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  1. You can see that I spent a lot of individual effort to up his strength and heading, and now he is in a good level to dominate in the air. He is close to hitting full potential though, but he is very well rounded. He is now a 6'7 behemoth running as fast as an elite winger, able to dominate in the air like a target man, pass with vision like any midfield orchestrator and great aggression/bravery (usually not available in a striker). it's a complete nightmare for any defender to deal with. The only issue is his slightly moderate dribbling of 13 but you can't have everything. The funny thing is t
  2. I think I did all I can in this fantastic season. Winning everything that is available to me (with very lucky draws avoiding the big guns in the cup competitions) in my fifth season with Derby. The best part? The Spanish-styled Geoff Hurst, Francisco Martinez who just won his first cap for England, scored the winning goal in the Champions League. The only cup I did lose was the Community Shield, who honestly didn't matter that much LOL.
  3. Yep, I no longer post updates as the play is a bit unrealistic. I am in my fifth season and somehow due to the luck of the draw, already won the Carabao Cup, leading the league by 13 points with 8 games to play (I did lose 3 and drew 4, so hardly invincible), in the semi finals of the FA cup, quarter finals for C.League with a young-ish squad. I am happy though as I keep to my thrifty style of playing and now to start acquiring English talent. lol.
  4. Derby fans are so hard to please. I will hardly consider Manchester City, who has a front four of Mbappe, Nmecha, Sterling and Rodrygo, and a midfield of De Bruyne/Rice an inferior team. What are they smoking lol, a 1-0 win is amazing already. I also applied to the job to Manchester City to troll them. I have absolutely no interest to join any other team other than Manchester United lol.
  5. I second OJ403. Personally, I put rooney as DLP (s) or Regista (s) in a 4-1 dm-4-1 or any system that uses a sole DM. This reduces the impact on his really fading physicals, while taking full advantage of his technical and mental skills. In the 1st season, he had the best average rating in the Championship for me. You probably will not have any other decent free kick specialists, so put him to kick as well as corners lol.
  6. One of the most crazy matches I ever played in FM. Mind you, this is the Super Cup. The rollercoaster of feelings from 2-0 up at half time, to then 2-3, then 3-3, then 3-4 and eventually winning by 7-5. What in the world is happening! It's as though both sides just decided, "Screw defending, let's just score and score and score!"
  7. I do think it adds some longevity to feel more about the young players slowly developing into first team and then world class players. Yes, he is heads over Bogle, but not tha much over the other right backs I have in my team. Bogle is the weakest of them four and gets injured so darn often, I cannot rely on him to be fit. Homegrown club quota are easy. I think I have 8-9? I always try to buy players when they are young, so that they can be homegrown.
  8. Yep, ironically I might have weakened the strength of my squad a little in my fifth season to allow my younger players with tons of potential to have more game time. For example, Toni Herrero, who was the second choice full back was sold for 15 million in order to allow my 18 year old left back regen to take his place. Objectively, the regen is weaker, but having game time has a better impact in the future because his potential is exceptionally high based on coach reports. I take full advantage of the fact that the board do not expect me to go beyond a top half finish (despite winning the leag
  9. YA. Its already mid June and the only thing i did was to sell rick von dronghelen for 40 mil pounds and harry wilson for another 40 mil pounds. I have so many decent youngsters coming from the youth set up or bought randomly in the past few seasons. I tend to buy random young players, throw them in under 23 and forgot about them. I usually realise they are there at the end of the season and bring them to first team. I dont see myself buying any more plug in and play first team players for this season. My first team is more than good enough for top 4, even if board only wanted top half fin
  10. It just feels like one of those games I have where I have to get away from my pc for a minute. FM loves trolling us.
  11. Do you find that as you go deeper into your save, you actually buy much less players? Its my fifth season now and I am actually not buying anyone as I am very satisfied with my current squad. It still has some deficiencies but lots of young players with room to develop and I see no reason to spend for the sake of it
  12. I think you will be pleasantly surprised that Derby is decently well equipped to handle the Premiership. Bogle is a good rb, lowe lb, blesik will stay for a while too. Knight will be good enough for first season, lawrence, marriot, max bird and even holmes can do a job at premier league. All you need is a good gk, good up and coming striker (loan?), get another cb to pair with blesik and te wierik, a central midfielder to cover knight and rooney and you should be able to survive your first season.
  13. Thats a very interesting approach for Rooney. While Rooney is still technically high, his physicals are poor. Interesting approach and glad you can get the most of him in that role. Very impressive streak. I am usually pulling my hair off at the end of the season as my players will usually collapse at that point. =)
  14. APRIL 2022/2023 Season We are down to the wire with the last game at home against Wolves. Since April, we went on a tear, but recent games have been extremely jittery. I started April with a very lucky away goals aggregate win against Tottenham, who could say that they are unlucky not to get through because we were outmatched in both matches due to bad tactic adjustments on my end. In between the match was a painful 4-0 loss against Chelsea, and it seemed like I will be falling off the radar for the title. Unexpectedly, I went on an absolute tear after these matches, even dispatching Manc
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