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  1. @knap: Which tactic would you recommend for starting with a english lowest level club (north or south) to get them into the PL and watching 3D games? I prefer to play with striker formations.
  2. Hello together, i need help with the topic mentioned above. 1. When i use a custom skin i always had to chose the background after loading because it first shows the citypics as background. Is there a way to make a chosen one permanent? ok, then i thought i will use the standard base skin without background, but then it shows the citypic again and i cant disable it to have the standard one. I have the citypics in graphics/backgrounds/citypics but again after loading i have the city as a background. That sucks. So i want on
  3. Can i leave training to the assistant ? Opposition instructions make sense but training.
  4. Its so disappointing to know that we cant use his tactics anymore. The other tactics by far arent so successfull like his.
  5. This tactic only works perfect while watching games. As mentioned before.
  6. Thank you very much for that and having fun with the FM for over three years now! I wish you and all your loved ones a merry christmas.
  7. Thank you for everything. Can you upload Filters for buying players ?
  8. These are my results after changing to Zeus. The draw is because of lack of motivation caused by the smashing victory in the first game. My best striker is scoring like the best in the World. Great work an having fun since release. Thank you TFF.
  9. Finally the God of plug n play tactics came back! Any hints for Individual Training, Player Filters, Set Piece Tactics ? Waste Time Tactic ? Any results so far ?
  10. Is there any tactic which is absolutely good for viewing games ? I think everybody is using instant results, that is definitely unsatisfactory.
  11. I want to watch every game so a tactic that uses instant results doesnt bring me any joy. I just give Sympathy v2 a chance with 2. Bundesliga Club VfB Stuttgart and until now its doing well. But i would love a tactic with two strikers, AML AMC AMR one DM and FBL two CB and FBR which is working with nice gameplay but nothing found until now.
  12. I am not using OI and shouts and it works fine.
  13. I think everything is about to have the right players for position and role. And Team harmony, and of course good players to play for the banned ones.
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