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  1. As I understand, the demo is the fully update game, although without the winter data update. I could be wrong, haven't tried it myself.
  2. I guarantee sales would plummet more if SI had to test all "popular third party skins, kits, logos etc" because they would never release an update, or would have significantly less time to actually develop and test the update on the core, unaltered game, which is what the vast majority actually play.
  3. Not if he hasn't played nearly enough, such that one game won't make a difference. In fact, I would say that only 2 players in your entire squad having concerns is too few, pretty much any real squad has a lot more issues than that.
  4. You will only be able to if your board consider your finances to be good enough. You would get a message (normally around November IIRC) giving you the funds if the board allow
  5. Agreed, but it used to take over a minute to get the ball back in play when first introduced, 10-30 seconds now is much quicker! I remember 5 minutes of injury time expiring by the throw in taker taking about 90 seconds to throw the ball in, then it was headed back out, 90 seconds wait, headed out, 90 second wait, full time in FM12(ish).
  6. That is unrealistic. His only long term injury was the real life one (interesting that the real life injury was longer out than all the others put together). There really aren't enough long-term injuries in-game compared to real life, or nagging continual ones. Too many (by comparison) in the 2-6 week bracket like your example, some of those should have been very short, one of them very long for a realistic pattern. Of course, Andy Carroll may just be the worst example possible given his real life history of major injury!
  7. As always, they are working to improve the ME but will only release an update when they are ready, with no warning. Could be today, could be months away, not even SI know for sure at this stage.
  8. The reason is that the recommendation is based on current condition percentage, and players recover a little after getting the knock. There isn't enough intelligence to understand this, it is as simple as player is under 70% condition, recommend subbing him, player above 70% do not recommend. Exact % may vary but that's the reason.
  9. Well, there shows the problem with stakeholder feedback, as 1 and 3 don't exist. 2 is being worked on for the next update though.
  10. The match engine is the same for you and the AI, it doesn't even know which team is which. So if the AI is doing something "99 times out of 100" and your team is "very rarely" then you may want to consider the possible reasons for that. Again, the ME doesn't know which team is which so even ignoring the obvious massive exaggeration on both sides of the equation, you are doing something very wrong.
  11. You do know that the code that determines injuries, crosses and corners does not even know which is human or AI. If the AI is doing better than you at these things then it is because the AI is managing them better.
  12. Pretty poor by a long standard? Wow. Nearly every country in the world has divisions that can promote into the lowest playable FM league. England has 18 levels unplayable that are in the pyramid, most countries have 2 or 3 levels active before lots inactive, Scotland is actually doing well with more than most active with 4. Off the top of my head, only England has more with 6, and it's fair to say the standard of the English seventh tier (first inactive) isn't especially different from the Scottish fifth tier as their first inactive.
  13. It's not a bug because it's realistic. Especially in real life LLM, the only reason back-ups stay is extreme loyalty or large sums of cash. If anything, it's too easy to keep players happy in FM.
  14. It's also what happens in real life. It's rare for a team that scores 5 or more in one half to score many more, they get complacent and their manager rests key players, and the losing team tightens up and stops whatever their glaring weakness was.
  15. Aside from the obvious that the game does work, the Steam reviews are "mostly positive". I don't think anyone is denying there are some issues, near post/crossing has already improved and is improving further, and the save game times on some computers is also known, acknowledged and being worked on. The squad rotation/harder than FM14 to keep players who don't play in LLM is a massive improvement, not a negative at all!
  16. In all FMs, I don't think I have noticed a great goalie save changing his rating.
  17. First season complete, another English team wins the Champions League (Arsenal). I'm not playing in England and all the top leagues are on full detail. I know a one-off is no guarantee, but it is worrying given every previous FM's experience of English teams dominating all for years. My FM11 experience of the first 24 seasons all being won by English teams (and the England national team unbeaten in 30 years of qualifiers!) despite me not managing in England still haunts me.
  18. You can't approach players in England until 1 month before their contract expires. You can approach from any other country from 6 months out.
  19. Really not enough injuries for me, at the current real life date I have one injury, the average across the whole league is 3 injuries per team, and only 2 players in the whole league are out for more than 2 months. My assistant takes care of all training, and obviously I don't have any influence on the other teams.
  20. I assume you're not watching full game but highlights? Full game you will see a lot more blocked/bad crosses. If you reduce the amount in total, but keep the ratio of good-average-bad ones, it will be fine.
  21. I did have one hilarious game as Celtic v Chelsea. I had 22% possession, lost the shot count 40-2 and won 1-0. I thought at the time that it would have caused forum implosion if it had happened the other way round, but I genuinely played for exactly that. Of course, I tried the same in the re-match and lost 5-0.
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