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  1. Hi, I wanted to play FM19/20 on PC with a friend in a versus mode challenging our offline teams. I wonder if this mode has been removed? And if so, why is it still possible to export the team to play versus? Cheers
  2. maybe you need to activate the game bar manually, look here https://www.techrepublic.com/article/how-to-activate-and-configure-the-windows-10-game-bar/
  3. This is what worked for us: Step 1: Make sure the player who is hosting the online game has a xbox-launcher friendship with you Step 2: This player hosts the game via loading the savegame Step 3: Start FM 2020, do not click Online or something. just stay in starting screen Step 4: Open the Windows Game Overlay (Default Win+G) Step 5: Rightclick on the friend hosting the game. Press "join game". Play.
  4. Sadly it is still impossible to play. I guess everyone on gamepass is having this error? Because all of my friends are experiencing exactly the same crashes.
  5. Yesterday we've been able to play for like 2 hours. Wanted to continue now but it crashes again.
  6. Working now for like 2 hours. No idea if it will crash again. Didnt change anything.
  7. I am back. This is NOT working. This morning this worked fine, now it crashes again. As always, on searching for online games. Tried a couple of times, never worked. All of my (gamepass)-friends I want to play with are experiencing the same problem. I tried AliA.hmeds solution, but didnt work. In step 2 I move the config only, no savegames, because i didnt save our online season. Please fix this.
  8. Im not sure if there was a hotfix or something, but i can see the online games now. I didnt change anything. Havnt tried to join anything yet, but if it wont work, i will write it here. and test AliA.hmeds solution. Thanks!
  9. Hello, I would like to continue the online season with my friends. We are all using the gamepass. Sadly for all of us, the game crashes while searching for Online Matches. Today was the first time these crashes happened. Before, we had the inbox-not-loading-problem, which should be solved with the latest patch. (https://community.sigames.com/topic/519287-gamepass-inbox-not-loading/) No idea if it was fixed, as we can't go to this point with the new crashes. I reinstalled without success. We were really happy when we found out that the inbox-problem should've been fixed. Bu
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