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  1. I’ve commented on a lot of topics about this crash but thought I’d create my own just to highlight how much of a bug this is. as it says in the title, I can’t join or my friend can join my online game, just get a crash dump when clicking on join online game. this is a MASSIVE bug/glitch and needs to be fixed ASAP. taking all the fun out of the game I know and love.
  2. Yes we are, it’s the problem on literally just clicking on “join online game” it’s come up with an error and crashes, I don’t even get to see the servers?
  3. Yeah, it seemed to work for me last night but I think I just got lucky! It’s not working today, error code on clicking “join online game”
  4. I don’t know who you are or what magical powers you have, but it’s worked haha!! Thanks a bunch mate!! Still need a proper fix from sports interactive though!
  5. Can you explain that a bit better mate? I will try that, just didn’t get it? Thanks!
  6. This is getting embarrassing now, there needs to be a fix!!
  7. I have downloaded an update literally 30 mins ago and my friend and I are still getting the error when joining an online game, this is getting silly, ridiculous and embarrassing!
  8. My friend and I are also having this EXACT problem! This is just ridiculous! Such a big company and this is just embarrassing, putting me off playing!
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