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  1. Thanks for all the potential ideas! I'll try them out and see what gets the best results. Maybe I can find a suitable replacement for Wisdom in the transfer window that's a better attacker. Then I could try the WB on support, too. I appreciate your willingness to share your expertise!
  2. Thanks, much appreciated! I am hoping to upgrade the defense a bit this upcoming transfer window, but that's likely going to be limited with my budget and club stature. I like the idea of the 4-1-3-2. If I understand correctly, you're suggesting something along these lines?
  3. And here are my regular starting XI (I'll go from GK to defense to midfield to forwards. I really appreciate any thoughts or feedback!
  4. Here's an idea of tweaking the 4-4-2 and an idea for maybe using a 5-4-1:
  5. Hello everyone, I'm still playing FM19 and trying to get better at keeping a team up after promotion. In this save, I won the league in the 3rd year, avoided relegation from the Prem the 4th year, and then got relegated the next season. Teams got a little less gung-ho against me, and I didn't do well enough adjusting my tactic to stay up. Finished 2nd in the Championship this year and will be coming back up to the Prem. I'm wondering if I should play a little bit more counter-attacking or if it would make more sense to tweak the tactics another way. I'll post my current tactic, screenshots of my regular starting XI from this past season (will be trying to upgrade a few spots, of course), and a couple of initial ideas I have for changing the tactic. Here's my current tactic (4-4-2), which is similar to what I've been using the vast majority of the save:
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