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  1. Are these in active leagues or do you not have their leagues running? That sounds very strange if their teams are in simulated leagues. In my experience, my players are fresher than my opponents as I rotate lots, but that is league/cup games rather than continental.
  2. It would mostly depend on two things - How many reliable researchers can actually do the necessary research, and how easily can the league's rules be implemented. Without those two things, it is irrelevant what a poll would show anyway.
  3. I had similar with one player in FM15, in the end I sold him as he just couldn't get his cards under control. Interestingly there was a thread from someone with the same problem, and it turned out that about half the posters in the thread had the issue with just one player (Robbie Weir IIRC), who must have had a combination of high aggression/dirtiness or something.
  4. I think so, but the editors forum will be able to tell you how.
  5. It is fairly realistic, teams at that level (Conference anyway) largely lose money month by month, and survive from a combination of occasional cup runs and big player sales, with the chairman chipping in when necessary. The losses are small, so the windfalls can last many years. However, one area I feel is odd is when I turned professional (still in the conference) it was some very odd expenses that tripled. Travel costs, match day expenses and ground maintenance all more than tripled. I could understand a very small rise in travel costs if it is assumed that a pro team travel in more luxury, but I don't see a trebling in any of these. My competition level and ground were unchanged in that time, so there shouldn't have been a difference. By far the most unrealistic part of the OP is making £500,000 in the Conference South though! That would never happen!
  6. I love made up facts that are the opposite of true. Try reading this http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/303143-Why-is-the-AI-so-much-better-at-finishing But, bottom line, the ME doesn't even know which team is which, so any suggestion the AI and human team is treated differently is an instant nonsense. It's covered at length in the thread I linked, but it's mostly perception bias, combined with poor tactics.
  7. Playing as Bromley, season one went exactly like real life, strong start then tailed off towards a relegation battle, 6 points from the last 2 games keeping us up. Season 2, much better consistency to finish second but lose the playoffs. Then, what I was hoping for turned into a disaster, we went professional. Despite not increasing the wage bill, other expenses tripled as a result, mostly match day costs and ground maintenance for some reason, as no change in category or work on the stadium had happened. From being financially fine, roughly breaking even, to losing an estimated 500k per season. A mid table finish in season 3 would have been fine, but really having to keep a tight rein on the wage bill and let staff go now just to keep a little in the red. Thankfully it is a lot easier than it should be to sell on players for 20-40k each, so 5 or so of those a year is helping, along with some strict self imposed restrictions on wages. Season 4 looks like another mid-table season, but the squad is young and talented and I have some hope for the future. Overall, lower league is made easy by 3 things, no injuries of note ever (no long term injury in 4 seasons, and an average of less than 1 player out at a time over 4 years), no competition for obviously talented youngsters, who you can snap up and sell on easily, and no player complaints (2 complaints in 4 years, both from back-ups who never played). All of these should be much harder to be realistic.
  8. It's been in the game for a long time, it's one of the board requests. Although, if you don't have the money to expand your current one, you are very unlikely to have the money to build an entirely new one.
  9. They all work exactly the same as in early access.
  10. To be more helpful, ehmtheblueline.com has guides to adding logos etc, and also has files that can add all the real teams, rosters and logos if you wish.
  11. I haven't seen any hype, but you can get a refund. Any game on Steam that you have owned for less than 14 days (time in EA not included, and you could have had a refund at any point during EA) and played for less than 2 hours gets an automatic refund if you ask for it through Steam. I assume you will meet the criteria if the game is so bad. Of course, your only other post was saying the game wouldn't get out of EA, so you have a great track record in spouting unsubstantiated nonsense.
  12. I have noticed this as well, I went through a 29 game stretch of no in game injuries (including knocks) at one point. In general, the total amount of time players spend out injured is broadly in line with real life (slightly less in FM than real, but not by much), but the spread of injuries is off. Real life has way more very long term injuries, season ending in the first half of the season etc, FM has more 2-8 week type injuries than real life. FM also doesn't really do minor day-to-day injuries, or injuries that are debilitating for weeks/months but not stopping you playing. It totals up about right, on a given day FM will have slightly less players out than real life, but the pattern of injuries doesn't seem right. If you have specific clear bugs, then post them up in the forum to help prove the case though.
  13. For the MLB, SI did take on the OOTP franchise, but it didn't last long and OOTP are independent again. OOTP16 is also highly worth checking out if you haven't already, a really top sports management sim.
  14. It's odd that even with shirt names being switched off on the tactics screen (as a preference) this doesn't transfer over to the pitch. I certainly second this, it really needs to be disable-able
  15. So there no differences then ? Shall we have a bet ? From the final beta (release candidate 1) to the full game? I will take that bet. It is an identical match engine, both versions contain match engine 1624. From the originally released beta to the full game, yes there was a difference.
  16. This is my top editor wish. Some of the default selections are just wrong, seeing home teams change kit for no reason, against league rules, is a particular annoyance.
  17. The match engine was unchanged in the last update, assuming you mean yesterday's update from beta to full release
  18. The release ME is the same as the last patch ME. Although why anyone would think it was ruined is beyond me.
  19. Patches are always save-game compatible, with the exception of database changes. So things like the Ansar budget above wouldn't be fixed, but everything else would.
  20. Already answered in this thread, the currency was wrong, it will be amended in the next data update.
  21. -75, which is effectively -7.5, so half way between -7 and -8
  22. Two main points. The obvious first, the ME doesn't have different AI for human or computer, it doesn't even know which is which. Second point, if you inevitably lose possession and never do anything, how can the opposition keeper have a stormer. For their keeper to have a stormer, you must actually be creating lots of good chances.
  23. The current beta is likely to be either exactly, or very close to, the released version anyway. There is unlikely to be any significant change, so no harm in starting a long term save
  24. About as over the top as describing an average of around 2 players per team as "full of foreigners". Given many of those did not originally move to the country solely for part-time football, especially Finland where many moved to the professional levels and then dropped down, which is fully recreatable in FM, this shows FM is now far more realistic than before this tweak. Previously these leagues would quickly move to majority foreign based, which is much further from the truth than the slight decrease in numbers we see now.
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