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  1. ^This. Yuuuuuge offers are cool to see, but would only sell if you can absolutely maintain or upgrade his position and others. In 2023 I got a 200m GBP offer for Seb Esposito (as Brighton from Liverpool) and my initial thought was wow! Sell! Sell! Sell! But then I had a look around and really there were no legit ways to replace with a like for like early 20s beast of a striker, without it being Haaland, which was an impossibility. Fabio Silva was the closest IRL player and maybe a couple closeish regens, but that was it. I kept him, we're in 2026 and he's remained happy to stay and b
  2. Except that one early chance, Stones did a great job keeping Werner at bay. His quality domestic season has really done him wonders.
  3. Southgate is going to unveil his swap-teams-6-man-substitution 'strategy' at the start of extra time isn't he? Genius stuff.
  4. On our North American feed, we just got the - Saka was born after the 5-1 match in Munich. Just another of those, eff me I'm getting old moments.
  5. Lukako channeling his FM-self, to not get the one-two return pass
  6. The Paulinho tackle on DeBruyne before halftime was surely in that category, Pepe generally speaking is different gravy.
  7. Is it wrong to kinda want someone to finish Pepe's playing days a la Keano on Haaland? There's poophousery and then there's this nonsense.
  8. Ya so this isn't photoshopped, this just happened in the FA Cup 5th round. Needed a penalty and injury time and long term injuries to avoid being FMd
  9. Wow! Thanks for giving me a new 'getting FMed' benchmark: an xG difference of almost 5. That is nuts. Hopefully you still qualified/moved on.
  10. It's funny you think England is in that much control of whether they win or lose.
  11. Too late to bring Ward-Prowse in and click the 'Play for Set-pieces' button? They've got Mings, Stones, DCL, Rice, start White at WB to get another one in there, and you've got a lot of aerial presence. As opposed to the current mopey teenager presence.
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