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  1. Does anyone know if player traits override instructions or is it the other way around? I've asked my BBM to 'Dribble Less' but I've scouted a very good BBM with 'Runs With Ball Often' as a trait so I'm just wondering which one overrides the other.
  2. Funnily enough this was just uploaded 6 hours ago, might help you out.
  3. Joshua Zirkzee has netted 41 goals in 37 games for me in the 2024/25 season. I was really struggling with him at first, but since adding 'Shoots With Power' and 'Likes To Round Keeper' PPM's he has been an absolute monster. Also helps he's 6'4, gets a fair few from set pieces. The one-on-ones were really beginning to irritate me too with my strikers, Zirkzee included, constantly just passing it straight at the keeper. Shoots With Power seems to have fixed it.
  4. He's a Striker that would be playing in the AF role. I'm not entirely sure in what situations Bravery is actually influential to be honest but I just like my players to have solid Mental attributes across the board.
  5. Does anyone know if Bravery can be significantly improved much like Determination can via Mentoring? Scout has found what looks to be a phenomenal Serbian wonderkid but his Bravery is only 5 so just wondering if it's worth purchasing.
  6. League form continued to be horrendous, finished 12th but I did manage to win the Europa League. I think it might've had a lot to do with Josko Gvardiol kicking up a fuss about wanting to leave, stuck him in the U23's after the January transfer window and my form was a little bit better but my strikers still continued to be completely inept in front of goal. Tried everything, praising, criticising, warning to drop them - responded well every time but still they could not score. I think the influence of Dynamics is so much greater this year than ever before and it seems much more important to have a happy squad. Sold Gvardiol to Fulham for £50m and I'm hoping for a bit more success this season. I've signed a Mexican wonderkid to take over the reigns if Zirkzee still isn't performing.
  7. Currently experiencing this at the minute. Into my 4th season, tactics have been consistently solid but I'm in such a bad run of form and the way I'm losing games is beyond a joke. Zirkzee couldn't hit water if he fell out of a boat at the minute, genuinely subbed him off half hour in to my last game because he'd already missed 3 golden opportunities. Winding me up.
  8. Quick question regarding the 'Stay Back If Needed' instruction on set pieces. Will this match up with my opponents leaving someone forward so if they leave one up, we'll leave one back?
  9. Honestly it's almost pointless trying. As others have said, micro-managing is just too much of a ballache for players like this. The second I see 'Susceptible to injuries' in the scout report, I'm out of there.
  10. Have made a couple of changes, I know I still have the WB's on Attack and the 2 Playmakers but I'm just going to roll with it and see how it goes. Regrouping instead of Counter Pressing to see if that has any effect, in the last 50 matches the majority of the goals came down my left hand side, hoping the BWM can negate that somewhat and the Regrouping can also help towards that. We'll see.
  11. Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions to make this both a bit sturdier at the back, and a bit more potent in front of goal? Majority of the goals I concede come from crosses/set pieces (haven't actually bothered to sort out my set pieces for this tactic just yet, trying to figure out if it's actually any good from open play first).
  12. Is it a terrible idea to use 2 playmakers? I want to use an AP in the AMC spot and a DLP in the MCL spot in a 4231. My thinking behind it is that if one gets marked out of the game by a DM, the other can step up and create?
  13. I switched it up a little in terms of player roles because the balance kind of felt a little bit off to me. CF(A) IW(S)--------------------IW(A) MEZ(A) BBM(S) DLP(D) WB(A) BPD(D) BPD(D) WB(A) SK(S) Positve In Possession: Much Shorter Passing - Pass Into Space - Play Out Of Defence - Dribble Less - Lower Tempo - Fairly Narrow In Transition: Counter Press Out Of Possession: Defend Wider - Higher Defensive Line - Much Higher Line Of Engagement CF(A)- Pass It Shorter, Close Down More, Tackle Harder IW(S) - Pass It Shorter, Get Further Forward, Stay Wider, Close Down More, Tackle Harder IW(A) - Pass It Shorter, Sit Narrower, Close Down More, Tackle Harder MEZ(A) - Pass It Shorter, Close Down More, Tackle Harder BBM(S) - Pass It Shorter, Move Into Channels DLP(D) - Close Down More, Tackle Harder LWB(A) - Sit Narrower, Close Down More, Tackle Harder BPD(D) - Pass It Shorter, Stay Wider RWB(A) - Stay Wider, Close Down More, Tackle Harder Interestingly enough I've been performing MUCH better now I've got Rayan Cherki on the left wing, who has 'Comes Deep To Get Ball' as a PPM so perhaps remove 'Get Further Forward' on the IW(S). The most important players are the wingers, the DLP and the wingbacks. The DLP HAS to have 'Dictates Tempo' as a PPM in my opinion, and preferably nothing else. I've also got a right footer as a MEZ and a left footer as a BBM because I feel like a lot of the play occurs with their backs to goal, ping it back to the DLP and he sprays it out either to the wingbacks overlapping or to the wingers who just dribble through everyone. Having excellent dribblers on the wings is also vital, I have Rayan Cherki and Karamoko Dembele who seem to just glide through players and ride a ridiculous amount of rough tackles. Just narrowly missed out on EL via the Premier League but I did win the FA Cup so I qualified anyway. Very pleased with this tactic. I'd also say defending set pieces has been key too, I score an awful lot from countering on set pieces and again it's usually through Cherki or Dembele just breezing through. I've used one of the Training Guides on here, can't remember which but the one that basically says get a tonne of fitness coaches and don't set individual role training, and massively boosted the attributes that help my players do what is needed of them. The wingers should have good Dribbling, First Touch, Technique, Bravery, Flair, Acceleration, Agility and Pace. I also believe having as many players as possible with 'Plays One Twos' and 'Likes Ball Played Into Feet' - besides the wing backs - would be beneficial to this tactic. Both of my rotational options for CF(A) have 'Plays With Back To Goal' too and I believe this is also key.
  14. Tactic severely slowed down for me so had to make some changes, removed a lot of the tactical instructions as it felt too restrictive. Playing much, much better now whilst still retaining ~60% possession.
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