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  1. I have a question-somewhat tactically related but also player related. When playing with the tactics, as we all do on different saves, i tend to build teams very differently, with different players. We all have our favourites for squad building who we snap up on each save (an example would be Thiago Almada, excellent young player available on loan with an option for 2.5mil at the beginning of the game). But generally, we use a lot of the default players on a squad for at least a season, giving us a perspective on a wide range of players over the course of an FM title. What i have become aware of and interested in however are players i refer to as 'special'. To explain, i quickly realised that within the game, players are not rated simply according to current ability (ie a player with 140CA could play a lot better than one with 160CA). Their CA/PA does not always correlate with their Avg rating in game. I find this is mostly prevalent with Defenders and Fullbacks, but also affects other players. With some players, they appear transcendent of tactic and team on the game. What i mean by this is that some players appear to always have excellent average ratings and some appear to always have a poor avg rating in games. I have tried to analyse over my saves to identify some of these 'special' players. I wanted to find out if anyone has identified any players who always seem to have a Avg rating of over 7.20 or so in every save? Or players that always appear to play poorly despite price tag or CA/PA? Some examples of 'high avg rating' players Luis Alberto- May be the best player in the whole game, unbelievably. Moussa Dembele Emi Buendia John Stones Nabil Fekir Pablo Mari Recce Oxford There are a number of players who always play badly as well without fail. Victor Fischer is an example of this, as is Odsonne Eduoard since the most recent update (he was very good beforehand). Wilf Zaha is always mind numbingly poor for me as well.
  2. Some people don't like it when others do something well and will continue to try to find a way to bring them down, because they believe that if you are at that high a level, cheating must be involved and talent/time & effort arent. Take it as a compliment, you wouldnt have such people on your thread if the tactics were not so profoundly effective, year after year. Success breeds contempt. Doesnt mean you need to give them the time of day though. They'd happily get into a back and forth with you, ignoring all logic and common sense. (I'm surprised Logic & Common Sense isn't the name of a set of tactics!)
  3. Just ignore him. i wont insult him as he asked a perfectly reasonable question, but it was answered and he still refuses to accept the response. I'm not sure you need to prove anything to anyone at this point, your reputation speaks for itself. Lets move on to constructive tactical analysis.
  4. quick pick-no specificity. Ass man for training and tactical briefing. its all the tactic.
  5. what are you trying to achieve? IE strong attacking, simply win, possession?
  6. I've been using Knaps tactics for years and thought i should create an account and post rather than lurk and steal tactics when they come out. I have some observations having used almost all of the tactics this year with mainly teams like Norwich or Bournemouth etc. I've also tried interesting challenges since the lockdown such as taking a league 1 side to the prem etc. I just wanted to show a particular save i have which is interesting-its my Gillingham challenge. Minimal money spent (gone with free transfers mainly all the way) and seeing what i can do. In my first prem season (2022) i am using a combination on Black Echo 441 and Tequila 41311 for away games. I have recently switched to Venom 442 for home games as chemistry has improved. IR mostly and also holidayed some of it as well. Currently first with 7 games to go-way above my expectations.
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