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  1. I was in charge of U18 and U23 according to FM because I had individual training of the players. This despite I had appointed managers for the teams. I changed the training to the assistant managers of the youth teams and got a new choice in the main menue, developing units. Now I can give the manager my orders regarding playing formation.
  2. Hi I have played FM 19 (Spain) and miss the possibility to tell my managers for Blackpool in England what tactics to use for U18 and U23. Especially the rule with 4 defenders. What I get in FM 20 is that youth teams get the same tactic as the A-team. If I have a tough match away I might change my formation, if the U18 plays the same day gets the same formation but should have an offensive formation. This is frustrating when you try to take care of your coming stars from U18 and U23. I can give the youth teams roles with set pieces but not captains. I been looking everywhere in the manual and topics but can't find anything written about this omitting of the youth formations in FM 20. I just can't understand why this is gone, makes the gameplay less interesting when you want to develop future star players in your youth team with your staff. Lennart Bodén
  3. Hi Neil I was searching for the manual to Eastside Hockey on the net. It seems there is none. You are still Selling the Product but there's no manual. I bought a download from Steam. Can I get some light on this issue please. Lennart
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