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  1. I Would really like to see latin american leagues' financial issues fixed. I think this is not hard to develop and it would increase realism in gaming experience when using these clubs. The main problem is that ,ingame, clubs are able to keep their star players as their economy gives them enough income to pay increasing wages. In real life, latin american clubs have the urge to sell players to foreign, economically strong clubs only to maintain their budget balanced. Ticket sales & merchandising income is uncapable of giving these clubs the necessary amounts of money to avoid selling their best players. Also, local players' wish is to be sold to europe or mexico, where their contracts are far better than those they have in their original country. They tend to be frustrated when a chance to emigrate is frustrated, sometimes lowering their performance in the field. The importance of this issue is that it creates utopical situations where almost no players leave their club in search of a "big future". This problem has been discussed a long time ago in this thread, where other users agree: http://community.sigames.com/eve/forums/a/tpc/f/4642084852/m/3692075582 It would be extremely good to see this change in the next version. Thanks in advance
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