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  1. 15 hours ago, AliA.hmed said:

    Yeah so step 1. go into documents > sports interactive >football manager >gamepass > games

    step 2. move all of these files into a separate folder on your desktop or something

    step 3. open FM and create a new online career but make sure u have no editor files selected 

    step 4. save this new game

    step 5. put your online career that you've been playing on back into the games folder

    step 6. load up FM and load the game save you were having trouble with

    I hope this helps, not sure if this really fixed it for me or if I got luck 

    Also, I believe it's the server host who has to follow these steps


    I don't understand - so if the server host does this, how can people then join their game afterwards - surely when they go to search for an online game, it still crashes?

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