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  1. Wears magical gloves (+1 reflex against summoned monsters, +5 reflex against human controlled teams)
  2. Summary: Luka Modrić (set to retire day after Euro Championship final) decides to retire immediately after accepting a U-19 ass man role. He's also leaving the NT during Euro Championship. Description of Issue: Player accepting a non-player role shouldn't abandon his national team during big event. Steps to Reproduce: Offer Luka Modrić new contract - U-19 assistant manager role The day he accepts he'll retire from playing football Croatian NT (at European Championship) is now one player short and missing their team captain Files Uploaded to the SI Cloud Service: Modric_00_Before.fm Modric_01_After.fm
  3. Yes, I know - nothing I wrote in my post states otherwise. In the game you (and the AI managers) can't offer contracts with minimum fee release clauses higher than 557 mln euros. At the same time these exist both in real life and in the FM database.
  4. The player release clause max. value for a new contract is much lower in comparison to real life. Any particular reason why? Players in the database have the correct ultra high release clauses set. Prime example is Real Madrid's contract policy since the 'Neymar to PSG transfer' - even the latest signing youngster Brahim Diaz has (according to AS) a minimum fee release clause of 750 mln euros (in Spain a min. fee release clause in a player contract is mandatory). Meanwhile in FM both the human and AI managers are limited to lower values of that clause for new contracts/signings.
  5. Actually, they are back on the list https://www.sega.com/sega-approved-partner-list
  6. I got my key without any problems on Saturday. Now it seems all Sega games have been pulled out and Voidu is no longer on the list https://www.sega.com/sega-approved-partner-list. Very weird
  7. What's the record for most goals scored in a WC game from footballers playing for clubs from one city?
  8. https://www.x-kom.pl/g-5/c/346-karty-graficzne-nvidia.html?sort_by=price_asc Which one of these is the cheapest option to run FM18? From time to time I play FM on a really old PC (Gigabyte mainboard with 945 chipset, C2D E6300, 4GB RAM, Windows 10) but it's graphics card (Geforce 7600GS 256MB ) can't handle FM18 beta at all - menu lag makes the game unplayable. I never cared for 3D, processing speed etc. on that particular machine - 2D FM17 was working fine.
  9. Will the game run on an ancient Nvidia GF7600GS card? I prefer 2D match view and FM16 was OK with that graphics card. Guess I'll have to wait for the demo to find out.
  10. In game: - There should be a possibility to talk to the club for a transfer of a player after you signed him on Bosman for the next season - that team could have some extra money for transfering him now and you are already sure that you'll have the player anyway (now or after season) - More transfer options - buy a player but leave him at his club longer than till the end of season (you could buy a promising non-EU youngster from a EU league and sign him after he gains EU passport or just leave him there for a while to develop more) - Traning camps or something similar (where you can have a possibility to play frendlies at neutral ground, not just simple home/away) - More improvement on assistant feedback and press conferences (maybe some online updates for press conference data?) - More feedback from other staff (Directors) on transfers, especially in countries (not in UK) in which managers are mainly head coaches and charman or/and directors have more power when it comes to buying players - More tactial options - expecially for set pieces (how do I setup "Szarańcza" ("Locust") now ? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R-Y13-5owCY#t=3m43s ) Technical, licences etc.: - Beta-test the game more carefully to avoid serious bugs - Use Steam for more often patching (like in other games) - For more realistic research try to sign a contract with media that broadcast their domestic leagues (for example Canal+ in Poland) or with other media (http://imscouting.com/), plus maybe something like live, online database updates (you could choose a standard or a live database for more accurate player abilities when starting a new game)
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