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  1. Have you guys experienced this? Like a defenders gets the ball and then he is confuse (he's turning around) whether to pass it forward or backpass, but in the end during his 'confusion" the opposition took the ball from him and ran off to score.. i dont know why he kept the ball on his feet, and why didn't he pass it forward, or why didn't he pass it back to the GK early before the opposition closed in or at least clear the ball. Do you have any tips for me? Im playing FM20..
  2. Hmm.. I guess I have to wait.. Don't wanna take any chances.. Thanks guys
  3. Anybody got any tips on how? I have a player who will retire soon and I am looking for any signs that he will be a good future staff.
  4. Thanks.. So what is your suggestion? Should I leave the counter press on? As of now, I'm already 8 games without a win.. What a pathetic team I would say.. 😂 I managed Nigeria International squad before I got this job. And we won the African Cup. I tried to implement the same tactic(I know it wouldn't go well but I tried anyway) and it doesn't work.
  5. Yes.. We are a relegation candidate. And yes, as of now we did get some points here and there. Getting new players is hard with out financial status 😂. And most players does not want to come to us. "I think moving to a club such as yours is not a good career move" 😂 I only manage to bring some unattached players and some young ones. I'll try to stay in the mid table and post again soon.
  6. Hi, Thanks. I am actually experimenting with different tactics and formation. This one is I think the best for us as we manage to get some draws and win. I was expecting to play defensive, counter attacking football, but somehow we conceded at least a goal in every game even with a very defensive approach.
  7. Hi, I am playing FM91 and managing Dag & Red in the sky bet league 2(they just got promoted in 2026 and im their newly appointed manger). When i first came in, the club was "empty". There's only 3 manageable players (the rest are all greyed and no backroom staff too) and i manage to form a team with some backroom staffs. We are doing good in the friendlies and 3-5 early season games, now we are starting to lose it. I've literally tried everything (reading online tactics/youtube and stuff). And most of the tactics and advices posted online is all about managing a "sure win, good players,good team with good financial strength" who just needed a little tweaks/who are expected to finish top every year which i think a can also manage a good run if given one. So , im seeking advice for a lower team tactical approach.. p/s: ive tried save and load for a couple of times trying different tactics but ....... Have a look at my screen shot and maybe some of the pros here can give a little advice...
  8. Hey, I've done some googling and yes.. CHAN does exist. It's for the national league.. Im closing thread
  9. Well it is actually CHAN, African Nation Championship. Isn't it the same? because they can't use real name..
  10. Hi again, Im managing Nigeria in FM19. So, the AFCON is here and they ask me to register a squad of 23. The rules is "no foreign based players allowed" and there's only 2 players with that criteria. How am I supposed to continue? Is it a thing for AFCON? Coz as far as I know, the real AFCON would allowed foreign based player as long as they bear african country's nationality. So if I continue, what will happen? Coz I was only able to register 2 players. Its kinda frustrating to not be able to use real players.
  11. Hi, I'm playing Fm19. I don't know if anybody else is experiencing this. Most of the times, when I watch full match, my team are creating chances and dominating. I was confident that we will get at least a goal, so I switch to full highlight mode. Guess what? the opposition scores and win even though they have less shots on goal and less possession. Its like the game wants me to watch the whole match. So, does anyone else have the same experience or its just me?
  12. Hi, Is there any good tactics or formation for low league team because when I looked it up, I always find a tactic with an already all star or top dog team eg. Bayern, MU, Dortmund etc(of course winning is easier with these teams).
  13. I'm very frustrated at my team. We are doing well. In fact very well, we are at the top of the table. Then come Jan up to end of season, team's form significantly drop. We was 12 points clear at the top without worrying to play in the playoff should we win the league, and in March, we are down to 3rd. I don't know what else to do.. I've tried keeping their morale high, team meeting, player rotation. If you guys have any suggestions, please let me know..
  14. I actually bought him to deal with future injuries as back up. I'm not going to play him if my first team is available. But I do play him in cup matches and as subs in the league. Thanks for the insight. I'm gonna get rid of him. He's bringing negative effect for my squad
  15. Hi, I'm playing Fm19. And I have this player I signed exclusively for back up and it is included in his contract. But now he's frustrated for not having enough playing times. Does anyone else have this problem or am I doing something wrong? I played him as subs and some full 90mins on cup matches. As a back up, I don't expect to have this kind of problem. Besides he is a 33yrs old 3 star player,what did he expect. I transfer listed him after he went public.
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