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  1. If it said Graham Potter’s Potterball even fewer people would have clicked on it :-) But yes what we’re having a go at here is using Potter’s work at Ostersunds and Brighton to build out a tactic, hopefully have some nice passages of play, and win matches. What We Aim To Do This 5-2-3/3-4-3 or however you want to call it, at it's simplest focuses on: playing out of the back with CBs happy to be on the ball a midfield pivot capable of connecting CBs, WBs, and attacking front 3 a pair of WBs that can provide width and attack the box a front th
  2. Ya I am thinking he picked that up on loan last season? IIRC he only had the keeper lob when I bought him. I'm going to go back to my end of season save from a couple years back and see if I can see what he initially had.
  3. Thanks guys - ya that makes sense to me. We'll see what another 5 months at Barca does for his attributes and then bring him into the fold next season. I think some unfortunate teammate is going to be transfer listed now, but them the breaks :-)
  4. So one of my South American scouts recommended this guy back in the summer of 2025 and we bought him from his Colombian club for 3m GBP. Now we're in December of the 2027/28 season and he's on loan at Barca. After doing his time in Spain, I can now bring him back and not have to worry about work permits. Although my squad is set for this season and I don't want to mess with the mix, I will leave him at Barca for the whole season and hope he continues to improve. Now when he returns after the season, where do you play him? He's slow and I'm not sure he'd fit into my front 3, unless I
  5. Set pieces - 9 matches into the season 5 goals conceded - 4 corners 1 indirect free kick - for 7 wins and 2 draws.
  6. That is funny. I had a scout out in the APAC region and his best 'find' was an Australian guy already playing at Inter Milan.
  7. This. Bravery, concentration, jumping are all not what you'd want for a striker/someone leading the line. Would play him as an IF
  8. I used City as the inspiration for my 433 after watching a number of their matches during the restart and went with a flat midfield three of RPM - CM(d) - Mez(s), because I have a W on the right instead of an IF. Against lesser teams or those that don't get forward I'll switch the CM(d) to CM(s). You could flip that to better combine with your front three and you'd have: Foden (Mez) - Rodri (CM) - DeBruyne (RPM), who should provide some tidy play.
  9. Ya getting better at matching the real world football I'm familiar with to its FM equivalent, as you know they are not necessarily like for like ;-) It's only in the CMF going with generic CMs roles instead of a specific/specialist and that I rarely use a CWB, that there is anyone in a role that is different than they'd play in my regular 433. Never been totally convinced about needing a CWB and could change it to a WB though. But ya I do largely train the players where I'll put them. Although I have so many allrounders that can play in 2-4 different spots in that tactic... good problem t
  10. Preseason for 27/28. I have a 3 game friendly stretch (Spurs, West Brom, Celtic) against different formations/squad quality that I am going to run through a couple times and try and find the best setup before kicking off the season. For the first time ever I don't have a team with loads of u21s (they are all 22-24 now), so I actually have to pay attention to squad registration now which is going to mean an unfortunate loan or two. Trouble with this back 5, is my other formations being 433/4321 it means it's harder to get the familiarity up eventhough I made this my main tactic. I may remo
  11. Good shout OP, that was annoying. I 'qualified' for 2025 and was caught a bit/a lot of guard. Wait till you get to 2024. With the Euros, Copa America, and the Olympics I didn't field a full side or get them all together for a single training session till after the season had started. I was using u23s/u18s for the friendlies, and some of my players played in two competitions, it was crap.
  12. I misspoke :-) I meant 523. I've got a bunch of excellent options on the wings and like to play that type of front 3. That said with 2 strikers a PF/AF & maybe a CF/DLF, just in a convention wisdom way. So I did this for the last 3 matches (3-0, 2-0 wins against bottom 1/2 teams and 0-1 loss to ManU) with some fiddling around as I went. Gave the CM-Su more dribbling, get forward, roam, move into channels. Had the two BPDs get wide in possession. Otherwise pretty much left everything standard. I might try moving the WBs up a strata and see what happens and there are definitely rol
  13. Oh sure -scouting in general is a good place to work on suspension of disbelief :-) The time in which things become revealed is definitely a tricky one Found this in another thread, which was interesting:
  14. Maybe it took a year to realise he doesn't have the bottle for big matches. Don't think there is anything inherently wrong with that. Look at the players IRL who look quality, transfer to a bigger club and then struggle in big matches.
  15. Some teams have 'super-subs'. We take it a step further and have 'super-stealth-subs': Final match of the season and showing off the new kit for next season.
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