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  1. This nearly happened at the end of the 2008 League Cup final as I recall. Ref called time just as a Chelsea player hit a shot which then hit the post. Chelsea players the surrounded the ref protesting the final whistle which may well go down as one of the most futile bits of dissent in football history...
  2. Can't say just how much I second this. There isn't a chasm in ability between your average Premier League player and your average Football League, in the same way that very few players make significant technical improvements to their game after the age of 16. What changes is the mentality as their careers are shaped by their experiences. Do they have the determination to make the most of their talent? Do they have the intelligence and composure to make good decisions on the pitch and execute their skills in high pressure situations? I've felt for a while that FM doesn't really reflect this all that well.
  3. In my experience, once the club accept the bid you need to transfer list the player your exchanging or they rarely agree terms.
  4. I've had it work a few times. Almost always where the selling club were already interested in the specific player I wanted to part-ex though. The only exception to that was when I wanted to buy a promising striker from Crewe and they accepted some cash plus one of my reserves on a season loan.
  5. Got to be 2d match engine for me. 3d may have added some polish but 2d fundamentally changed the way we play the game. From what I understand it also made a huge difference to SI's understanding of the ME too.
  6. I've read that article before and always been quite frustrated by Wilson painting Fergie as some kind of tactical pioneer. His tinkering from 2001-2005 was fairly disastrous and would've lead to the sacking of a manager with less success 'in the bank'. Strikerless arrived (and left) with Quieroz, to whom responsibility for tactics was pretty much entirely delegated (this was confirmed by various United players in interviews at the time), after which United slowly reverted to a tacitcal shambles. Getting back on point, 4-4-2 is less common at the top level now because it has obvious weaknesses when put against a 3 man midfield (explained well by Mourinho here: http://www.zonalmarking.net/2010/01/25/teams-of-the-decade-13-chelsea-2004-06/). There's also the issue that a lot of attacking midfielders who've developed with single striker formations are used to having one or two holding mids to cover and simply aren't equipped defensively to play in a flat 4. As regard to FM, in my opionion a flat 4 is too effective when compared to formations with wide AMs. FM14 seemed more realistic to me in that respect but the last couple of MEs seem to have gone back that way.
  7. This may have been fixed since, but one of the things that frustrates me most in FM14 is that AI managers in similar situations to the above can finish a season with their job status as 'insecure' and then get offered a new 4 year contract. Bit of an immersion breaker...
  8. If you didn't like the demo then it hasn't changed sufficiently to warrant buying it, I would say. I'm keeping the door open until the 3rd patch comes out but I really don't like where either the GUI or the ME have gone since FM14 and I suspect that there won't be enough in 1 patch to fundamentally change the game in any major way. Here's hoping for better things this autumn...
  9. Playing as Southampton, in my 4th season I was looking good for a top 3 finish with an outside chance of being champions. Jordan Rhodes and Batshuayi were my striking options, Rhodes scoring at a decent rate but Batshuayi just not cutting the mustard aside from a couple of decent displays in Europe. Decided to sell him and sign Simone Zaza. Zaza was phenomenal, scoring at better than a goal a game and propelling us to the title!
  10. Exactly the same here. I've just downloaded 'Transfers 2015-2016 (by Mitch)' from the Steam workshop which seems quite good. Does seem to have some players still on loan at places they were on loan in 14/15 but not spotted any other probs so far.
  11. Interesting to see so much love for FM12. I quite enjoyed that game but accidentally ruined it for myself by letting my Mrs have a go. She came up with this crazy tactic involving one CB and 3 STs which was hugely successful. I was aware that the AI struggled to cope with a flat front 3, but it turned out that if you picked one CB against a team with twin strikers they would both gravitate towards him rather than exploiting the space, in essence allowing themselves to be marked. Rather broke the immersion!
  12. Yeah they all work fine separately. It's just that the most recent one omits the 14/15 January xfers which are included in the other file. Looking at the files, one is a dbc and the other is an xml. Could this be why your suggestion didn't work? Been a while since I used the editor, but I'll see what I can do there. To be honest, if I can fix the English divisions I'll be happy enough for the time being.
  13. Thanks for the suggestion but this doesn't seem to solve the problem.
  14. Thanks for your response. How would I go about trying to merge the files?
  15. It's not necessarily something positive though. From Squawka: "Man United are unbeaten in the 12 games when Marouane Fellaini hasn't played this season. They've lost 8 of the 20 games he's played." I wouldn't mind seeing Herrera given a little run alongside Schneiderlin. Clearly not his natural game but he has the skillset to do well there. Can't agree with calls for Mata at No.10 though. Drifts in and out of the game to much to play there. When he played centrally against Wolfsburg he made the first goal then vanished for the rest of the match. I'd actually like to see us go 4-4-2 for a bit. We finished the game on Saturday like that and Rooney up front with Martial has shown some promise from the glimpses I've seen. Depay looks like he's starting to settle so it might be time to give him a run on the left. Having a front two as opposed to a No.10 should also create more space between the lines for Mata when he drifts inside.
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