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  1. Hello @knap I know this is a far stretch, but is it possible for you to update this tactic into 21.6ME? I really love this tactic and would really appreciate it if you can update it. Cheers FM 20.4.1 FIRE & WATER VOL 2 4132 P102 CC 1877615257_!!!FM20.4.1FIREWATERKnapVOL24132P102.fmf
  2. Using ID 1574 my U19 already banging in 110 goals in only 14 games into the season, and my senior squad haven't been beaten yet. Thanks Knap!
  3. I gotta say, with regens (6th season upwards), 442 is the least tactic I wanna go, and I got super elite teams. 15 players 4 stars and couple 5stars, and the rest is 3-3,5 stars.
  4. @knap while you're at it, maybe create tactics with unpopular roles? Treq and enghance are quite unfamiliar too. or maybe RPM and CAR
  5. Yep, the VOL1 seems to have a problem in finishing. got 35 chances with 6 CCCs but finish with a tie. Might try this Vol2. cheers
  6. since beginning of the season. take a look at my screenshot. I change into new tactic (knap's tactics) every season. one that fit my players
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