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  1. The last thing you want to see whenever you are watching in any of the highlights mode, is a throw-in near the opponents 18yd box.
  2. Signed 3 days ago to be my starting keeper: Edit: I will never doubt Paul again And some of those fans I don't know what match they were watching
  3. Liam Delap from ManCity. He's never breaking into their squad and is always loan listed. Could take him on loan for a few seasons, until City are ready to give up on him and sell him without too much of an English-player-tax.
  4. It's situational isn't it. And with a player who likes holding up the ball, that situation should occur more regularly, than a player in the same role/position on the pitch who does not have that player trait. For example, my main DLF-s the previous season would drop to receive passes and the like, per the role; however, this preseason I have a new DLF-s who has the drop deep (different that hold up, but in the same family) player trait and he absolutely shows more for the ball in deeper positions than the other guy.
  5. Thanks for that. I had a look with my other midfielders and I reckon you are correct. That's seems to be the reason.
  6. Agree to a point on the option for crossing - as you say it's written right on it what that does/doesn't do, absolutely that does reduce the total number of blocked crosses. Although that doesn't improve crossing per say, it just reduces the total number of blocks because your players are attempting fewer. Whether we term in mitigation or not is just semantics and your advice will definitely help folks see few annoying blocks I have not seen any differences from a width (defending, attacking, TIs, PIs, etc...) POV that makes a substantive change though. You can be narrow/wide/have time/no
  7. I must have forgotten about this one :-S Trying to sort out how to manage my offseason transfers, with Champions League registration and I get this lovely 'Testing Changes Only' button that I cannot even click. Should be called the didn't test changes button.
  8. Part of my double-pivot is to have the one chap get in/around the box, to that end I like either of the the arrives late/get into opposition area player traits; however, they are not available for the first player, but are for the second. Is it because of low anticipation and off the ball for Asselin? Thanks!
  9. Sure there are mitigation techniques (just like having to mitigate over the top balls compared to FM20), but the reason there are a lot of blocked crosses is because that ME rendering/use case is how SI is keeping the scoring chances down and preventing a bunch of 6-5 matches. Like last year's 1:1 misses and no cutbacks and whatever it would have been in FM19 and earlier :-) Fair enough if things need to be fudged in the ME, not all the moving parts in the ME can be ironed out, but telling people it's their tactics?
  10. Along those lines: Jamie Bynoe-Gittens - BvB (English from ManCity academy) Couple others: Ahmed Kutucu - Schalke (can do a job in different roles across the front) Sam Surridge - Bournemouth TBH not sure of the pull of the Championship that being loaned out or playing for a clubs u20s
  11. That happened right after my 'sliding doors' save split - I am keeping the Brighton one going, but for variety instead of starting a totally fresh one, I'm taking over at Fizzy Drinks Leipzig and will have that as my alternative save. So I was just nexting through until I get the RBL gig, so not to screw over my soon to be former team I rejected it and an 80m+ deal for McNeil from Utd. When I go back to my Brighton save and if it comes up in that, I mean how do you turn down 200m in 2024? That's good for 3 to 5 overpriced 30-70m English/Home grown wonderkids to completely retool the front
  12. Just to follow up on that - Liverpool did indeed come in with an offer:
  13. Apart from the league victory, did it actually work? Yes-ish we had more possession that previous and had the most goals from open play (Liverpool scored an amazing 25 goals from set pieces/penalties), the best cross comp %, 5th for pass comp %, 2nd in CCC, and 1st in possession lost defensively 2nd best from open play, but only 14 cleansheets, and 2nd last in possession won, which with the split block and good possession isn't that surprising Front 3 mixed together well with the AF/DLF sharing the scoring and the AM pitching in with some Gs and As. First time I felt I actual
  14. Right, time for an end of season 4 (2023-24) update. We played almost every minute of every match with the 3-4-3 formation. There was a brief switch back to the 5221 to try and cleanse the palette during a midseason slump. Tactic But this was the main formation. We'd start every match lined up as follows: Front 3 have roam from position, the strikers have get wide in possession, and they press more to give us a split block Middle 4 play near enough their defaults, with the exception of the right DM having 'Get further forward' and "Takes More Risks" Back 3 have the
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