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  1. RB although I did try him as a Libero in a 3 atb formation as well. Scrapped that idea. He's had an okay preseason and got injured 10 minutes into the 1st game of the Serie A season. Came back in 7th gameweek and had an assist. That's about it, I haven't played any games since Wednesday
  2. It's on the default width. The premise of the tactic was basically: I don't want to play the boring 4141 DM again, let's see if 3 CMs works. Shame Bologna's squad basically restricts you to playing with wingers
  3. It was a BBM - Soriano. Using him in that role from time to time
  4. Here's Olsen's flash of brilliance.
  5. Using him as a left inside forward. Gotta show you his game-winning assist against Roma, it was a thing of beauty.
  6. 7 games into the season, I'm somehow top of the table with my Bologna with a 5-2-0 record. Skov Olsen broke into the squad at the expense of Sansone and has been by far my best player since then. I am struggling to get Barrow involved in goals, though, which is an issue.
  7. His contract with Bologna expires at the same time as his loan, at least in game.
  8. @WilsonJuve Signing a long term contract with Vignato was actually the first thing I did! I also sent one scout to provide me with reports of his development - so far he's been playing 50-60 minutes for Chievo U20 and getting ratings below 7.0. Pretty sad. He did start in the senior team but seems he only played one game before being moved to reserves. Weird. Also he was just bought by Bologna and somehow has a contract until the end of 2019/20 on default? Must be a developer's mistake.
  9. After the first season in which he played for the U20s, I loaned Maldini to Parma where he has the "important player" status and wins "Best Young Player of the Month" on regular basis. Another youngster that has been doing well for me is Pecorino. Loaned out to Novara in Serie B where he scores when he wants and is a top goalscorer. Plizzari who starts the save on loan at Livorno is a great young goalkeeper.
  10. Bologna F.C. 1909 - start of the journey, preaseason update First transfer window - turned off. I wanted to give every Bologna player a chance to impress me and I don't think this squad was needed an overhaul. 1. Club vision 2. Tactics and a quick look at the squad 3. Preseason results and a quick look at what's coming up.
  11. Very good read yet again. Congrats on your fantastic results. Hope my boy Tomiyasu settles in soon!
  12. Thanks, that's useful. I'm rather familiar with the tactics/player side of the game (not a complete newbie) and staff is the next section I'm trying to optimise/perfect.
  13. When I take over a club, what should my approach be regarding staff? Should I aim to have X/X for each position and mutually terminate contracts with the worst ones if I, for example, have 7/5 scouts at the club? Does this depend on the financial status of the club? Take the start of this Bologna save as an example. Should I terminate contracts with 5 worst scouts on day one of my save? Should I get two analysts, loan manager, 2 sport scientists? Additional question: if I all my scouts only have Italy knowledge, should I try to replace one or two with ones that have broader knowledge or is it not a priority?
  14. Thanks for the tip. I did start that Bologna career I was talking about earlier but I've only played through the preseason today. There are some things about this game I don't yet feel confident about. OCD really doesn't let me progress if I feel like I'm doing something suboptimally lol. I'll try to use these forums in the next couple of days to find out about some minor things I don't yet know and then start a fresh career and post regular updates here. So far I've enjoyed reading this thread and I'm looking forward to start contributing to it in the future!
  15. @quee Loved the writeup, great read. You sure know how to build up tension! I'll be honest, I had no idea you can attend games of your transfer targets. Gotta try this out some day. I do love unsettling players 😂
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