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  1. 43 minutes ago, Powello said:

    If youre United, Bruno is awesome as the Libero, Pogba does ok but needs time.

    Pogba is on his way out now PSG are after him.

    I could use Bruno has it looks Hannibal is now ready for a first team place and take over in midfield.

    Although in the couple of games vs Liverpool Garner did very well as the Libero. 

  2. @crusadertsar tried the latest download for a few end of season games, namely Liverpool twice and Lazio in a final. Build up play was great to see and scored some beauties. (even with my Man Utd first season squad).

    If you had to do a best 11 of each position what would it be. I hear you mention Zaniolo for SS and I am currently trying to do a deal for him.
    Also i hear people mention Savic has the Libero.

    Great work.

  3. 4 minutes ago, crusadertsar said:

    No, there's no download yet. There are still a few aspects of the tactic that I'm trying to figure out by testing with at least one or possibly two clubs. The purpose of this article was to get people thinking criticalally about the kinds of roles that might work in Van Gaal's formation. And as @Djuicer it is not meant to be a plug-in-tactic. You will definitely need very specific player types for it, especially in the midfield.

    Yeh thats fine, just that reading back through the pages I read of some people downloading it.
    The false 9 is probably my favourite way of playing the 4-3-3, had endless hours of fun using it on past FIFA games, destroying opponents with calm, penetrating possession.

    I might start a save with Barcelona to test some of this. Currently halfway throught first season with Man Utd i don't possess the best technical players.
    Appreciate the info.

  4. Despite a great start after first 15 games or so, I am thinking of reverting to a 4231. Looks good in last couple of games played.

    DLP (Pogba/Garner) - BBM (McTom/Fred)

    IF(Sancho/James) - SS(Bruno/Lingard) - AP(Rashford/Gomes

    AF (Martial/Greenwood)

    Do people sell Martial? He frustrates me missing too many one-on-ones, then next game will smash a hat trick from nowhere. Whereas Greenwood is more prolific especially when they only get 1-2 chance per game.

    Already have my eye on Mbappe, and getting some good CBs in, I only rate Axel out of all of them.

  5. 4 hours ago, Powello said:

    comes deep is good and tries killer balls , but he will do both anyway, I don't feel like he needs any really, but that's probably just me

    Freds not really a DLP, I found him better as BBM or AP

    I only play with a DLP with Bruno and Pogba occupying the 2 Mezzala roles. So no space for Fred really. 

    Sometimes I switch to 4-4-2 with Bruno as BBM and Pogba as a DLP in homes games against weak opposition.

    But with Hannibal performing and training well looks like Fred will be out the door come the summer.

  6. 11 hours ago, Gee_Simpson said:

    Garner is certainly ready for the 1st season, I tested multiple times on FMT and he was excellent. Starting my proper save tomorrow (technically today), but I have 85 leagues loaded so it may take me a while :D I may reduce it if I feel it takes too long but I wanted to make use of my i9 9900k. 

    Wow..85 leagues...how many players is that in total?

    Even in pre-season Garner has outperformed Fred there, who I will keep as back for now has my entire budget went on Sancho.

  7. 3 minutes ago, Powello said:

    I do, have him training in the role and double intensity, I think he could do with trianing in defensive positioning, aswell, I  can't quite remember what he starts with now

    He has always performed well for me from the start on every save. If you really want to bring someone in then I would go for Tonali or Camavinga. But then Camavinga is only 16 at the start lol, either would be good to rotate with Garner

    Them 2 (Tonali and Camavinga) were the ones i was looking at.

    Thanks for the hint..will keep updated with progress

  8. 12 minutes ago, Powello said:

    Welcome back :D

    I think Sancho has a release clause of 93m, not sure if I remembered that correctly though lol

    For a DLP save your money and play Garner, now I have a lot of experience with the United youth(sounds wrong haha), I know a few players that could save you money

    You think he is ready first season? 

    I'm all for giving youth a chance.

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