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  1. can anyone please help me combine a selected group of fmf custom files into one?
  2. is there a way i can just make all the nations in one fmf file??? i have all the zip files. i want to play in most of the players thats the only reason im doing it but then i saw another mod which said load all players.
  3. can anyone please combine the north america africa and asia files into 3 fmf files to reduce the number of mods i have in my database
  4. okay thanks. much appreciated. but is there a way to compress just the african and north america files to one fmf file or two even like the way that african extended was done. but it will be called north american extended and african bigger version
  5. i cant add 226 mod files to my database please is there any way i can compress it? been at this for months
  6. if there was a way to increase the database limit or add all the fmf files as a dbc
  7. then it crashes after 200 it doesnt even reach advanced setup
  8. the most i can do is most nations except north america and asia or else my mods would reach 200+
  9. i think maybe its the database skin how its outlined in default mode
  10. is it possible to put all fmf files into one. over 197 mods still keeps crashing my game
  11. my database editor files keeps crashing on my mac but nothing conflicts. idk why though it keeps closing
  12. mod files for fm20. Aswijan.fmf Cassis.fmf Chelsea.fmf Ibstock.fmf Neloxia (Gibraltar).fmf Newcastle takeover.fmf Passion4FMUnited.fmf RB Aves.fmf RB Braga.fmf RB Caen.fmf RB İstanbul FK.fmf RB Liverpool.fmf RB London.fmf RB Paris.fmf RB Scotland.fmf Test.fmf Wakefield.fmf
  13. CedricKQ


    yeah its an fm19 mod but some mods from fm 19 be working on 20 like the ibstock and cassis one..idk why this one wont work. thanks though much appreciated.
  14. CedricKQ


    its still saying 21 or its from my database??
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