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  1. My first piece of silverware in the third season of Derby County . I eventually did get 5th despite winning my last 2 matches, as Everton was thrashed by Arsenal. I still qualified for C.League though Sadly, not much expectations for C.League at this point, but I hope to solidify my top 6 credentials next year! The man of the match is the Spanish Geoff Hurst, aka Francisco Martinez, who scored a hat trick! The next season will be an interesting one because I am hitting the limits for some of the older players like Rick von Dronghelen and Harry Wilson (who is falling behind Rober in development). This is a bit troubling but I need to sell so that I can buy improvements. And on that note...can you imagine that much money in real life for Derby?
  2. It's the end of the season in the 3rd season, and sadly Derby totally bottled it when it mattered. A heavy loss against 4th place Arsenal and a draw against Birmingham (it was one of those games where I had a BILLION goal attempts, and only scored 1, while they only need 1 chance) meant that there is no Champions League football through the league. A 4 points gap, as well as games against Tottenham and Manchester City, meant that I needed a few more victories that did not happen. T_T That makes the game against Borussia Monchengladbach even more important. We are already in the Europa semi finals, and if we do well enough, we have a good chance of qualifying through that instead. And clearly the game does not want me to win. Tonali, Wilson and my customised character just got injured for more than 1 month, 2 days before the 1st semi final. -.- Wow, I am this close to gamer rage. Edit: Barely got through with a 2-2 draw on aggregate, win by away goals rule. Lost 2-1 away and 1-0 at home. Final will be against Celtic.
  3. January 31, 2022 has passed, and I am the first one to state that I am surprised I made a sale as well as a purchase in the last day of the transfer window. I am generally the type of manager that does my transfers very early in the window, but there was a bargain (and for huge Derby fans, what I did was quite the sacrilege). Let's go with the ins and outs for this January window Ins Rayan Cherki, PSG, loan, no fee, 10k per week wages, fringe player for cover Dean Henderson, Manchester United, 1.6 mil, 20k per week wages, backup goalkeeper Francisco Conceicao, FC Porto, 1.4 mil, 14.5k per week wages, backup left/right winger Harvey Barnes, Leicester, 10.75 million, 43k per week wages, second choice left winger Being rather unfamiiar with Derby, I didn't realise that Leicester and Derby had a strong rivalry, though I also noted that there are many players who played for both clubs. However, when deadline day approached, Harvey Barnes was transfer listed for 10.75 million. I needed a specialist left inverted winger/forward (I have been using makeshift players such as Almeda and Amiri Gouiri as cover) and his stats look excellent. He is English, 24 years old, have some room to grow and has good Premier League experience. He will definitely be given all the chances to do well. Outs Max Bird, Birmingham, 9.75 mil Tom Lawrence, Deportivo La Coruna, 5.75 mil Jack Marriot, QPR, 1.8 mil Jonathan Mitchell, Manchester United, 250k On the outs, I never rated Jack Marriot at the Premier League level. He wasn't getting any game time, so he was sold off on cheap price to be fair to him. Tom Lawrence as well, he was never going to get much time when I have young players such as Rober, Jude Bellingham and Amiri Gouiri vying for game time. 5.75 mil is a decent deal and I took it. The last one was the sad sale of Max Bird. He was never going to be a first team for me when I have Marco Kana, Bielisk and Tonali in the defensive midfielder position. He played only 2 games the whole season. When the deal came in first at 6 mil (rejected), 8 mil (rejected) and eventually 9.75 mil, at 4 hours before deadline, I grabbed the chance to let him go. I feel bad because I have hopes that he will develop, but he never really did. With all that sales, I have changed my team to a very young squad with lots of room to improve. The oldest player is 24 years old, and most of my first team players are between 20 to 23.
  4. Wah, Chris Smalling on a free should solidfy your defense, even if it's not the most sexy purchase. On the other hand, Sean Longstaff will be mainstay in your squad for a while, and getting him at 13 million is a bargain. Good job on the buys
  5. I am really sick of playing Liverpool now. They have once again demolished my team 3-0 in the last game before the turn of the year, and honestly my team had no chance. It did not help that Bielik decided to handball and get himself sent off during an offensive set piece. That was horrendous behaviour. I don't think it is a good idea to fine him though, he might get pissed and ruined my dressing room atmosphere. Other than that though, we actually played well through Oct - Dec and find ourselves still in 5th place, 2 points away from 4th. Liverpool is the runaway leader at this point, and I am not even bothered to catch up because the last match showed the huge gulf between the top teams and us. We lack a clinical striker despite our defense sorted out. The best match we played during this stretch is ironically the match before Liverpool. Leicester in real life is flying high but the Leicester here is struggling against relegation. We piled up the pressure with a very impressive 4-0 win, with my loanee Amiri Gouidi scoring 2 goals. If you see the match stats, we were raining shot after shot at the goal, and 4-0 was the just result of some really exciting football the team is playing well. He is now making it extremely hard for me NOT to bid for him. He is good as an inside forward and can hold himself in striker too. I still wonder why Lyon decided to list him because it is clearly not a requested move. He's so good! That said, his contract is ending (maybe that's why). I will run the risk of going for him at the end of his contract, and hopefully he will choose my team. That is not true, his contract is until end of 2025, so I will have to spend 6.5 million on him anyway. Dean Henderson is also now listed. Wuilker Farinez is obviously still going to be my first choice but I was thinking to have more home grown talent. 1.6 million pounds won't hurt anyone and having more English players is a good thing. I put an offer his way and hopefully things go ok. Ivan Villar might either be sold or sent on loan since Dean will be my second choice. Separately, teams are also making extremely bone headed decisions about their youth players. Francisco Conceicao has been listed at the measly sum of 1.4 million. I mean, look at those stats for an inverted winger. It's absolutely nuts. I can imagine him going for 14 million just at this point, 1.4 million is just daylight robbery! He's only 18 years old too and has room to develop. Even if he does not end up anywhere in the first 11, he can potentially be sold for a high profit. Bought and will likely loan him out for experience immediately. Last point, bye bye Tom Lawrence, I love your 5.75 million and good riddance to your 37.5k wages every week. Love ya~ Edit: Derby is raining money! The chairman just deposited another 20 million into the transfer kitty!
  6. Is it just me, but whether I listen to the advice of my assistant manager, I always lose. When I ignore his advice, I win. X_X
  7. Are you a height-ist? Or a tall supremist? GASP! He still has significant room to grow into. He's just 18 years old after all. I am currently training his aerial as extra individual focus, especially since his aggression and bravery are crazily insane. If he can get his heading to 14-15, it's time to play Sam Allardyce football. It's already done by the way, but more Bird to him (as it is an easy match in Europa League). He just scored another 2 goals, 1 from a corner and another from a scrappy 6 yard melee. Next year, I might have an English international I am just thankful he was not in a top team, because there is no chance in hell I would have been able to steal him at such a cheap price if he was not in Charlton, a league one side.
  8. told you he isn't that great, I gave him a warning too, was close to giving him a 1 day fine wages. Holy crap, I was randomly checking and Francisco Martinez should have been a basketball player. And a quick google check shows that he's the height of Peter Crouch. I didn't even notice when I bought him :D. He clearly is way faster than Crouch though.
  9. There's always this kind of horrendous performance every season. I was so pissed at the team that I let rip with an aggressive "you all suck" team talk, which I avoid in general. Theb est part is Max Lowe being substituted in, and within 2 minutes, gets injured and brings me down to 10 men. He's out for 7 weeks too btw. One of the few games where it's so tempting to save scum. T_T The only saving grace is Francisco Martinez continuing to score well despite the team. His strong bravery and aggression is winning us scrappy goals.
  10. I think searching the italian league and french leagu4, especially the relegated teams, can yield relatively cheap prices. For some reason, they dont sell their players like how England and Spain do. Good to also try and find those with minimum release fee clauses. You might grab a bargain or two.
  11. Would it be possible for you to smuggle 1 of the central defenders out so that you can get another 5-6 million potentially and buy a more premier league proven defender. I realise in fm20, you can get away with a somewhat poor wingback but you definitely will hurt with a poor central pairing.
  12. It's been two months since the start of the third season. I must say that Derby has been doing very well, even though there are two bad losses. I started the season off with two excellent wins. One was a very commanding 3-0 win against Everton at home and then an even more impressive 2-1 win against Manchester United away. That match was Mourinho all the way. We defend in packs, counter like lions and scored through 1 lung bursting counter and a set piece. This was followed by a relatively routine win against Servette (which I played my second string team) to qualify for the group stage of Europa cup. However, the momentum was lost when we lost 2-3 to Burnley where I scratched my head because we are dominating the match. They just somehow scored twice in the last ten minutes. Painful and the players knew it when they entered the dressing room at full time. I was very angry because it was a game I expected to at least draw. The players clearly heard me because they then beat Arsenal 1-0 and also managed to come down from 1-3 down to draw with Manchester City (I only had 37% possession at home!). My second string team then collapsed to a full first team Manchester United 4-0 in the EFL cup. The fans and board were not impressed but honestly, do you expect me to put my first team? All in all, only 1 loss and a draw against a very impressive Manchester City is a good job well done for the team. Currently 5th in a very young season, I have some wild expectations that we might be able to breach 4th, but the objective me is saying that we need at least another year for our young players to develop more.
  13. Are you that far ahead in your game? I am in my third season and he is still on 25k a week. 130k a week, jesus! I will let him go and find a replacement. We aint Man City. I would throw 130k if he is like the top 10 defenders in the league, but I seriously doubt it as the top teams have so much money to spare. They are likely to pick all the good defenders already. Personally, I am trying to keep my salary of players as low as I can. Just curious and asking for opinions, if you have two strikers. One is rated 3 stars for current ability and 23 years old and doesn't seem to have much development left. One is rated 2.5 stars for current ability, 18 years old, seems to be developing very well and has higher attributes. Which one will you pick to be your main striker. Currently, Berisha is still my main striker because I ascribe to the notion that Francisco cannot be playing too many games at such a young age. Does that make sense
  14. This is my personal bias, but I believe that a single striker system means minimally that the striker cannot have an obvious flaw in its buildup. He cannot be too slow or too short or too unaware. A lot of his stats must be at a moderate 12 or 13 at least for them to hold their ground. The best is of course someone like Haaland who can run the channels, built like an ox, run like a cheetah and decently serviceable aerially. I will say at the clear absence of any possibility to get Haaland, a physically strong player who can hold up play while not slow as a snail will be great.
  15. @Stuniversei give up and buy Berisha. =) I think the issue is that Derby probably suits a 2 striker approach. Marriot and Waghorn plays off each other pretty good in championship at least. The problem is, I am not the manager who agrees with that. So i tore up the entire strikeforce and put my own take on it. =)
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