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  1. I thought Max Ap was only for players that had a known value cost (whether that be some kind of clause or an explicit value they were transfer listed for). Estimates from your scout, wouldn't be included, unless that 575k is for some kind of clause/listing value.
  2. Interesting, so ya that is the same as me then - no domestic options, which is a real pain when I don't want to lose the accumulated days for a British passport and/or the home grown options.
  3. Interesting. Being Brighton we come with Union SG and then I accept a Romanian team and then picked Brondby IF as the best of a bad lot. All attempts since they have been equally rubbish so I have always declined. I may try the accepting bit and see if it improves as such. Thanks for the tip!
  4. 10 years in - club legend - 5 league titles... and I still get absolutely rubbish affiliate options from Eastern Europe and Scandinavia - I don't even have the leagues loaded. Just so frickin stupid, still cannot choose and get actual useful clubs to loan players to... obviously offering up nothing useful here just having a whinge.
  5. Rouen in Normandie? The city is 100k+ with a metropolitan area of 600k+ In FM money, that's more than large enough to be a top reputation club and appear near or at the top of the club lists over time.
  6. AFAIK you have that backwards. Play out of defense reduces your CB's desire to ping one forward. I have distribute to CBs/FBs, but don't use play out of defense, because I want my guys taking the occasional Dunk/Webster-esque diagonal/long ball.
  7. Here he is 4 months away from 30 and still going strong. It's August 2029, I should try and find one from 26/27 in his prime. He can play well anywhere on the left from an AML down to FB/WB or as an inverted winger on the right. I trained him as an winger the first go around and as a wing back the second, most important of course is just to play him every week to see the increases. Bought and sold for a combined 262m pounds is Lukaku territory.
  8. Would've expected way higher work rate, stamina, and strength from doing 1000 sit-ups a day.
  9. On first blush, single-digits concentration is not a good thing to have for your main goal scorer. Apparently last season he maintained it and maybe this season he is just returning to type. That plus a new contract could also be contributing, under the covers so to speak. If - as previous poster suggests - you see 'poor consistency' show up in his coach's report. That coupled with the low concentration would be a large part why. What did he do the season before the 35 goal campaign? How does his xG last season compare to this? They could be close and last year overperformed and this year under.
  10. To the point of reducing opponent's chances - after using a back 3/5 for all of FM21, the past 1.5 seasons I switched to a 4-1-3-2 and have led/am leading the league in goals conceded/shots against, while also being top 3 in possession stats and at/near the top is goals for. Granted I have the 7th highest wage bill and a very good, deliberately constructed Brighton side in 2027/28, that could contend and win things with a myriad of tactics. Anyhoo, for some food for thought, this is my current tactic. I normally concern myself with the attacking movement and having something that will create chances; however, in regards to keeping it tight: 'Regroup' along with being 'Narrow' to begin with helps keep us more compact and helps eliminate giving the opposition gaps they haven't earned through their play by having players chase after lost causes trying to regain possession Everyone bar the AF (as expected) contributes defensively. PF will drop into midfield and even though the IW is on attack, he's at the midfield level instead of the attacking level. It can almost turn us into a 4-5-1 defensively The anchorman as a general sweeper-upper and recycler helps prevent things before they start and can help clog things up, passing lane wise. My back 4 are all excellent, maybe I will run this with default 2020/21 Brighton and see how it goes, but really as Herne mentions above having the right players genuinely helps. General 'Balanced' mentality helps keep everyone from being too rash. I will drop to 'Cautious' now and again, but does that actually help us stifling the opponents attack... IDK
  11. Fair enough and thanks for the reply :-) When I see a counter-attacking system such as yours or one that I used back in FM20, with Nuno's Wolves at the time as inspiration, while 'defensive' in the sense of sitting back and looking to counter with a quality QB style passer and quick transitions (effectively not being on the front foot so to speak), I guess I still don't necessarily equate them to the same type of 'defensiveness' the OP was initially talking about. That killing off of the game and knowing that 1-nil, 2-nil lead is ironclad and you will see out the last 20 mins of the match. I may need to go reread the earlier posts, but I was thinking of it in that sense.
  12. C'mon. You played on the counter for one season and rode your keeper And then once your team rep goes up a wee bit, it's less effective. Think that is a better indicator of what FF is saying. Think his observation still stands that trying a Simeone or Mou instead of a Pep or Klopp is going to be more difficult to replicate, based on the current ME.
  13. I can sympathise with your POV. What's helped (in regards to not getting annoyed by that conundrum you've laid out in this thread) me is to divorce tactics from results and think of them more purely as aesthetics, style, fancy frocks (or whatever term works best for you) that you hope to see play out when you watch the match/highlights. Results are too driven by momentum, morale, and squad management IMHO, so that if you have a decent side and play a reasonably 'realistic' tactic for your side you will see greater success than you could otherwise expect. Hence your Brum experience.
  14. Agree player interactions can use work - in regard to the player not accepting/wanting too much money. I've found if I go to renegotiate and I don't meet the players salary demands and the negotiations are canceled, I can then transfer list the player and he is "happy" to move to a new club. If I do it in any other order the player will indeed (assuming it's a good player or better) get annoyed and sometimes kick up a fuss that get's other players on his side.
  15. Quickfire answer: Yes, I can see how this happens. Other answer: Seems worthy of a thread, no?
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