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  1. Guys, after the update I didnt saw any chip over a keeper anymore! And the Strikers shoot again from totally dumb positions. Did you played the Beta???
  2. @SI What you guys have done after release with the 3d match engine?! I played the Beta over 100 hours with Man United same tatcic, same players and now after Release with no change! In the Beta I saw lots of improvements the playing and acting of the players was realy nice and more realistic then now after Release. It looked liked they realy act wise with passing, running, defending and attacking. It realy looked and felt like football. Now after Release it is almost the same like the the FM2020 engine. You patched the match enigine back to the death! But why?! Please change it
  3. Yeah ofc, thats the point I think there is something wrong! I mean a full overloaded schedule ok. But, no rest day before such a big EC event does not work for me!
  4. Mmh, no rest day before a European Cup game feels wrong for me!
  5. Thats why Kloppo was so excited last time if he was speaking in TV about that full schedule on his team! Ok cool, I realy thought it is a bug or something. So it is totally overloaded because of success! Thank you guys!
  6. Hi Guys, I just wanted to ask you if you have the same issue as me. I am currently playing my first season 2019/2020 with Liverpool in England and am now in April 2020. Since March the schedule in the Premier League has been so full that I hardly have a break between games. That happens to me too: I had on 28.03. a Premierleague game against Chelsea at home. On April 1st I have to play the EF Cup Final against Chelsea in Wembley! Just 1 day off between? The month of March has only 29 days! My next match is on 03.03. in Middelsborough! So I have to play 3 games in 5 days? WTF! Does
  7. Why should we close that threat? I mean, we the customer have the oppertunity to tell the publisher what is going on wrong! And we need to tell them if there is something going the wrong way! You know why? Because we love the game! We are the ones who made the FM to the best FM! Because we supported and bought it since decades! So what is wrong to try to communicate on one way with the publisher? Letz hope someone of the responsible guys from SI read that threat and give a report to the big guys from SI! Would be great or?
  8. Hi mates, I wanted to make myself clear about the ME! I bought a Gamestar Plus subscription yesterday for € 6.99. Gamestar is a computer magazine that can be viewed as a magazine or online from Germany. There is actually an interview with McFadden who is responsible for the ME and with Miles Jacobsen! And it's all about the topic! Is the ME a fake and everything staged or not? McFadden says:"There is no scripted gameplay in Football Manager. None. Players complain that their team has scored 15 times but failed to score, and then the opponent suddenly scores in the last te
  9. Hello soccer manager friends, I have already read some threads about the disappointing players who are not satisfied with the current 3D-Match-Engine. I played the Football Manager series from the beginning and came across the Champiopnship Manager in 1999. I noticed that the realistic representation of player actions is becoming more and more absurd. It feels like Football Manager 2020 is moving more and more towards EA'S Football Manager! The gameplay is completely disastrous and unrealistic just like in the counterpart by the manager of EA. I loved the Sega Football Manager because it
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