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  1. Using ID 1574 my U19 already banging in 110 goals in only 14 games into the season, and my senior squad haven't been beaten yet. Thanks Knap!
  2. I gotta say, with regens (6th season upwards), 442 is the least tactic I wanna go, and I got super elite teams. 15 players 4 stars and couple 5stars, and the rest is 3-3,5 stars.
  3. @knap while you're at it, maybe create tactics with unpopular roles? Treq and enghance are quite unfamiliar too. or maybe RPM and CAR
  4. Yep, the VOL1 seems to have a problem in finishing. got 35 chances with 6 CCCs but finish with a tie. Might try this Vol2. cheers
  5. since beginning of the season. take a look at my screenshot. I change into new tactic (knap's tactics) every season. one that fit my players
  6. yes training by RDF. man marking rarely, usually I do man mark against super teams. in 8th season, geez Man City, PSG, chelsea etc, they become superteams. makes me insecure loool. off topic, my U19 is also automatically using this tactic, banging in 11,12,14 goals here and there its crazy lmao
  7. currently using it. been working wonders for my BVB Dortmund team 8th season in. plug and play. 4312 narrow ID 1512 for those whose interested
  8. hello, just wondering, is there any narrow 4321 tactics? thankss
  9. I was just looking into RDF training too. couldn't find it. I started to notice that some of my players development arrows are going down. I'm in 6th season, have 17 coaches, all min. 4.5 stars in the respective categories. This is my first time here so, hi there all. hope you guys all staying safe and healthy. much love to Knap from Indonesia. it's 4am here lool
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