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  1. On 06/04/2020 at 13:16, BJT said:

    Hi mate,

    It's a problem indeed = and Pep used Messi because he was the only one in the world capable of playing the False 9 role to such effect. Unfortunately if you want to keep this very fluid tiki taka style that relies on trying to draw the opponents defence out of position, then know you can't.

    The only role that might work to a degree is the DLF-S. That role will have the striker drop deeper, but it does play a little differently to the False 9. The play though might end up beating a bit too slow then, but you could give it a try. I've never tried a trequartista up top, but this role also tends to drift out of position so that is also a possible try. No other roles though imo will be suitable for this style of game.

    hello could you upload a save using your pep city tactic please or a save with the best tactic please

  2. 1 hour ago, LDP said:

    Hi mate, sorry for the late reply. It should work for any team as long as you have the right players. The usual for the inside Forwards - right wing, left footed and left wing, right footed. Wingbacks have to have good crossing and central midfielders hard working. If you haven't got a suitable F9 a DLF may work on support. Also, one of the Inside Forwards worked as a winger for me also

    What do you do with set pieces,corners,throw ins?

  3. On 27/04/2020 at 16:45, LDP said:


    Verrückter Fußball - Jürgen Norbert Klopp style


    As a die hard Liverpool fan and an admirer of Jürgen Klopp I have recreated his Gegenpress tactic. With this tactic I went the first season undefeated, winning 33, drawing 5 and losing 0, scoring 120 goals and conceding only 17. I also won the Community Shield, Club World Cup, FA Cup & Champions League. No transfer activity necessary although I did sell Shaqiri & Lallana half way through the season.

    The tactic


    You may question why I went with 'much shorter passing' when Liverpool play quite direct however it was the only way I was able to replicate the style of Liverpool. Whenever I set the passing style more direct, the possession stats were not replicating real life Liverpool and because the team mentality is set to attacking I found this kept the counter attacks direct. Other plays such as Robertson, TAA, Fabinho & Henderson have PI's to play more direct passes.



    Opposition instructions & Set pieces - Assistant Manager to do weekly opposition instructions however please see below for permanent pressing traps. As for the set pieces, ensure the player lurking outside the area is the best long shot taker. I also set the takers to who Klopp likes to take them in real life i.e. Trent, Milner, Salah & Robertson.

    The evidence



    Questions & Answers
    Q. Does this work with smaller teams? A. Yes, but not quite to the extreme as it does with Liverpool i.e. I managed to get Swindon Town from League 2 to the Premier League after 3 consecutive title wins and promotions.

    Q. Any particular players I need? A. Yes, preferably hard working players with fast inside forwards and your lone striker needs to have good link up play. Full backs with good crossing is also integral.

    Q. Any Player instructions? A. Yes, but you do not have to copy, for example I have Trent take more risky passes because he has excellent vision but I understand this may not suit all full backs so remove if need be. I also have the BBM AND CB's 'stay wider' to reflect real life however you do not need to do this. Keep all other instructions the way they are already set in my tactic.

    Download link
    I rarely share tactics but for those of you who may remember I created the tactic on FM Base last year called 'History in The Making' which I received great feedback for so i hope you enjoy this one, please download  here - Verrückter Fußball.fmf


    Hello did you use the editor?

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