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  1. This has happened ever since I started playing and it’s so annoying. Lost too many games due to this
  2. Receiving the same issue. So ridiculous hope this game has been out for weeks and we’re still encountering spots that don’t let us play. I hope they fix this quick
  3. My workaround stopped working today, not sure what's going on. The bugs on this game are ridiculous!!
  4. The games are linked somehow. I’ve realized my server players only have game crashes when my game (I’m host) is messed up. If I fix my game crash, their games work. Did you attempt this?
  5. Yeah so step 1. go into documents > sports interactive >football manager >gamepass > games step 2. move all of these files into a separate folder on your desktop or something step 3. open FM and create a new online career but make sure u have no editor files selected step 4. save this new game step 5. put your online career that you've been playing on back into the games folder step 6. load up FM and load the game save you were having trouble with I hope this helps, not sure if this really fixed it for me or if I got luck Also, I believe it's th
  6. fixed this by moving the file out of my games folder. Creating a new game save, putting my game save back in games and it worked.
  7. The game crashes now upon pressing join online game. It was working fine last night after I downloaded the update, but this morning i check and it's not working. Another game-breaking error. Can we get this fixed please, there are many users trying to play FM 2020 v20.4.1.1373994 (2020.04.30 15.33.44).dmp
  8. If they have a fix for this one, they should release it while they work on the others! This bug makes it so we cant play the game!!!
  9. How is it that the games been out for weeks and this is still a problem?? We’re paying monthly for the gamepass to play this and it’s absurd that we can barely get it to work. I thought there was a fix already, why isn’t it out yet? We should have some sort of compensation! I keep hearing “devs are aware “ but what about the thing you said about reading the logs and apparently they found a fix? Or about this bring a priority? It’s a game breaking glitch and it’s been weeks
  10. Have you tried making sure your graphics card and all your drivers are up to date? Also maybe change the quality in the game settings to something lower. What computer are you using? Windows or Mac?
  11. Okay but is the person who’s server you’re trying to join experiencing any errors? Or have the experienced any before?
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