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  1. Season 2031... Firstly lets get Champions League out of the way. Playing big games so early in our season is a killer. I tried to get match fitness going but it was not enough. In truth I was disappointed, Benfica is a team we have beaten a few times during group games with playing them cold as our first 2 competitive matches of the season was too hard. Our best domestic season yet! A crushing 8th title in a row, we are hunting down Rosenborg and their 13 in a row record as we continue our quest to be the greatest side in Norwegian history. In terms of point
  2. Season 2030... A nice welcome back season for me as the manager of Tromso, we secure the domestic treble yet again and in back to back years. In the league, it was another comfortable season. We make it back to back league seasons without a defeat. Squad Review 2030... Goalkeepers... Kim Scheele Moe maintained his status as the number 1, this will be the case for the next 7 years I would imagine at least. Hes by far the best keeper in the region and is perfectly solid. I will be looking to move on Felix Ytternes from the back up spot, for no reason other
  3. Champions League First Knockout 2030... We gave it a good shout against Atletico, in the end their class got them through. Barely. This was by far our best attempt at the Champions league, we finished top of the group and and lost only 1 game (2-1 away to Atletico) '
  4. Manager update.. its been a few months since I played FM, I had some real world to deal with but I started getting the itch again. I am thinking I will possibly pick up where I left off in December and continue my quest to win the Champions League in Tromso and using players only from Scandinavian countries. I will probably change posting approach for now, the domestic front is fairly straight forward so will likely only provide 2 updates per season (Middle and End) and I will focus more posts in tactics, players and European matches Summary and Catch up... Up next...
  5. December 29... Unbeaten season is complete! Easily dispatched Valerenga to unsure we didn't lose a game all season and then we win the cup to secure the domestic treble. Also, we remained unbeaten in the group stages of the Champions League, we will take on Atletico Madrid in the next round. Fantastic effort all around for the team Well down on the 102 goals score last season but we also conceded half as many, all my goals were met this season. Fredrikstad will face a playoff to try and stop being the yoyo club of Norway. It would ideal if they could s
  6. November 29... Beating Juventus away is one of the results of the save, the Italian giants are a superb side and take 4 points from the 2 games against them is a great step forward. Followed that up with a home draw to Benfica, we are now unbeaten in 5 games of this season Champions League and only the last game away to Dinamo is left There is 3 more games to go in this season, 1 more in the league vs Valerenga and I need to win to complete the unbeaten season. We will then play Stabeak in the Cup Final and try to win the domestic treble and then lastly we travel to Croatia to t
  7. September 29... Tromso hit the road for their first match of the Champions League this season, we came away with surprising but nice victory over Benfica. Also in August we had the semi final of the Cup, knocking out Haugsland this time. I want to win the cup again this year, its been a few since we have tried for the domestic treble. Stabeak will be our opponent in the final. Another 3 routine wins in the league, Molde did make us work for it however with only a penalty and late goal secured that win The win over Molde did secure title 7 in a row. Just 5 to go
  8. July 29... Another dominating month in July Tromso scored 18 goals and conceded only the single goal. Already 15 points clear, basically over at the halfway stage now. August 29... 4 more games in August, again our rock defence is holding firm and concede just the single goal again this month. The quest is on now to go unbeaten AND keep the goals FOR column in single digits. 64 and 6 at the moment.. 10 games to go! Champions League... Interesting draw, I am feeling positive about this group. I have played all 3 teams b
  9. June 29... In June we had to face the only side who beat us last season, Bodo/Glimt went on to beat Tromso 3 times last year. We again meet in the Cup so its another 3 games against them again this season. Thankfully we have exercised some of the demons and thrashed them in the cup and then again just 4 days later. Was glad to shake that monkey from our backs. The draw to Haugesund was disappointing as they are not a good team but at least it was a 0-0 draw. Some our performances to date have just been perfect, I wanted to suffocate the opponents and that is exact
  10. March/April 2029... The debut of our new more narrow and compact formation started well, we dispatched Stromgodset for yet another Mesterfinalen trophy. We also blasted Ranheim 9-0 and a 12-0 win the cup, our biggest wins to date. We concede just the single goal in the opening 4 games of the year. May 2029... May brought 4 wins and a draw in the league, the defence is still looking good and our attacking output is basically on par as last year. Asker surprised us, they are the first team this season to score 2 goals. I decided I wanted to win the cup again this ye
  11. If this was happening in real life, it would put Scottish Football on the map globally. Some crazy big names, the stadiums would be packed. Best of luck, its a great idea
  12. Pre-season 2029... The upcoming season is my 10th as Tromso manager, I want to make it the best ever season as well to celebrate. The big question is will Tromso break Rosenborgs record 26 titles BEFORE winning a European title? A small recap of the last 10 years. 15 trophies... 7 x league wins (6 in the Eliteserien and 1 in the Obos-Ligaen) 6 x Mesterfinalen (Cup and League winner VS match basically the same as a the Community Shield) 2 x NM Cupen Cups (league or FA knockout style) Europe adventures... Europa Conference League Semi Finals - 2023/2024
  13. Yep, I learned that the hard way the first time but after that I just loaded up on the friendlies. I found I had to booked them myself as the assistant would never get enough or time them well for the Euro games
  14. Congratulations. Be good to see how you can go in Europe Onwards and upwards for Odd!
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