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  1. This match just happened to me and I really want to share it here with u guys: March 3, 2024. Carabao Cup, final match. Manchester United vs Manchester City. Match started badly for us. They injured one of our future prospect, but we managed to score the first goal of the game. City fought real hard and Sterling score the equalizer goal at the 43 minutes. Some fouls happened here and there through the game (I can't say our boys played cleanly too, as they got some yellow on them as well) topped with a red card for John Stones, we finally on the lead again after a successful penalty kick by Kane and 2-1 for our boys. It was 72 minutes into the game and I thought we already won the match, but something went wrong. 10 City players got angry and injured 2 of ours, 3 boys in total, and with the substitution already used, we fought with 9 guys for the rest of 2nd half against a red carded team! 10 vs 9, and they managed to equalized(!) 2-2 and long whistle to mark the end of our 90 minutes. Moved on to extra time, and we were punished by the rule and have to play with 10 players. Those angry neighbor managed to score the first extra time's goal, but we managed to score two goals to lead the scoreboard after 114 minutes. Just when I thought we finally win the match, City equalized us again, 4-4, and so we have to face the long and painful penalty kick shootout. I can't really highlight anything for the shootout other than our future prospect GK managed to block 2 shots, but we missed 3 with Havertz misses twice. The score is 11-10 and we are beaten at the Final. a colorful end result. hahaha
  2. well, I use 4-2-4 for most of my game with some 4-2-3-1 when I'm rotating the squad. I'm on 23/34 season and distracted by other games lol. Managed to win everything on 2nd season onward, and on the winning streak before I stopped playing. I want to restart the save, but the thought of staffing on the first days is stopping me to do so
  3. Well, I hope PSG on my save is as aggressive as they are on others. Been playing with MU and the only transfer offer I got from PSG is Pogba at the end of first season, am now at 2023-24.
  4. Just started with the 2023-2024 season and won the Community Shield. Great performance from youth intake GK as DDG, my main one is injured. He saved a penalty kick from Dybala. The new kid I mentioned before scored on his debut
  5. well, I give them a short term scouting around the youth intake time
  6. in my experience, try to scout South America like Brazil and Argentina. Usually they got foreign release clause, and they got good youth regens there. Found this monster there at 2022/2023, I forgot either I signed him before and have to stay at his nation until 18 or I just found him this season: He got $6.75M for release clause with the stat I think is comparable with Haaland
  7. Community Shield against Liverpool and debut match for CR and Messi too bad CR has to substituted early 'after being a victim of a heavy challenge' oh and Kane as CF(a) is superb, shows a great performance and score twice got 2 injured for a couple of days but manage to hurt Salah for longer period of injure HAHAHA
  8. well, I also got Cavani but he is sidelined by Haaland Martial and Greenwood at 2nd season. then Harry Kane is available for 80M $ at the start of 3rd season, so here he is LOL. TBH I got too many forward in the squad (Haaland Kane Greenwood Martial Cavani and some young prospects) so I'm looking to sell either Martial or Rashford as they both perform very nicely at LW as IF(a). And Kane as CF is what I'm training him for right now, hopefully he will works for me this season. not a bad forward actually, just didn't score as much as I would like him to.
  9. well, after taking a break from my save, here is my result from the 3rd season all in all, won everything except Carabao Cup because I decided to drop it hahaha somehow I can't beat Liverpool on EPL this season LOL drawn match: 1-1 A Everton 2-2 A Liverpool 1-1 A Brighton 1-1 A Man City lost match: 0-1 A Watford 2-4 H Liverpool (this is what caused me to take a break, after a draw with Man City, a lose against Liverpool) after some thought and asking here in this forum as well, I bought Harry Kane just because, and he didn't perform very well for me. I'm wondering what is the best role he could act to start banging the goals more regularly? currently he is DLF(S), but I'm looking to retrain him as CF because his stats are good looking to sell Chiesa (some rumor says Chelsea is wanting him for 200M $ ), Martial or Rashford (IF I can sell them both it will be good), and maybe Maguire or Lindelof I also get both CR and Messi on a free transfer LOL. well, don't really need them but who can resist the urge? edit: formation line up, player stats and some rumor here is my usual line up: Bruno is injured here, he is my regular MCR on Mejbri's spot. been there since 1st season here is Kane and Haaland at the end of 3rd season: from the picture it shows a big different in goals at EPL: Haaland 33 from 27 apps - Kane 12 from 33 apps. and Kane is starting to injury prone now and for the transfer rumor, here is the big money hopefully I can make a real money maker if I may say, as I bought him for 75M $ at the 1st winter transfer window Zaniolo perform better at RW for me as IW(s) than him, so as I'm starting to want to sell him, comes the good rumor(s) hahaha
  10. well, just to finish my session tonight, just won the Euro Super Cup in a real drama haha. Here is the match report from the game: if it's me, I'm long death. 20km in 120 minutes. lol
  11. hahaha you make a good point there maybe I will retrain Havertz as MC for this season and see what goes at the already crowded position well, other than Cavani which I will release at the season's end, I also planing to offload some players like Martial and James among other. Any tips how to get decent money for selling player? as when I offer them to clubs usually there is no other clubs interested. I succeed on selling Pogba because PSG is asking him 1st
  12. yes, he still works like magic for me there, and using Martial and Gomes also as backup at RW my squad (4-2-4) as of now is: DDG AWB Maguire Lenglet Junior Firpo Bruno Camavinga (Hannibal and Garner as backup) Zaniolo Rashford Martial Haaland (tried to give Greenwood more game time) as you can see, if I want Havertz as starter in my squad I guess I need to change my tactic to 4-2-3-1 have a lot competition at MC, and if I buy Kane the ST will also loaded. On the side note, I also got Cavani on a free transfer at the end of 1st season lol but the model professional personality from Kane is what I'm looking for, and his already high finishing stat is what I'm concerned, as MCity is one of the clubs that wants him as their forward other than PSG like always
  13. hey, need some advice for my squad here I'm currently on the beginning of the 3rd season and Kane is available on 80m as he is transfer listed lol been using 4-2-4 through the 1st until now, and earlier I was able to get Havertz for 81m (release clause or transfer listed, didn't really paying attention lol) my 1st plan is using 4-2-3-1 with Havertz as No. 10 for this season, but then Kane is available too for only a cheap price is it worth to get Kane and revert back to 4-2-4 and retrain Havertz as MC, or just let Kane go to other club? right now Haaland is my 1st choice up front, with Martial and Greenwood as his partner (on 4-2-4)
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