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  1. Hello. Can you tell me where the coders are in solving of the problem ? I would like to get an answer please.
  2. Hello, could I have some information about the problem, know where it is since time, if the problem can be solved please ? Have a nice day.
  3. Hello my friend. I've not yet received any informations from the coders. If they contact me privately I will keep you informed. Have a nice day.
  4. Hello, indeed, like you I may have searched in different sections for advanced rules, and nothing seemed inconsistent to the point of making the test fail. It's me who thanks for your response and these informations. Good afternoon.
  5. Hello everybody, I open this topic to ask you for help. I already edited a lot of countries in my game (version 20.4), but I have problems with Belgium when I have to check the rules. An error message appears (screenshot). But I do not have this problem when I do not make any changes in the advanced rules and I launch the test. The problem only happens when I start to modify the advanced rules. Could you help me please, I tried severals things but nothing worked ? Here is my file with the modifications made. Have a nice day. Belgium.fmf
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