, 2023. The president decided to tell me in the fact that the club wasn't doing well and have to further drop my payroll budget to a pathetic $16.22K p/w, which became a problem when attempting to renew contracts of star, essential players: and the irony here is that because of no money, I was forced to be extremely conservative on signing free agents, and take more risk on signing players that may not have potential. P.S. -- we never have budget for scouting: they gave me a D on transfer. I believe I shall reciprocate... with the results, before I leave. We are now in the middle of ACC and this was a beautiful game because Prasanth's first start in ACC resulted in a hat-trick: Meanwhile, back to I-League, we have a close title race with rival East Bengal as they also have a very outstanding season. Despite this, we were able to win this crucial game by a clean 3-0: We ultimately defended and clinched the Airtel I-League title, after an annoying draw against city rival Churchill Bros: and with this domestic title I am now the historically the best coach in my home country: And you can see how the board getting cocky with our achievements, for they are now only satisfied with the league title when they ran their budget to the ground: as the overall balance dropped below a whopping $-1M euros. We concluded the season with draws that we should have won. Three of the foreign players (Henry, Alhassan Koroma, Mohammed Sangare) performed great throughout the season and winning awards and whatnots: Despite all these. Our team struggled to perform in ACC with even more of these: where we should dominate our opponents. In the financial aspect of things, extra almost $500k euros don't really do much to the club finance at this point. It was raised to about $-835K euro: after a long stretch of daily job application, 3 post-interview rejections, I finally got a chance to interview with a club that has "rich" financial status -- DL Pro from China (Ping An Chinese Football Association Super League, or Chinese Super League, rank either #1 or #2 in Asia by competition reputation). The interview went well and, in fact, questions / requests that I asked in the boardroom seem to hit all the right spots. Eventually, they gave me an offer (look at the budget!): and because we are in the middle of ACC, I tried to delay the offer (they won't let me change the start date, or they didn't ask when is my ideal start date for this job during the interview). I was able to successfully delay the decision twice, hence postponing the offer acceptance by 2 weeks. Within the available time, Dempo SC was able to qualify group stage and advance in ACC some-sort-of-elimination-stage: But in the end, I have to take the offer or let it go. So I took the offer from DL Pro: and I instantly start younger players in GK, DR, AML and AMR. The mid lane seems to be the strongest, so I ultimately spend some time to look for read-to-fight players on the flanks. So, to revise the club vision, here is the full list. DL Pro is currently 3rd from the bottom of the Chinese Super League, and I joined the team a little past midway of the season: Because of the mid season break in China, whereas in other countries are post-season break. It was not easy/feasible to arrange friendlies with non-domestic clubs. So I arranged a series of very low reputation domestic clubs to get players in conditions as well as getting used to my Tiki-Taka game: conversion ratio varies. Still need to improve finishing consistency. The club try to find me a good affiliate club, but none of them are good so I just settled for some club that seems acceptable: Fast forward to July 1, when contracts end and start. I made my first few signings -- on are free transfers. I signed Granit Xhaka over Thiago Alcantara due to age and my well-around attributes. They are equally $105K p/w at their age of 30 and 32, respectively: I also reunite with Paolo Perez from The Philippines national team and AC Milan youth team, who will be a decent 3-star, rotation MC that, hopefully overtime, can build enough value for resale: So next update will be the end of season. And the goal is to "challenge the title". Let's see what will happen!
  4. Round-Up of first half 2023 -- National team career (Brazil) ~First half of 2023 ~ As expected, after World Cup, national team schedule has been pretty quiet. After taking over Brazil, I spent a lot of time to figure out what should my standard starting XI be, as well as players that would be 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or even 5th backup solely based on attributes (and set piece strategies). All these are just to have something to start as we progress and make adjustment. In the last update, I shared that I arrange friendlies against Germany (ranked 12th, if I remember correctly) and the fresh off the stove World Cup 2022 champion U.S.A.. Before going any further, I want to see how was my former team, The Philippines, performed in AFC Asian Cup 2023. After all, I took the team through Group stage (5-0-0 at the time). It turned out that they played a terrible 4-5-1 formation with reserved-quality players and lose in the Round of 16 against Turkmenistan over PK. Back to the story. My Brazil's first game is against Germany. Here is what the original selection (23-men roster for WC 2022 that they were humiliated in a 4-1 game by Scotland) looks like: yet it turns out that these players are currently at the top of most of their positions. So I ultimately made very little change on the roster (with the intention to keep a few "hyped" youngers as a Brazilian by giving them their first caps: including Mailson (no capped at the time, originally Shaktar/Sport Recife, transferred to Leicester City for $22M in 2023), Bruno Fuchs (originally Internacional, transferred to Manchester City for $26.5M in 2022), Rodrygo (Real Madrid / Real Madrid Castilla), and Marcos Leonardo (Santos). And there are a bunch of youngsters have no caps too, where I did/will give them a cap in the subsequent selections, including Vinicius Junior (Real Madrid, transferred to Liverpool for $123M in 2023), Gustavo Assuncao (FC Famalicao), Reinier (Real Madrid), Gabriel Martinelli (Arsenal), Phelipe Megiolaro (Gremio), Helinho (originally Gremio, after transferred to Flamengo for $16.5M in 2022, another transfer to SL Benfica for $21M in 2023), and a bunch of other young, potential players. Currently lacking are defenders (as expected) and a proper striker with respectable finishing. Currently highest are Neymar (AML), Carlos Vinicius (ST), and Marcos Leonardo (AML / ST) at 16. The whole Brazil has only 1 person at 18, and everybody else are 16 or below. So we'll have to brace till the guy with finishing 18 to be prime time, which is uncertain since the national scouts give him a 1.5 stars potential. Here is the list/note of players I chose and will chose based on observing their strength in the position of 4-1-4-1 DM Wide (or what I called the Barcelona 4-1-2-3 / 4-1-2-2W-1 formation) this save (no editors whatsoever used): GK: 1) Alisson 2) Ederson 3) Mailson DL 1) Alex Sandro 2) Alex Telles DC 1) Marquinhos 2)Edermilitao [natural DR] 3) Luiz Felipe 4) Bruno Fuchs DR 1) Eder Militao 2) Emerson DM 1) Fabinho 2) Allan / Casemiro 4) Marcos Antonio 5) Bruno Guimaraes MC 1) Arthur 2) Bruno Guimaraes 3) Allan / Casemiro 5) Marcos Antonio [Casemiro = replaceable] AML 1) Neymar 2) Philippe Coutinho 3) Rodrygo 4) Gabriel Martinelli 5) Vinicius Junior AMR 1) David Neres 2) Antony 3) Malcom ST 1) Roberto Firmino 2) Gabriel Jesus 3)Antony [natural AMR] 4) Carlos Vinicius / Marcos Leonardo We have 2 game plans -- high tempo, counter-press, positive/balance modified Tiki-Taka, and a very similar settings but attacking modified Gegenpress. First game was a deeply-disappointing 1-0 win against Germany: Rodrygo's early injury doesn't allow me to test how good Marcos Leonardo is, as I moved him to AML and sub in Roberto Firmino (which, in-game, is a national hero, almost). The possession game is weak and players didn't create as many chances as I preferred. This seems to be a trend as we challenge the WC winner in the next game (with a few replacement): I yelled at the team at the end of the game. This is certainly a start, but it will take a long time to have a solid team to challenge WC 2026. Will just have to take it 1 day at a time, I supposed. Next update will cover the beginning of a long haul, 2-year long World Cup qualifier. TTFN.
  5. Round-Up of the second half of 2022 -- Club team career (Dempo SC [India]) ~ Second half of 2022 ~ Since the summer, I have been actively applying jobs for new coaching position -- no luck, even when the club has the same reputation as mine (again, read this thread to learn about domestic and nationality bias). So it becomes a routine of mine (hence the slower reporter time and game time) to go to Staff -> Job Security -> Apply for jobs with a reputation higher than my current team everyday at 8 am in game. We are now the favorite to win Airtel I-League (from the previous season with an odd of 801.00, adjusted to 601.00, and win the title). We wrapped up like this: Again, new signings Henry (Japan U-23) and Alhassan Koroma have been great, with Henry being the most consistent performer of all. There are local signings to replace some bums: But no foreign signings, despite there are goldmine full of talents released from top 4 league's youth academies. We sign young talents such as Amarjit Singh, in-game India national team prospect Eugeneson Borah (CPU gen), current India national team player Pronay Halder, and a few others for free. Due to formation reasons, Eugeneson isn't starting right now but coming off the bench (for Samir Colaco [CPU gen]). Here is the transfer summary: Here are the players attributes, with Eugeneson Boarh being the highly rated prospect, even though I like Techi Tatra (who I loan him out for playing time reasons). Prasanth Xaiver (CPU gen) in staying in to replace Aaron Rodrigues as the 1st reserved striker. It's just a matter of time before he took over Colombian poacher Cesar Garcia, who has been unproductive at the front and injured (less injury-prone than Henry, however). Amarjit Singh is also coming off the reserve the substitute either Alhassan Koroma (and to play a 1-2-1 Diamond midfield) or Mohammed Sangare as the proper MC: We didn't have the best season to start with 3 draws, despite winning Durand Cup. With international duties and injuries, our team struggled to score as long as Henry is out. This Messi phenomenon is something that we need to fix soon. But I cannot, and you'll see why in a second. Here is the first half of the season so far. The schedule is different than the previous year due to World Cup 2022 in November and December. The club is in financial trouble -- bad enough that the original payroll budget changed for $35K p/w to $19.6K p/w, with a current payroll at $23K p/w. Here is my job performance: noticed that the board wants me to "Develop the best youth system in the country", but they refused my request to improve our youth facilities. And here is the club's financial performance: WE HAVE NO MONEY TO RENEW CONTRACTS. This is why I'm looking to move because of the board failed for a takeover (talked breakdown) and have no money to let me mutually terminate contracts with overly paid players that see no game time (those players have zero demand in the transfer market, both for sale and for loan). I also made a mistake when I go to the boardroom. Instead of go straight to the board and ask them to adjust the compensation, I clicked the other option, something along the line of "if you really want me to stay, you gotta to such and such": As a result, this move failed through, and I'm stuck with Dempo SC. Again, I don't know how and why my schedule sees no continental competitions. Which is another reason why I'm looking forward to leave this team. I'll keep applying jobs everyday and hopefully I'll be able to get to a team elsewhere. Ideally, Journey to the West.
  6. Round-Up of second half 2022 -- National team career (Philippines -> X'mas Surprise) featuring World Cup 2022 in FM20 (Results included!) ~Second half of 2022 ~ Last update we have 2 friendlies in the late summer -- a game against Bhutan and a game against Iran. Iran ranked 54th, which is still by quite a lot of distance compare to my prime Philippines at 91st. Our team also had one or two core players suffered from injuries and unavailable for call-up. So I called up 2 players, including a player that was eligible to play for Norway, to be on this team. I don't think I have the screenshot of his stats here, but trust me, he's an instant starter. As usual, name will be bold and italic throughout the post. A quality of finishing, we beat Iran 2-0. Substitute Hikaru Minegishi scored once and won the PoM, as well as veteran Javier Patino had a nice header. Javier will ultimately retire before the AFC Asian Cup in 2023. And that is it for the updates from The Philippines! But wait! There is more! World Cup 2022 So you know that I took over The Philippines after they were knocked out of the WC qualifier. But I followed this WC closely for several reasons: there will be a firing/employment window after WC for sure I wanted to know where are the current star players at. What are their stats? Do they play well? use this as a "predictor" for the future So here it comes... World Cup 2022 results! First few things to notice: The United States won the World Cup 2022 . En route to the Cup the beat Argentina by PK, Belgium (3-2, crazy game that involved 3 goals in injury time. Screenshots below), Spain (1-0), and Italy (3-2). They don't have that many players with that are filled with green (+16) attributes, so it was crazy. I told my friend as I watch these games -- he laughed his ass off and called it bribery Belgium dominated Portugal in quarter final by 5-1, as well as Germany by the same scores. 10 goals in 2 games against tier 1 national teams, and yet they lost against the U.S.? Brazil suffered a embarrassing lost against Scotland by 4-1. I'm unsure why, but Scotland certainly had a magnificent run in the tournament Chile made in to top 4! What a run. You may say that they got lucky with the draw and all, but it is what it is. Bonus: I don't recall seeing Alexis Sanchez on the team. Let take a quick look at some of the results from these games: A few quick summary based on "World Cup 2022 simulation in FM20": - If a team suffered from a red card, it is destined to lose the game by a large margin (Germany 1-5 Belgium with Julian Draxler sent off in 23 mins -- they went on and conceded 5 goals afterwards; Brazil 1-4 Scotland with Emerson sent off on 61 min, and Scotland scored 4 straight goals in the remaining 27 minutes). - Penalty kick shootout between France and Spain (Spain win 4-1), apparently Tiki-Taka era for Spain is long gone, but they do have some very talented wing backs (as usual) to try to make things happen. Multiple times I saw Álvaro Odriozola ran down the flanks and he was just unstoppable. All in all, however, PKs missed by Thomas Lemar and Houssem Aouar sealed the fate for France. Tough luck! - Belgium 2-3 U.S.A. was the best game of the whole tournament (trust me, I watched it as I messaged with a friend). Half-time scored was 0-0, but shot attempts was a landslide 11 to 1 in favor of Belgium. Things changed in the second half, however. It started at the 76 minutes with Jordan Siebatcheu scored a rocket just outside of the penalty box from the right: and then, as we thought that United States is gonna hold on the goal and win the game, a stupid foul committed by someone from the U.S. resulted into a penalty kick, which was converted by Yannick Carrasco: As we are preparing for the extra 30 minutes action, miracles happened in this game 90+2 min goal by Jordan Siebatcheu (USA), 90+3 min goal by Orel Mangala (Belgium), and a 90+6 min goal by Brenden Aaronson (USA). Official injury time was 5 minutes: and the rest is on the record book - Finally, the final match up between the U.S.A. and Argentina. U.S.A. 4-1 Argentina by PK. Leo Messi was not involved in the shootout. Not sure why both Messi and Lautaro Martínez (top scorer for Argentina in the tournament) were both substituted out mid way through second half (aside from the low rating), but most of the substitutes actually played worse than the starters. Messi 6.3 (out 65'), Martinez 6.5 (out 51'), Sergio Aguero 6.3 (in 65'), Joaquín Correa 6.2 (in 45+3'), Mauro Icardi 6.3 (in 51'): In the end, with a miraculous ending, the United States of America won the World Cup in 2022! As expected, a wave of layoffs hits as soon as the tournament is over. Here is a brief list of victims: And here is the list of openings (that I checked everyday because I wanna get out of Dempo SC): And here we are on Christmas Day.... MAJOR CHRISTMAS PRESENT: BRAZIL wants my butt!!! Instantly take all the screenshots, saves, shared with friends, all that. Remember, I'm a Sunday Footballer from a country at 150th place! Call me what you want. But coaching a national team at 91st and the opportunity to coach a team place at 6th is a one in a million chance. Gotta take that shot. So, on behalf on myself, I apologized to my Filipino players, who have been tremendous throughout the year as we stayed undefeated: And even though I have been turned down (rightfully so) by a bunch of other top national teams after I accept the offer: I will make all of you pay. But first and foremost -- challenge the current World Cup holder in a friendly match! to test water, of course. I also immediately expand my national pool to search for the undiscovered and potential talents -- both for the national team and for my future club sake. The pool has now more than 1,000 players: My manager reputation also get to about 1.75 stars. So things are slowly but surely getting exciting!
  7. Round-Up of the first half of 2022 -- Club team career (Dempo SC [India]) ~ First half of 2022 ~ So we got 6 fresh blood to join our team -- Henry (Poacher, AF), Carlos Garcia (Poacher), Alhassan Koroma (Winger), Mohammed Sangare (Cent Mid), Arvin Gaspe (Full-Back), Paolo Casambre (Def Mid). The goal was for Henry to beat offside trap for scores, Carlos for shooting on sight inside the area, Mohammed to distribute the ball like a deep-lying PM (wishful thinking there), Arvin to boost the back line and Paolo to provide some more defensive support for the 2 starting DC, who are 16 and 17 years old. First stop to share, that sometimes you do get frustrated and question intelligence of some players: Dude need to be less sensitive. Anyway, the board has been pretty happy that we were slowly running away from the relegation zone (remember the 601.00 odd for winning the title) even though they expected me to finish in mid-table. Only thing that I can say is playing without any useful scouts can really need to a hit-or-miss signing, which is why, even after the 6 signings, I still get a C+ (it could be explain later): One of the interesting things that I see is these small clubs can't maintain a good balance because of all these bonuses on the contracts. Despite not using the transfer budget and still have some "salary cap space", or payroll budget, finance of the team is like the landslide warning sign on some freeways. This was taken after we start our season 12-0-0: Ultimately, we did win the Airtel I-League as an undefeated champ! It was a hard earn effort because some of the games conceded just before the final whistle, or lose early due to red card or injuries. Nonetheless, at this stage, I'm just trying to make my way to the top the quickest, by whatever means. So, like Michael Jordan in The Last Dance said, "If you don't wanna play that way, don't play that way." I later found out that clubs have little to no history in top flight division has all sorts of bugs regarding their records. Here, after the championship, the interview says our team has 5 titles which I'm very, very skeptical of: As we won -- time to brag a little. Henry shed his tears of joy and, guess what? He was the REAL MVP: And a lot of the new signings make various awards (but not the less bright one and I won't blame him. Due to the limited number of foreign Asian and foreign non-Asian players, he spent 2/3 of the seasons to sit in reserved): A great season, but in a terrible financial situation that limits a lot of things in the developmental end. I have started to contemplate whether I should choose NOT to renew my contract and leave. Guess what? The board kind of decided for me when they refuse to offer me a 2-year contract instead of 1. So this is how they pay me back huh? After all this (before the final league game): They left me no choice but to shop for new club to manage. Yet, the reality and irony -- it takes two to tango: So many haters out there. I later became more active to apply, but we'll come back to that in a second. Of course, somehow, one out of ten or twenty applications must be leaked, and the press would asked me to comment on that. This is a good time to play "the press" game by saying I won't rule out of any possibilities at this stage (even if you get ridicule by supports of a 2-star club). The board ultimately responds: They want to talk about my contract that they broke the talk down. Fine, let's see what do you have this time around: I basically able to fight myself a 2-year contract (instead of 1), and drop my salary from $1.6K p/w to $1.1K p/w, but manage to get a Fed Cup bonus ($4.5K) and a 10% yearly salary raise. I know that this is actually a win for the board (and not me), but at this point I am buying more time to securely stay on this team while 1) getting more accolades and possibly play some continental matches [looks very unlikely due to the club finance] and 2) buy more time to ultra actively applying 2-star clubs: So I begged the $4.5K real quick: to wrap up first half of 2022 as my players Argon for "vacaycay": Last but not the least, many of these "records" don't add up: Current mode -- in-game 3-day vacation and applying higher reputation clubs in cycles, until the next game with the national team later in the Summer. Ciao.
  8. Round-Up of first half 2022 -- National team career (Philippines) After a thrilling end of 2021, 2022 has been very quiet and boring due to the lack of competitions. Aside from our 3rd Goalie Kevin Mendoza (HB Koge/AFC Eskilstuna) decided to betray us and foolishly thought that he has a chance to become a starter for Denmark, and hence he decided to represent Denmark instead at the age of 27 (which, by the way, doesn't make much sense to me since he represented Philippines in the Senior level), I forgot to include my man Justin Bass into the 23-men squad and he was pretty pissed. It was an honest mistake due to his previous injury and missed the selection. Other than that, we played poorly in a friendly against Bangladesh just before the last game of the group for the AFC Asia Cup 2023 Qualifier. Again, we beat Qatar (86th, WC 2022 participant) as a currently 95th. Still a pretty big deal as discussed in the previous post on national team: So, the summary of the first half of 2022 performance is a very shabby 1-1-0: I see that Haiti (2 stars rep) is hiring a manager, but I don't know if they have qualified for the WC or not (too complicated to check and find out, somehow). So I decided that I'll just wait until there's a wave of layoff after the WC 2022 and starting to apply everywhere -- hopefully with a even better pool of players than the Philippines and ranked higher. The goal, as expected, is to qualify for WC 2026, but there must be some sort of continental nations cup that will happen before then, and winning that cup will certainly help boosting my manager reputation (which, once again, is needed to coach the top tier clubs). p.s. if you are unaware of why would this save be more challenging than journeyman saves in large continents with competitive football leagues, you can read this post for the explanation. Checking out on "July 1, 2022". Will check-in again on "Jan 1, 2023".
  9. Are there any ultimate objectives for your FC Dallas? Or for you as the manager in game?
  10. Round-Up of the start of my career and second half 2021 -- Club team career (R&F [Hong Kong] --> Dempo SC [India]) ~ Second half of 2021 ~ I leave my home country to a different country! People know all about the football / soccer scene in Europe, South America, and maybe MLS (U.S.A.), Liga MX (Mexico), J-League (Japan), A-League (Australia), K-League (Korea), and maybe a few teams in the Middle East and Central Asia. This particular league that I ultimately ended up with was known, at one point, for splashing cash to hire retired star players to play in India, for ~12 games a season -- Airtel I-League (India). I took over Dempo SC, a team who was just promoted to the first division (highest division) and is has no money. To put it into perspective (and for whatever reasons), the team has no staff members. And it was a pain to hire because nobody wants to join us or move to India. As a result, you are basically limited to recruiting local staff, for the most part. You maybe able to recruit one or two from the neighboring countries, or within the region. Ain't no scouts with judge potential higher than 9 wanna join us neither. Look at the local staff talent here: And the schedule is weird too. I joined the team around July 21, 2021. Immediately I have to play the first competition, Durand Cup, without any friendlies in August. Oh yeah. My players are forced to play with completely out-of-shaped conditions. The league doesn't start until late November: And looking at my pool of talents, I made a mistake by immediately jumped into the market and sign free agents. Despite the league has been pretty generous for letting numbers of foreign players to play on the field and registered in the team, the wackiest thing I've seen in this league is this -- you have a transfer window of 2 days each year! December 25 and December 26! Even if the player is a free agent and ready to roll! So this doesn't help much to start the season with a odd of winning the league being 801.00 (bottom of the league). Also, scouts are useless and you're just hoping for the best when the scouts tell you that they are all 5-star recruits and all with 5-star potentials (will show that below). My advice is that if you are signing someone, make sure they are immediately ready to play AND with great potential -- relatively to your own squad. Anyway. Now that I joined this team, the odd changes from 801.00 to 601.00 (still at the bottom): And I implemented a asymmetric 4-3-2-1 wide to accommodate some of the best players in the team. Abinash Ruidas was a great left wing until he was out for like 2 months. Best player in the team was definitely Samir Colaco (computer generated): First game of the league ended with a upset (well duh) in a 4-2 win against Mohun Bagan (predicted to be the 3rd in the league). Rotation winger Nikjil Kadam scored a hat-trick, with 2 identical goals coming from cross from the left as he cut into the penalty area from the right. A touch, a shot, a goal. Twice. Again, my players are not that great. But the best player, Samir Colaco, is truly one of a kind: Even though injury like this is almost like a regular business, because most players don't have good natural fitness. This is my starting GK: This team does have some up-and-coming Goalies (CPU gen), and because one of my signing won't be joining us until 2023, I have 1 more quota to sign a foreign player (for a total of 6). I pulled a trigger and signed Colombian Cesar Garcia (San Francisco FC from Panama). The transfer end up like this: As you can see, some signings aren't that great because I messed up for being desperate early. The two sub-3 stars players are from the Philippines that I should have not signed. Better free agents also come along as the transfer window getting closer (again, the wait was from July to December). So I would advice those who are interested or planning to play Airtel I-League to be patient when you are signing free agents. You have to pay attention to the attributes and judge the players' potential with your guys, and take your scout reports with a bathtub full of salt: Now that with the foreign forces joining us. Revisiting the squad would tell you that my players are really not that good, with the exception with the wunderkind Samir Colaco: With the new players coming in and Samir are out for international duty (for 2-3 weeks), I am currently playing a 4-1-1-2 wing play. The expectation is that Japanese striker Henry (Audax(SP) from Brazil) can beat offside traps, Cesar Garcia can lurk around the area for some goals, Alhassan Koroma (East End Lions from Sierra Leone) gonna blast down the flank and cross to break deadlock, and the Liberian prospect Mohammed Sangare (Newcastle United youth team) will distribute them balls like Xavi, but at the age of 23, technique of 10, and passing of 16: First match with this team -- a 4-0 thrash against Aizawl FC (predicted 8th place/mid table finishing) with Cesar scored a hat-trick: Finally, here is an example of what patience is a merit (except, if I sign this player, I'll have to wait for a year for this player to join us and play. I am very skeptical about that): TTFN.
  11. Round-Up of the start of my career and second half 2021 -- Club team career (R&F [Hong Kong] --> Dempo SC [India]) ~ From mid 2020 to mid 2021 ~ Started my career as a Sunday league football coach yet with Continental Pro License doesn't do much down the road. But I'd like to make myself feel a little better when I need to land on a local team and take charge. I am not familiar with the current teams in Hong Kong Premier League, but I do know that Kitchee and Eastern were the top two teams a few years back. So I just picked a random team that aren't those two. And, of course, I took over the team with the highest odds to win HKPL -- R&F. First several games in the first season involved unstable locker room. Mostly from the foreign star players. In order to maintain the lockroom atmosphere, I decided to sell the star foreign players over the course of first season, while I replace them with just-as-talented free agents. In the end, we became a quadruple winner -- the league, the shield, two cups (sounds very similar to the Premiership: As you can see, I let go the major troublemaker Adama Guira. I also let go of Serge Deble because I don't feel the urge to keep him, even though he was a great player (and that pissed Tiago Leonco off, who was behind Daniel Angulo and didn't see much game time until Daniel was done with a season-ending injury). Finally, despite a great new signing (succeed from the previous manager) and a scoring machine, I sold Daniel Angulo because of a 7-11 months injury that he won't be good for nobody -- with his high salary and only a 1-year long contract. I recruited many players with expiring / expired contracts, with the best signings being Ante Vrljicak, Marquinhos (Ponte Preta / Palmeiras), Ita (Gremio, last contract in 2016), Pachu (Botafogo. Sold him to FC Seoul for $$) and Brando Sami (Napoli). I also over-signed a foreign player Lucas Gamblin (Newcastle's youth system) sitting / playing in reserved and U-18 team as a 19 years old, despite the fact that he was totally ready for first team football. That being said, he would form a great duo with a Hong Kong young star playing in the U.S.A. -- Kwok Wai Lim (NYRB Academy. Maybe a CPU generated player) doesn't count as a foreign player. As I learned that somehow, winning HKPF does not give me a chance to play in continental competitions (somehow), I decided to search for a new job. But given that I'm a 1-star manager, all my applications fail. That's right, and of course, with Real Madrid too (not a fan of Perez, but also not a fan of Josep Maria Bartomeu): Anyway, as I mentioned in the Philippines post above, I like to play Tiki-Taka and high-press counter. Formation changes based on players availability, but I definitely prefer to play 4 defenders. Here is the last game of the season (if I remember correctly), generally run a either 4-1-4-1 or a 4-2-3-1 Wide: After this game, we are cross-season undefeated, back to back champ, and all the good stuff. Reading this thread, I decided to resign as soon as my players are off for vacation. And during that time, I use the vacation mode and apply for jobs with "higher reputation club" and come back every 3 days. I guess my agent silly enough to apply Kitchee for me (and somehow they DO have AFC games next season, again). But I don't feel like destroying the dynasty that I created, and up against all the star players that I recruited: So I signed with a newly promoted team in a higher reputation league in a different country... stay tuned.
  12. Round-Up of second half 2021 -- National team career (Philippines) As discussed, I hopped on my first national team opportunity as I realized that I need to build my manager reputation ASAP. I did not know that The Philippines was out of WC Qualifier long time ago (placed 3rd in a group of 4). Having said that, and only after I signed up to be the national team manager, I am determined to bring this team to WC 5 years from now. The talents are not great, but I'll build for the future immediately (by relying on national team [coaches] reports). First and foremost is to expand my national pool. The way I do it is rather straightforward: Players that are currently based in The Philippines Players that have the nationality Players that speak Tagalog (one of the [if not the] common languages use in The Philippines) I found a few very talented players (from Australia, Greece, etc.) -- and they all rejected for call-ups, as expect. Working with what I have. I favor selecting players who are just as good (by reputation) but with higher potentials. I also opted to leave out those who declared they are going to retire from football, even if it will be 2 years from now (and if they are star player(s)). Oh yeah, Paolo Perez was the gem from this search. Also, it seems that the Philippines produce some pretty good GKs that can be a starter for the EFL Championship level teams. If you need a budget GK, this could be a place to find some gems. Finally, I like (or want) to play Tiki-Kaka and high-press counter game even if the players suck. How high the engagement, the defensive lines are, how wide the formation plays (especially defense), and whether I want to play offside trap -- these are all depend on the attributes of the starters. This is the kind of philosophy I stick with even with my club team (next post), but I don't really care as much about the formation position or the role of the players at this point. Look, the quality aren't that great, so I'd rather play my best players in their best roles and see how it goes. The Philippines are not necessary a strong team in Asia, so to bring them to somewhere competitive will require a lot of "optimization". About 3 months into coaching them, we have qualified for the Asian Nations Cup. The team ranked about 110th when I first started (now is top 100), and the most challenging team in our group was Qatar (if you are familiar with them, you'd know they have a few stars that made it to Europe, which is a pretty big deal for a country that most people do not familiar with. They are also qualified for the WC 2022). Here are the rankings for our competitors: By the time we have qualified and beat Qatar, our team got to 103rd (you can see the ranking position below). Also included in this quick screenshot is the formation that I run -- basically a 3-1-3-1-2, a diamond-like formation that is generally risky for relying offside trap and pray the opposing wingers not to concede goals. Obviously, role ability changes based on the quality of the players. So you may take it as a grain of salt for now. Philippine Football Federation, at the time, gave me a C+ despite "winning". I have no clue what kind of drugs they are on. I don't think there are much expectations from the FA, but you can also expect that meeting expectations for a ~100th national team isn't that high, especially they only have AFC to play for and not the WC. Here's the deal, though. We are scheduled to face a WC regular -- Australia (very debatable whether they should be in AFC / ASEAN or not) in a friendly before another AFC Qualifying game against Bangladesh. Beating a WC regular will be near impossible. Look at the ranking right here: I wish to show you all the key highlights but I can't, so you'll have to trust me on this. First goal was NOT a own goal dammit. It was supposed to be a 2 yard shot attempt from the right by Justin Baas with his right. The ball hit the near post, and as Bass was sliding out of bounds he shoots again with his left. The ball went through Thomas Glover legs, with the ball deflect off one of Glover's leg before hitting the net. They called it own goal. I called this BS. Anyhow. First half performance was a pleasant surprised. Goalie Neil Etheridge was on fire. AND LOOK AT THAT POSSESSION. I know, I know. You'd be like "bro, what's the surprise when you play Tiki-Taka and have high possession? It isn't even 70%." I'd say if you look at individual attributes of The Philippines, and then Australia, you'd quickly realized that this was NOT expected. Second half continues and our set-piece game paid off. If you have been on this franchise for long, you'd know that set-piece can be a extremely powerful opportunity to score (and make an upset). It totally worth the time to invest in how do you want to play your set-piece in different scenario. Wasn't Maurizio Sarri at one point created hundreds (if not about a thousand) different plays from set-piece? This is just a fraction of it. If I remember correctly, this goal is from a free kick, not corner: We certainly were the underdogs but we were able to maintain possessions. Who cares about the conceded goal? All I know is 1) we (The Philippines) won and 2) Justin Baas was robbed. Can you imagine what it is like to have 143 lbs / 65 kg less than your opponent's XI is like? It's okay. This isn't a buffet. You just need to know that the impossible is possible. Which helped us to break into the top 100: We went on and win the last game of the year. Definitely not happy with the performance and I made it loud and clear to my mates that the team needs to play better (or I'll keep being aggressive with them and make them cry). We are currently undefeated in the AFC qualifier as of December 28 2021. Next update on the Philippines national team will be around July 2022. Next post will be on my club journey in India Airtel I-League (with a short intro of Hong Kong First Division League)
  13. Hi folks! Referred by FM fans from Reddit to create this post and share my game journey as a long time FM fan. After taking a hiatus from FM (first played = CM 2003, last played = FM 17), I decided to drop my dedication in console game and come back to this. Now, traditionally speaking, I would start a save and coach my favorite team (i.e. Força Barça), and build my team AND myself to coach a national team. At some point, I would start adding new managers to control one team in each of the Big 4 leagues, and manage national team as well (I was so into it I had an excel spreadsheet with +300 lines per controlled team to keep track of my players' progression, both senior and U18). This time is different. I decided to come in as a novice in real world (or at least I tried to mimic it) as a perfectionist (meaning I'll do whatever it takes to try to stay undefeated ). Reading some old post about manager reputation, club reputation, and etc., I learned that my game save/play is one of the more challenging one. So, I decided to create this post to update my progress in this game save. How is this different? Here are some of the quick summary: Game save has leagues from 50 / all countries, with minimum 1 league per countries (I tried to have N-1 leagues for country that has N leagues, with N > 2). My manager has a background of Sunday League Soccer Player (hard), from a FIFA ranking ~150th country (harder), outside of Europe / South America (hardest), with a balance (default) distribution of attributes. It makes the save easier is I choose to coach in the top division, top team, in my home country The goal is to coach myself to the top team (i.e. UCL title contenders with international fan base and world class youth academy) and build a dynasty. Although my ultimate job will still be Barca, I will still be happy to be the most decorated manager (in game) by dominating a few domestic leagues and a few continent club titles before coaching my "childhood dream". Since I have started my save about a week ago and in-game time is now 2021 October, here are the quick summary of my current progress (2021 October): coached a local top team for 2 years and sweep all the awards (somehow, my team does not qualified for ACF despite winning the title in first season) picked up coaching a national team (FIFA world rank ~110) in the 2nd half of my 2nd season Quit my first job at the end of the 2nd season and tried to find a team reputation higher than my manager reputation (1 star or 25%) -- only found a 1.15 stars team elsewhere Currently plan to fulfill some of the random excuses in lower reputation leagues so that I can coach South American / European teams that are either 1) fighting for promotion in lower division, or 2) staying away from regulation in higher division National team will be on its own timeline. Ultimate goal will be WC, of course. But winning regional/continental competitions would be nice, too. Here area some screenshots to show you what I have. Future updates will probably be an recap / report / summary every 6 months or a major continental/intercontinental/international event +/- transfer window summary -- unless anyone ask for specific details or questions. Cheers! Proof of my giant DB for this silly save: Current profile: Current stats: Job history as of 2021 October (In-game):
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