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  1. In that case, can you release it on the 22th to celebrate DDR victory over their german cousins during WC74 ?
  2. Agree. They are versatile (those I'm adjusting when I'm behind) and allow me to defend narrow.
  3. Most of them. But on rare occasions some may hit a player of yours and be lethal. Question: do you have 1 or 2 throwers (say 1 for each side) ?
  4. Which, in my opinion, is wrong. Tackles are tackles, key passes are key passes, average rating is...nothing.
  5. Can you check plz how many players you have on the pitch when setting up a throw-in in the tactics screen. I still have 10 (including the thrower), my CML is missing in each and every save, on both sides. Because I think they have to rework throw-ins completely.
  6. https://community.sigames.com/forums/topic/545514-key-tackles-clear-cut-chances-dribbles-key-passes-etc-all-broken/
  7. I can't help because I can't figure out either. But I'm interested in the answer.
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