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  1. We've now also tried running as administrator and logging in and out of gamepass. No luck.
  2. Currently unable to join or invite people to games. Option to invite friends doesn't appear in game status, can't invite through Xbox App, can search for games through "Join Online Game" (and they appear) but briefly getting a "joining online game" message before it disappears and nothing happens. Can accept invites sent to me through Xbox App, briefly says "joining online game" before disappearing and nothing happens. Have an active Ultimate subscription that we know works as able to play other games through GP and on the XB1 online with others. Partner is on same internet, has
  3. I don't get anything come up when I use WIN+G. is there an alternative input?
  4. wont get fixed until monday minimum because SI don't work weekends. if anything like the other bugs it'll take a couple of weeks and break another part of the game when it is fixed loool
  5. The workaround they found now doesn't work. Game instacrashes when you try to search for online games.
  6. Also. Absolute shambles. Won't be fixed for 2 weeks like inbox glitch I imagine.
  7. I don't understand - so if the server host does this, how can people then join their game afterwards - surely when they go to search for an online game, it still crashes?
  8. You also can't join through Gamepass/Xbox Launcher if you try to join a friend's game. It will load the game up but leave you on the menu.
  9. Same issue here. This has been a really disappointing release.
  10. Still crashes every time you go into search for an online game. Same for my friend also so definitely hasn't fixed, unless the update didn't go live in the UK yet.
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