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  1. And speaking of transfers - while I've been getting decent value s0 far - these news items are so so stupid, as no club ever comes in with an offer near these bloated numbers. Of course now I have just reverse jinxed and the offers will fly in...
  2. WC 2022 sucks regardless of which version of FM you're playing :-S
  3. Bigger clubs fair enough (and then usually the wage is comparable) - otherwise totally agree when a player chooses Backwater FC over my Podunk Utd, with 25% lower weekly wage, it makes no sense. They cannot all be that player's home town team.
  4. Took a look at a few of my better guys that I moved on and we did make out alright TBF.
  5. Went to take a look at mine - so these team report stats are broken too? At least for me that is :-S In our last 48 matches (38 for last season, 10 from this) we've actually scored 98 goals. Or do we have 40 odd goals that are so unique as to not have a type. Edit: and the conceded, not that I trust the stats now
  6. Ya I was just speaking to the crosses which for me is not the 99% blockfest it previously was, not that things are super terrific. My defenders - the same back 3 as the previous season, yet improved both individually and working as a group - stand around with the thumbs up their backsides watching give and go's pass them bye they'd have snuffed out the season before. Like you I see different match behaviour, but I am loath to be too whingey about it, lest I'm told I have a crap tactic ;-) Which may or may not be true, but it still shouldn't account for obvious match play behaviour ch
  7. 'Proudest' moment as a manager was being joint top earner at the club for 1/2 season. But yes I've never been able to negotiate a darn thing when the board wants to offer a new contract.
  8. Long hanging fruit for Tucker and co over on Fox: What will the lazy poor expect next? Free pop tarts for breakfast?!
  9. Good players :-) But yes, getting 20/game was not uncommon and I play through the middle theoretically. I mitigated it some by using FB-S, but with this latest update I have been able to return to WB-S. And since I used an IWB on the opposite side, those corners were largely a result of just my DRL and AML.
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