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  1. When renewing a contract for a player whilst qualified for the europa league, I do not have the option for winning the champions league bonus. Just wanted to make sure that winning the europa league bonusses are not automatically converted to winning the champions league bonusses
  2. i usually try to take them quite seriously. The only exception is when a strong contender is a player of mine. In that case i vote for the most unlikely to win >.<
  3. I have never yet used the editor and would appreciate some help. Going to start a long term serie A save, Is there any way to enable the function that all serie A squads can register an u23 side during the game ? If not what are the most important settings to create u23 sides for the major clubs (like Zebre have)
  4. I have never used the pre-game editor before but want to make some changes before starting a long term save (add u23 squad to serie a team)
  5. Was there any progress with regards to B teams ? I would like this to be a part of my new save in FM21 and would like help as to how it is best implemented as I have never before used an Editor. However I would have nothing against a B team being promoted to Serie B, As long as they do not play in the same division as their First team
  6. When is the first "non save compatible " update expected? Will there be any actual differences between starting the game during this beta period and waiting for release date ? or will it only make a difference if I wait not only for release date but for the first update
  7. is it possible to add them after the game has been started ?
  8. Given that Zebre have a B Team (U23) competing in Lega pro and that other countries allow players to request a B team. Is this also possible when managing clubs in Italy ? I am currently starting my 3rd season with Milan and have sorted out any financial issues (bank balance of 200million) but still cant seem to find an option to request a b team
  9. ok so it would be for the club not as a ranking of all clubs.. thats why i couldnt find it then
  10. Do you know where to access it ? installed TCS skin and did not find it :/ Really miss that climb up the ladder
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