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  1. Hey, have you ever thought of playing one of the biggest clubs in the World when they are in the Sixth Division? Here is your chance, i systematically destroyed Bayern Munich in the first five years of this save, and now they play in Landesliga. With horrific defensive football, a way too expensive squad with bad players, nearly no staff except a bad Assistant Manager, and with the process to create a new manager every time i got fired, i managed to get Bayern Munich in this situation. The club has already survived two bankruptcy proceedings, once they received 9 points deductio
  2. Anyone got the issue that you started in Level 16, got promoted and second season you suddenly play in a complete different area? I have a club from West Sussex (Broadwater Athletic) and now i play in Rochester Premier Division instead of the next stage in West Sussex.
  3. Run the game with small database, then the loading time is slightly better. You have a huge number of leagues and divisions if you use this file from the bottom, and small database is the only way to speed it up a bit.
  4. Start it new with a small database, then the loading time is slightly better. And of course removing leagues if you move up.
  5. @Dan BHTFC First, i appreciate your work. I've played with this great England Database last year in FM19 and moved with Kettering All Stars from Level 15 to Level 9. Then it got too difficult to compete with several teams with pro status to go further the ladder. Kettering All Stars moved up in reality and is now in Level 14, therefore i can't wait to play with them again. So my question, any chance that Level 14 comes up this week?
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