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  1. Demo as an .exe??

    I would say it works great, but.. that would depend on my definition of great. not loving the 3D pitch, but everything else is dandy
  2. The pop-up type windows that appear when the match is on full screen are great... EXCEPT - I put on my 7th and 8th sub during a friendly, and there was no visible way to increase the height of these panels, so I had no clue what their morale was. The only solution was to keep scrolling up and down and up and down so I could see everyone. Any solution planned?
  3. Granted, on can become british by living in britain for X years. But Ricardo Rocha in my Spurs demo team, is on his was to gain citizenship for Great Britain. Shouldn't this say England like FM08? I mean, he's not living in Scotland or Northern Ireland...
  4. Demo as an .exe??

    OK, so I downloaded the exe - setup nice and quick. Now i just have to get DirectX - so I hope that link above works as well thanks guys!
  5. I voted disaster because I CAN'T PLAY IT!!! I can't download torrents at work and nothing else that is suggested will download it correctly! Just because I don't have the internet at home I'm being screwed!
  6. I don't have the internet at home, where my gaming computer is currently sitting. Ergo, I have to download the demo from work. I just tried Gameshadow and had to install their pointless download tool, and then it won't even let me log in! As I don't want to get the sack, I will be avoiding torrents. So, that leads me to my question: Is there any decent source where I can download the strawberry demo in straight forward installer exe? I don't want to have to get home and have the game try to connect to the internet like so many other games. (before the inevitable 'why don't you have internet at home' question.. the best connection I can get would mean the demo downloads on torrent in about 3 or 4 weeks. And that's the same price as I used to pay at my old place for one that could download it in half an hour)
  7. Parent Club

    If what you say is true, why was it that as Bishop's Stortford in the BSS I secured a link with Arsenal of the Premiership in my first season, and at the season, the button for 'request parent link' was still active?
  8. Choosing a top Captain

    I use a combination of Influence, Work Rate, Teamwork, Age and number of league games they've played. The more games, the more loyal. The older, the wiser. If they work well in a team they should play well with everyone. Better work rate, just look at Stevie G - tremendous work rate that gets everyone going. And obviously, influence. I have used a 'special formula' on FM08 that has resulted in me having at least 5 players saying "Delighted X has been chosen as captain" for the last 4 (out of 5) seasons. The first season no one said anything good, but no one said anything bad. I've never had the 'Thinks X would be a better captain than Y' in my game. Sod's law says this will all have changed for FM09 though...
  9. I believe this was fixed in one of the patches... it's been mentioned before on these forums if you use the search feature And as I was typing, and official looking person confirmed it - patch 8.0.2 is what you need
  10. Players Appearances

    How come the non-competitive games aren't shown at all? I am in the BSS and want to loan someone who isn't good enough to be a regular reserve player, but good enough to play a good game. I was searching at the end of the season and for that season the stats for reserve games are shown in non-competitive, but when the new season kicks in, that stuff is gone! why? would be nice to keep this data in the game
  11. Hey, I did a quick search on the forum and wondered why no one had picked up on it.... XL - the shirt sponser of west ham went bust. Now they don't have a sponser and they will be without the X millions they would have otherwise got from them. Anyone know if this is likely to happen in the game? I'm not saying it would be a good idea - I like getting money for my club () but it would add that realism everyone wants?
  12. Future Stadium names = Districts

    Great idea! I remember reading a long time ago that someone had their new stadium named in honour of them, so the stadium ended up being called "Park Park".... good job his name wasn't Carr
  13. As I recall, didn't Wimbledon move from Wimbledon to Milton Keynes? Then the fans thought that's not right, Wimbledon should play in Wimbledon, so the club renamed itself MK Dons. Fans who still didn't like it set up their own club - AFC Wimbledon - who I believe actually play near Wimbledon(?) So technically aren't Wimbledon and MK Dons the same team? Like when Arsenal changed (Dial Square, then Royal Arsenal, the Woolich Arsenal, and now Arsenal?) Wikipedia (not the most reliable source, but this does make sense:) "Milton Keynes Dons is legally a continuation of Wimbledon F.C., however after negotiation with the Wimbledon Independent Supporters' Association, mediated by the Football Supporters Federation, the club agreed to return the trophies and memorabilia of Wimbledon F.C. to the London Borough of Merton, and to make no claims on the history of Wimbledon F.C. thereafter. This step was taken in part to ensure the recognition of the Milton Keynes Dons Supporters Association by the Football Supporters Federation."
  14. The updated leagues and competitions - will we have any new leagues we can venture into? There were many threads about which leagues people would like to see added... Can you tell us which ones are in the game, or will we just have to wait - btw, I don't like waiting
  15. Full set-piece designer

    I remember a long-long time ago, there was a football managing game that did this. you could set up a play from kick off, free kicks and corners. except i often found it went wrong half way through because i lost possession so i didn't use it. It wasn't an FM/CM game, some random competitor that was good for one season then dissapeared