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  1. Don't know if it's a bug or what, but in my current save, 1 of my players who had 6 week injury, after about half a year still can do Injury Rehab > "General Rehab" and "Endurance". Also, he has no "injury" label. SS from development > training tab: Overview Medical report: I've uploaded save as "General Rehab bug.
  2. Hi All, My simple question is if the training cards with an impact on "Upcoming Match" are stacking? I.e. if I choose Att. Movement and Def. Shape before upcoming match, will it improve both Att. Movement + Passing and Def. Positioning + Marking before the upcoming match? I believe the answer for that is yes, but would like to confirm. The thing is, maybe it's counter intuitive to put both at the same time (like, you don't really need Def. Shape against much worse opponent etc.) , but on the other hand, isn't it beneficial to "fully boost" your team before the match, in as many as possible aspects of the game? 2 follow-up questions on that: 1) If you have 2 matches per week and put "Att. Movement" before both matches, will it impact both, or only 1st one. I heard / read somewhere that it's only "effective" once per week. 2) If you stack multiple times the same training, like "Att. Movement", before the match will the impact be bigger, or the impact will be the same as if you put it only one before the match? For this, I expect that impact wont stack, as it seems like an exploit.
  3. @Rashidi, let me rephrase the question: "Attributes: Individual Roles" is affecting development of the player attributes, specific to the chosen PRD in individual training. "Tactical Familiarity: Position/Role/Duty" is affecting his Position/Role/Duty bar in Tactical Familiarity. The question is if the "Tactical Familiarity: Position/Role/Duty" part in the training session has similar impact as "Attributes: Individual Roles" in terms of development of player attributes in the long run (increase/decrease of value in the attribute)? I believe it's not, as what will happen if player has full bar in Tactical Familiarity: Position/Role/Duty....it shouldn't improve more that 100% (ie. bar totally filled). For example, in Teamwork and Match Tactics, there is no "Attributes: Individual Roles", only "Tactical Familiarity: Position/Role/Duty", as per my understanding, both should increase only Teamwork, and Decisions (in case of Match Tactics) attributes. In case of Match Practice, Attacking Movement and Defensive Shape have both "Attributes: Individual Roles" and "Tactical Familiarity: Position/Role/Duty" so it's logical that that trainings affect both attributes (As of long term development) and their familiarity of the prd.
  4. @Seb Wassell could you please confirm if, in case of Match Prep sessions, when there is Tactical Familiarity "Position/Role/Duty" included in training session it also affecting individual training (more specifically, specific attributes based on specific prd) as in sessions with "Attributes: Individual Roles" or it just affecting P/R/D tactical familiarity bar?
  5. @Seb Wassell, Thanks for the confirmation. Also, I've realised that I missed some trainings, i.e att.movement/densive shape/match practice has more priority on specific units and individual role training, and there is a limit per week for that type of trainings.
  6. Spreadsheet is great, but as the below quote, there is "no correlation to Individual Training and how this will impact on the players development in the long run either." (As per post from https://fmathlete.wordpress.com/2019/03/23/fail-to-plan-plan-to-fail-a-planner-tool-for-training/). My (general) questions are: 1) what's is benefit of doing specific prd individual training over doing playing position as prd? 2) how to maximize individual training? Maybe the question should be: Is individual training affecting the effect of specific attributes in the training? Example: I give prd midfielder>winger>support, (suppose he is natural/accomplished in that position) and choose overall training - given that most attributes are there, will specific attributes for the chosen prd be affected in greater effect then other atributes from overall training? As per training induction: Given the wording above, it should mean, that if I put someone in individual training (specific prd), mostly (/only?) affected attributes will be the ones related to specific prd, no matter what kind of training is in schedule (i.e. attributes included in prd should be in the training session, but it's obvious).
  7. Thanks @04texag, Is that the thread you mentioned?
  8. Thanks @04texag, based on what you wrote, individual training occurs when training card has "Attributes: Individual Roles". I prepared scenarios (Example: midfielder > winger > support, attacking unit - highlighted attributes: crossing, dribbling, first touch, passing, technique, off the ball, work rate, acceleration, agility, pace, stamina): 1) To train all of the above attributes (given that we need to have training card with "Attributes: Individual Roles") we can choose training Ground Defence, which has the "Attributes: Individual Roles" for Attacking unity (as secondary focus) - but the priority is 20%, so there is a need to do it more often if we want better (/faster) results (taking only the training into account , correct me if im wrong here). Example: 3x Ground Defence/Aerial Defence, or the combination of both. In this case, only the attributes which are dedicated to the specific role should develop (disregard other aspects of the game, which obviously shouldn't be disregarded in real life (game) scenario, but for the purpose of the comparison we need to disregard other aspects). 2) We can choose training which is impacting some/most of attributes like general training (there is no training card which include all atributes), but in this case there are more attributes included in the training, and as of that, the amount of time of training on the specific attribute is decreased (so lower impact on specific attribute, but includes much broader range of attributes). Example: Overall + Physical 3) Specifically target trainings which includes all attributes, for a day of training. Example: Physical + Attacking Direct + Attacking Wings/Attacking Overlap - In this case, why do I bother to put player into individual training, with specific role, if in this case, all of the attributes for that specific role are covered (+ some additional attributes, but less then in scenario 2). 4) Do training with different attributes covered - (example: 3x defending from the front) In this case, as per my understanding, individual role attributes for our m/w/s shouldn't develop (taking only training into account), which is logical. For the 2nd scenario, I need confirmation, if we put player in specific role, does it means that, from overall training, he will train only (/mostly) the attributes "marked" for the chosen role? or he will train all atributes covered in overall training (which will decrease the focus on the attributes for the given role), but I believe the latter one is correct. Coming back to my question- in order to benefit from individual training for the specific role, do I HAVE to choose scenario #1? Additionally, In the extreme example #4, individual training set up to winger > support, should have no effect (for the chosen individual role training, am I right? The thing is, scenarios #1, #2, and #3 are for the development for that specific attributes (with more or less focus on them). Maybe the question should be, which of that 3 scenarios is the most benefical for the player development and whole team, as #3 is probably the most benefical for the specific role, #1 for the unit and maybe the team (in terms of attributes), and #2 for team (as for coverage of all attributes + tactical familiarity from Overall Training), Also the #2 and #3 scenarios are more intense comparing to the #1 scenario. This is min-maxing question (and probably slightly overthink it), but really want to know, as player development is probably my favourite part of the game, and training is definitely part of it. @Seb Wassellcould you please relate to the topic? Also, would like to know what is your opinion on that, @Rashidi. Thanks, and sorry for the long post.
  9. Hi everyone, Is there any confirmation (or can anyone from SI confirm?) if you want players to train specific attributes (based on specific prd individual training) you need to put training cards with "Attributes: Individual Roles" in training schedule? Or the individual training is separated from team training (ie. training based on training schedule)?
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