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  1. Interesting, it doesn't appear to translate into either declining performance or more injuries though, I habitually play my starting goalie in 100% of games and he is just as good/fit/injury free at the back end of the season/playoffs as at the beginning.
  2. Yet you can easily play your goalie 82 straight games and he will start them all at 100% condition. I know goalies are different, but that's crazy.
  3. The only reason to exclude the League Cup winners would be if you failed the FFP rules.
  4. I fully agree that it is far too easy for the human manager to keep players exceptionally fit and injury free, and conversely that the AI seems terrible at both.
  5. I had that one on April 1st about FM13 or so. Took me a moment too!
  6. What happened for the own goal, it is possible to score one without making a mistake (freak deflections etc)
  7. I'm having a lot of those type decisions at the moment, I'm sending them on loan but I'm not convinced it's the best decision.
  8. I often wonder if the "late season slump" that people moan about here is due to a team of youngsters who can't stand the pressure. I certainly notice less slumps if I have a higher balance of older players, but that may be perception bias rather than hard data.
  9. No, you can't. You cannot do anything with ticket prices at all, and you can only ask your board on the others. Frankly, you shouldn't be able to in FM either, it has nothing to do with the job of GM.
  10. In real life, if you a talented youngster like Tete was dropped outright for 3 out of the first 4 league games, only playing the CL qualifiers, I would definitely expect him to have a word with the manager about it. If he demanded a transfer instantly or was very difficult to convince (depending on how the conversation goes) then that may be excessive, but not if the conversation went well.
  11. If it's only 4 games into the league season, the CL qualifiers (not group/knock-outs) are not at all prestigious. What team are you/what player?
  12. Reading between the lines, he hasn't started a single league game when he expects to start most/all of them. If he is (or thinks he should be) a key player or first team player, of course he would complain, or at least have a conversation with the manager about why this is.
  13. Yes, but never including all expansions. They put the core game on sale at 85% off just as the next expansion is out at full price. Paradox used to be my favourite developer and I had all of their early titles. I wouldn't touch the new ones given their current business model.
  14. I don't believe there has been any change here, but it's not the sort of thing you can tell for sure so quickly.
  15. Yes, every one of those leagues is in full detail, as set in-game. I have every league loaded, and the top division of every league in full detail. it's slow, but not that bad.
  16. In my current save, for the top 5 nations: England, 1 out of top 10 assisters is a fullback, and he is one of the best fullbacks in the world Spain, 0 out of top 10 assisters is a fullback Germany, 2 out of top 10 assisters is a fullback, neither are great Italy, 0 out of top 10 assisters is a fullback France, 0 out of top 10 assisters is a fullback. The German one is strange, but overall there is definitely not some mega issue here. All leagues on full detail.
  17. Hundreds of thousands playing, 7 took the time to complain. You do the maths.
  18. Fantastic stuff! Minor corrections: On personnel, you are only ever allowed 1 assistant GM, and you can have 5 assistant coaches. You are allowed a maximum of 15 scouts, including the head scout; and You can play games below the salary floor, I did a season of it! You get fined each week the difference between the salary floor and what you actually spent. Really useful to everyone I would think, great job.
  19. Mine probably sounds petty and not that bad, but it was very frustrating at the time! After a spell of four seasons alternating between Europa League and not qualifying for Europe, I was ready for a big push for the Champions League (2038 and never made it). I had a couple of exceptional players who had asked to leave for Champions League football, and I stalled them with a promise that we would be in it next season. We had a truly awful start to the season, being bottom after 15 games, albeit in an exceptionally tight division. 36 games into the season, we were up to 4th place, and playing the 5th place team. A home win guaranteed CL football, a draw left us clear favourites with a routine last game. We took the lead, before collapsing to a 3-1 loss, Europa League football again, and my best 3 players all demanding to leave as I failed to meet my promise. Given the brilliant recovery from 15 games in, this was a huge kick in the teeth for me.
  20. I do the same thing. The problem here is that all Turkish names are shown with both first and last names, even if you have deleted any common name. I think it's hard-coded, although it is annoying.
  21. Any player who has (or thinks they are good enough for) a first team or key player status will not be happy with 50% of games. Modified by hidden player attributes, but key players in particular will expect to start nearly every game, and first teamers will expect to start most games. I think that's only league games, so you can rotate for cups/continental games freely.
  22. I think I'm right in that you are offering him the contract in the last weeks of the current season, so the contract you are offering includes the current (finished) season, plus two more years. Once July 1st comes around, the contract will slide as he won't have played 10 NHL games, so it will effectively be a three year deal.
  23. I used a 442 very successfully for about 15 seasons, I only switched away when I had too many good CMs to leave any out and will probably revert back to 442 soon as I am bringing in a fantastic striker in the next window.
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