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  1. I use it for a few things: Changing club colours, especially text colours. A lot of the texts are unreadable to me (black/blue type combinations), and there are a lot of kit errors that I prefer to correct as I notice them too. Changing new stadium names. Some of these sound so bad they need changing! Adding/removing rivalries. As I go up through the divisions, teams turn from parent bigger teams to local rivals. Removing player common names. Again, personal preference but I change some of these or remove them. I only use it for the cosmetic side (and rivalries I guess). I wouldn't ever change or check CA/PA type stuff.
  2. Good timing, I've just had the identical Brexit, with no noticeable change except for the pre-contract offers being removed for UK (I think - not just English) based players. Not a big deal for me at the moment as I was in Conference South at the time, but many players down at that level are on rolling contracts, I would assume they should be approachable as they are free to terminate their contracts at any time if they wish - ie to join another club. The bit about not being able to approach in the final month is fine, but I'm not sure about the inability to offer to those on rolling contracts, that seems like an omission to me.
  3. The update was nothing more than an update of the adverts on the side of the pitch. Nothing else, at all, whatsoever.
  4. The Saturday/Monday games are Easter games, which will happen every year in the English leagues. Not too sure about the blank Saturdays though, unlikely that games are re-arranged for cups that late in the season for League 1 teams.
  5. Not just epilepsy but also migraines. I have set everything to very low and turned off everything graphically in an attempt to get rid of these flashing hoardings, but they appear to be the only thing that cant be toggled off.
  6. I would expect far more complaints, it is way too easy to keep most players happy, and too easy to placate with the conversations when they finally do want one.
  7. May or may not be linked to my issue where players contracted to NHL teams are only showing up under "All contracted" but not under roster players only for any roster.
  8. When they announce the game with lots of new features, there is usually similar negative threads from the opposite perspective. Three main things if the first announcement contains lots of new things - 1: Later announcements have little (if any) big new features and they are slated. 2: They are told they mis-timed the hype, being too early and dying off to release 3: The main one, people demand/judge the new features on very alpha screenshots. Usually followed by being told they should only announce it later when it is more complete or the new features look terrible! They really can't win on this one, but in any event, they can do it however they want and I am "OK" with it. Most people will either pre-order regardless of announcements as we all know exactly what we are getting already. Those who are on the fence are extremely unlikely to pre-order based solely on an announcement a couple of months from release, there aren't really any missing features that will swing masses of purchasers right now.
  9. Even ignoring the rest of the nonsense, Roofe was not signed from non-league, he was signed from Oxford, just promoted to League 1. He was also far from unknown, he was one of the best players in his division with a huge amount of interest from a range of Championship or higher teams.
  10. You're right, he should have complained before the game he started, after he had already missed three consecutive starts since you promised him he would be starting. Timing the complaint after a full game does look weird, but the problem (if any) is that he should have complained earlier rather than not at all.
  11. A new save game with 1.2.2 - Uploaded as EHM Limbo Players.sav A couple of months into my second season, I have noticed that many NHL contracted players - all of whom have junior rights - are stuck in some kind of limbo. If you click on the player directly they will show as being on the NHL team roster, but if you click on the NHL team's roster page - they are missing. The player can be found in one of two ways - through the NHL team page with the "All contracted" option, or the unsigned players list of the relevant junior team. It seems to be affecting a couple of players per NHL team, there are a small number of players successfully assigned to a junior team, and a small number of players with junior rights in AHL. Examples (all NHL teams have examples, this is a snapshot) Montreal - 4 contracted players with junior rights, 1 in juniors (Smereck), 1 in AHL (Perron) and 2 on no roster at all (Audette and Juulsen) New Jersey - 3 contracted players with junior rights, 1 correctly in NHL (Matthews), 1 in juniors (Speers), 1 on no roster at all (Zacha) Toronto - 6 contracted players with junior rights, 2 correctly in NHL (Nylander and Kempe), 2 in juniors (Timashov and Smejka), 2 on no roster at all (Marner and Dermott) This may be contributing to a lack of players in AHL as reported elsewhere, there are a few examples here of that too, and definitely affects the Junior Leagues, as well as (probably) prospect development.
  12. This is still the EHM forum, you need the FM forums above
  13. It can also change due to promises made in player conversations as well as via backroom advice
  14. It works on existing saves too, but only for staff created from the point of the fix onwards. It doesn't somehow go back and change the attributes of existing staff no.
  15. Is this fixed for everyone? I've started a brand new game with 1.2.2 and no background games have been played at all a month into the season.
  16. It's most likely due to expansion capacity, your old stadium is presumably at or close to it, the new one will be much higher.
  17. Fulham played 5 in 9 and 6 in 12 in their Europa League season, despite losing in the first round of the League Cup and only a few rounds into the FA Cup. If you're in all competitions (you're in the FA Cup Final, Europa League semis and don't show league up) this isn't exactly unusual.
  18. I see wonder saves, acknowledged as such in the commentary/stats, get no change in rating or an increase of 0.1 at most, on a frequent basis. String a few of those together and you would expect MoM level ratings, but that will result in a 7.0ish level. Let in a goal or two from unstoppable shots/defensive mistakes, that will be closer to 6.5 Goalie ratings definitely need to be tweaked, and good (or better) saves rewarded accordingly. I have also seen goalie ratings drop when the play hasn't been anywhere near them, which is very bizarre
  19. Did you think there was nothing wrong with the 16 unbeaten then? I'm sure your opponents claimed something was wrong!
  20. It won't change the motivation attribute of any staff member that already has a rating, no. It would work (I think) on newly generated staff in games in progress, if they are created after the fix is installed. Attribute fixes would not work on staff that have already been created in a game in progress though.
  21. It is happening on a new save of mine, but not happening on an older save.
  22. I believe it also determines the speed that you pick up new languages, which has a (very minor) effect in the game when you don't speak the same language as a player IIRC.
  23. This was certainly a problem in EHM07, but I made it a house rule not to exploit so haven't tried since. You could get the (player picked at) #1 during the draft for your (not yet picked) mid first-round pick for example. I think it worked in the NHL too, but in my case it was the OHL/WHL (didn't try the Q) drafts for sure.
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