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  1. I have a 4-3-1-2 as a second tactic but not sure of what roles and instructions to set, could you shed any light? Also anything I could change about my current setup to create clear cut chances, don’t want to base a whole tactic to suit immobile as he is 32 now
  2. Could someone please have a look at my tactic and give any advice possible. My team struggle to create clear cut chances, and majority of the few goals I score come from crosses and all play seems to bypass my striker. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
  3. My team have very high passing, technique, dribbling and first touch skills. I’ve gone for a possession game plan but finding it hard to make room for good chances in the final third and also conceding a fair amount of shots
  4. What would you guys recommend? At the end of the day what I want most are results, can you suggest a setup that I should go with? I think trying to mix the two is what is holding me back
  5. Thanks, will give this a try when I’m on later. Any advice on how I should approach stubborn sides playing 5 at the back? Or overly aggressive sides that press high?
  6. Still struggling, think I’m over doing things with my tactics, I’m making tweaks after every game, like an itch I can’t scratch. I find my self struggling with both possession and shots against average sides and can’t figure out where it’s going wrong?
  7. It’s not so much big changes I want to make but more so a few tweaks I can apply in game to see out a result or run less risk? Can I ask what it is about the setup you are not a fan of?
  8. The 4231 just hasn’t lived up to expectations so I have resorted to a 4141 dm wide. This has worked well in my last few fixtures with a 4-0 and 7-0 win, but threw away a 2-0 lead to Atleticio to finish 2-2. Could you possibly review my current set up and possibly offer an idea of instructions and roles I should use in bigger fixtures?
  9. How would you recommend I change things up if I wanted my team to play an attacking style? Bombarding the opposition with attacks, something like Real Madrid
  10. What would you recommend I do with me front four? Could you recommend an attacking setup?
  11. This is where I am at now, does it look more balanced? Potentially going to change Suso to an out n out winger. Can you recommend a set of instructions to apply for a quick attacking setup to have as a plan B?
  12. Thanks for your input, going to try Paqueta in a Treq role, going by the feedback playing a quicker attacking system might suit my squad more.
  13. Thanks for your advice, would an IW better suit?
  14. Yes anything you can offer would be greatly appreciated. I think the style I essentially want is “Sarriball” and my striker to get more than one or two touches in a game
  15. Kessie and Bennacer have Accidentally been swapped
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