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  1. Just want to have a discussion in what schedules people use to develop their youth players. players 18-21, players 21-23. im currently doing a youth only challenge and just wanted to know different ways to train rather than leave it to my assistant manager. I’ll be glad to hear your from you
  2. Really enjoyed this thread. I like to create overloads so your IWF role really interests me. What training schedules do you use for both senior and youth squads. And how do you develop your youth players to implement this style of play?
  3. I completed the youth challenge with Slough. And just wanted to know what attributes you look for I tend to go for gegenpress attributes with a value of 10 to look for players
  4. I’m looking to start a VNS save with my local team Slough town and want to know what ppms each position should use for the new Kashmir tactic. Also what attributes do you look for to build a squad?
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