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  1. What is the real contract of your player. Is it 291,000$ ? I'm asking it because you can't go below 50% of the player salary.
  2. Using a 4-2-3-1 with a AMC and I had the sames issues. Useless player, no touches, no key passes, no goals... after 75% of the season, I put my AMC as a false 9 next to my striker ....HUGE impact on his play. He was then playing like a real AMC attack role when he was display as a False 9 Attacker with support role.
  3. Hi guys, Just created a profil to discuss some issues that I have playing MLS in FM 2020 and I found out that my problems are well documented. I was so angry when I wasn't able to sign my new transfer target because the apply button for Apply GAM reacted as a Withdraw. I sold a guy because of this eventually new player coming.... Same for B-Team, I accept created a B-Team, hire a full staff, players and.... nothing. No matchs even if associated to a league. No staff task for training. Etc. Before today, didn't noticed the grey players from some teams. Wow, some teams are playing with 20-22 players. This is a huge downer. For me, all the MLS rules are so fun to play with BUT the code must be very much near the reality. Going into my 2nd year with Montreal but now... don't know if I go on for year 3 since the league and the teams will be so "broken" as seasons go on. Hope FM will do some corrections asap
  4. Hi, I just sign a player and I need to apply some Allocation Money. So, I confirmed on this email but clicking the button. When I click CONFIRM GENERAL ALLOCATION MONEY, I received a message like if I had click WITHDRAW Another question, why it's impossible the select Designated Player when we propose a contract to a player. Only Senior is avalaible.
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