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  1. It is not 2 bad Can not wait for the full game and the lil bugs are fixed Even with the bugs i am still loving this game
  2. 5 crosses And some very dodgy goal keeping for about 2 and through balls
  3. This happened to me in my Spurs game,we was a normal team Then we got taken over and i could sign a whole new level of players cos i was rich
  4. LoL he has come back BITCHING again after he just started a game and scored 2 Here are a few pics
  5. Only Sturridge for 1st team And the other player was rotation But still after 6 games u are unhappy and want to leave Come on now that is just stupid
  6. Has anyone noticed that players BITCH very quick about not being played? Example 1 Had a Barcelona youngster on loan, and after 2 prem games(he was not on the bench) he asks for a loan termination stating the reason being he is not getting enough matches Example 2 Sturridge i signed in the summer 6 games have gone by so far,i have used him as a sub once and now he comes to me saying if i don't play him he will leave WTF Why don't these players have any patience? Is this a bug?
  7. I started with Newcastle Hoping for a top 6 finish
  8. Glad you got your code Now time to enjoy fm 2013
  9. Log into your shopto account Then go to your pre orders page You should see FM 2013 Under it you should see activate or something like that And the code will pop up for steam
  10. QuadCore Intel Core i5-3570K, oc @ 4200 MHz RAM: 8GB(DDR3-1600 DDR3 SDRAM) OS: Win 7 64bit Time:3.07.97 This was the start of the game so i done another test when the season starts cos matches will be processing Time: 4.49.72
  11. Here he is in my Betis game I am pissed i did not no about him Only knew because i had Liverpool in CL and the media was hyping him Looks like a beast
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