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  1. Yes, I've been relegated and it works. Basically, in late June/early July (can't remember exactly when), you get the entire parachute payment in one lump sum. The news message was obvious, but I think the money may have gone in the finances tab as TV revenue rather than parachute payment from memory.
  2. There were lots of report cards, but they were players/agents recommending themselves - not my scouts. No players at all were added to the scouted list (to be exact, a few that I had requested reports were, zero that the scouts did themselves). I set no specific criteria. Just generally scout the league I was in. And the four scouts failed to see a single player.
  3. I had 4 scouts as a Conference club. I set them all to scout the Conference. One year later, 0 reports in total. I don't know how it is supposed to work, but I'm sure it's not like that.
  4. It makes it a lot harder for you - but even more hard for the AI too. A competent human manager will be far better placed to do well in England with a hard Brexit. In Europe however, the AI does gain an advantage as they have a much wider player pool.
  5. Yes, I have been offered interviews when I had neither applied or commented. I was offered the England job out of the blue without any speculation or interview as well.
  6. I'm in April 2026, Man U have won the league 6 of 8 years, Champions League only 3, 2 FA Cup, 2 League Cup and 3 each of the Super Cup and Club Worlds. This season they are on course to win all of them again, and Mourinho is the only original manager still in charge.
  7. In general, there are too many 20s in the database anyway - it's not just the best rating at the present time, but one that cannot be beaten by any player past, present or future. I look at some of the 20s in the starting database and can't comprehend how they are there. As I understand ratings, they are supposed to be in a bell curve, with the extremes very rare.
  8. If the player has reasonable wages for his level, it is fairly easy to move them. Young players get offers well above the "value", squad players get around the stated value, older or not so good players will be less. This seems a fair starting point, and you can often negotiate up a lot - again, for the younger/unlisted players especially. If you're announcing that you want to dump Huddlestone, £2.3mil doesn't sound bad. After a season he will be 32, not really needed by a Premier team, and a good player for Championship teams. Championship teams have to pay his wages on top of the signing fee, if he had a good season that's probably not a small wage demand for that level club - assuming they need someone in his role. I would expect someone to take a chance on him for a couple of million, sounds like that's happened. On the other hand, players on high wages are a real pain to move, as it should be. My main advice is always be careful on giving out big contracts - it may be worth it, but if the player doesn't perform or you sign a replacement, then it can be tough to move them.
  9. There a quite a few highly important ones, which is one of the reasons CA/Scout reports alone need to be used in context. IMO, consistency is a massively important attribute - it uses up no CA. Combine that with high determination, important matches etc and you have a superb player with lower CA than you might expect.
  10. It's a feeder club that you send players on loan to. If those players don't have a work permit, you can send them to the feeder club for a number of years (varies from country to country, but I think 3 is the one you want) to both get match experience, but more importantly they can gain a second (EU) nationality avoiding the need for a work permit any more. That way, your 18 year old African prodigy that you can't get a work permit for can develop into a 21 year old with no need for a work permit. Where varies each year as countries change their real life rules. In FM17 I think Serbia was a good bet, but I'm not sure with FM18. The key is the number of years to gain second nationality, you definitely need that as low as possible. As FrazT says, Brexit kicks in within the first three years of a game though, so these feeders may become irrelevant entirely depending on which Brexit you get.
  11. Board Request>Networking>Ask for affiliate club One of the options can be for a work permit one, but I think this is dependent on the size of your club. I am a Conference team and I don't have the option to ask for one.
  12. 10 players out at once seems ridiculous? It is far more frequent in real life than FM. I average around 1 injury at a given time, and have long spells of none. But I rotate regularly and only use subs based on replacing players with low condition so I probably go too far to avoid them.
  13. First things first, this seems massively harsh, and as Barside said, you should log it is a bug as it doesn't appear to be well balanced. That said, you do have opportunities to bring through youth, despite Brexit. West Ham started with a number of youth prospects, and you have had three years of youth intakes you could be bringing through. If you deem them to be not good enough, that's a different matter, but you could have done it. If you want to keep the save, and seem to be happy to reload from older saves, play more youth players even if it affects results. Ultimately, your board are your employers and you didn't do what they requested, so they fired you. I do believe it was unrealistically harsh and needs logging as a bug though, board philosophies should never carry that much weight that winning the league (unexpectedly) isn't enough to avoid the sack. Maybe a board warning to play more youngsters regardless of results (if it is truly that important) or something. Were you ever given an ultimatum or warning to play more youngsters?
  14. It says right in the middle line why it hasn't gone through - he hasn't played in enough recent internationals
  15. Just wondering how other people's World Cups have been going. Mine was a very odd one (mostly as England didn't win in a version of FM!) as 16 out of the 31 teams who qualified in my game didn't qualify in real life. I know SI cannot use the real tables, but would this suggest something is off? I have all World Cup games simulated on full detail, and wasn't involved with any team. Some very odd teams did well, and the winners were Slovenia. Their run through to the final had them play no teams whatsoever that actually qualified in real life either. Obviously one off freak tournaments can happen, hence why this isn't in the bugs forum, but it was certainly extraordinary, so I was wondering if this sort of thing is common. I'm still in shock England didn't even qualify, they virtually always win in my FM experience.
  16. Looking at the folder, it's some posters for new players. Not sure if they will appear in the game or not but some basic tips for beginners. You can always check what's changed in an update by looking in your game folder and seeing which files have been updated.
  17. That's pretty much accurate to real life, Eastleigh have a lot of money but underperform and change manager very frequently IRL.
  18. This looks excellent, but only if the visible attributes are not always 100% accurate like before. If all it takes it to scout the player and see their accurate ratings, an estimate of CA etc and a scout saying he is weak at jumping is irrelevant as you already know. But, if the scouting is fallible, and better scouts/data analysts give you a more accurate set of estimated ratings, then that is what would be much more realistic and what I've been after for ages. Also, scouts finding out about players who aren't playing needs to be changed, estimates of a player's ability when he is on holiday etc need to be much more vague/wrong than players the scout can actually physically watch. In the longer term, I would also like to see the estimated ratings based on the performance in the match watched, so if a player completes a lot of dribbles, the scout estimates dribbling higher etc. Much like real life scouting, you judge based on what you see primarily.
  19. One problem with this is the number of dual nationality newgens. I added Argentinian leagues to my save, and the next England squad had 4 dual nationality Argentina/England players in it. Similar happens with some (but oddly not all) other countries.
  20. You can. Takes about a minute per save and you only need to do it once. Go to FM>Preferences>Interface>Screen flow, then uncheck "Visit News Screen Automatically" Then go to the social feed tab on the inbox screen, click manage and remove everything/set it to minimum You won't go to it ever again
  21. It doesn't happen to everyone. Are you using any edited files at all and a genuine copy?
  22. England does a couple of things very well - one of which is marketing/not forgetting a rich history! You would be hard pushed to find a team with a rich history that doesn't mention it or commemorate it somehow. The only exception is Milton Keynes, but their history is at Wimbledon of course. The big ex-European champions like Villa and Forest might be closest in the Championship, along with Huddersfield and Preston as repeat English champions. There are examples of teams that have a rich history at a lower level (Wealdstone, Altrincham etc in non league terms), but any team that won major competitions is either still near the top or won't let anyone forget it!
  23. Presumably, the reason you are trying to up their wages is to reward them for great performances, and/or to stop other clubs coming in for them. In either case, they are entitled to re-negotiate their contract as expectations have clearly changed from when you first agreed one. This is obvious, as you wouldn't be giving them a pay rise for nothing (that would be the illogical and unrealistic bit). I would also be interested in the real life examples of a player getting a pay rise, with absolutely no other change to a contract, not bonus, clause, fee or anything else! Agents are also entitled to a share if that happens, and they aren't often known to forego their cut. But, I routinely extend contracts for the same/less wages, and after negotiating you can up pay without too much problem on the same contract if you want. Unless the player has every right to want a huge rise in all terms, in which case it would be unrealistic not to ask this for them. TLDR: The only reason you would want to up a players pay is to ward off other clubs. In this position, the player has the bargaining power not you. Not signing the deal makes a move elsewhere more likely, where they can get bigger terms and signing fees than from you.
  24. Just checked my 2019 Asian Cup, Australia were in it and no odd teams. Was it FM16 or FM15 where England would appear in an odd competition like this, and when people complained they found out it was only in pirated games?
  25. It happens quite frequently in the Canadian junior leagues with overage players too.
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