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  1. Don't know if it's a UI bug, a weird glitch in my game or it was pulled out from the game. On older FM's you could have multiple lists of players - one for every single corner routine. Now it seems that the set piece takers list applies for all routines. FM19: FM20:
  2. Chuck Norris is already playing the FM20 beta and he's single handedly outrunning the opposition midfield.
  3. Wears magical gloves (+1 reflex against summoned monsters, +5 reflex against human controlled teams)
  4. Yes, I know - nothing I wrote in my post states otherwise. In the game you (and the AI managers) can't offer contracts with minimum fee release clauses higher than 557 mln euros. At the same time these exist both in real life and in the FM database.
  5. The player release clause max. value for a new contract is much lower in comparison to real life. Any particular reason why? Players in the database have the correct ultra high release clauses set. Prime example is Real Madrid's contract policy since the 'Neymar to PSG transfer' - even the latest signing youngster Brahim Diaz has (according to AS) a minimum fee release clause of 750 mln euros (in Spain a min. fee release clause in a player contract is mandatory). Meanwhile in FM both the human and AI managers are limited to lower values of that clause for new contracts/signings.
  6. Actually, they are back on the list https://www.sega.com/sega-approved-partner-list
  7. I got my key without any problems on Saturday. Now it seems all Sega games have been pulled out and Voidu is no longer on the list https://www.sega.com/sega-approved-partner-list. Very weird
  8. What's the record for most goals scored in a WC game from footballers playing for clubs from one city?
  9. https://www.x-kom.pl/g-5/c/346-karty-graficzne-nvidia.html?sort_by=price_asc Which one of these is the cheapest option to run FM18? From time to time I play FM on a really old PC (Gigabyte mainboard with 945 chipset, C2D E6300, 4GB RAM, Windows 10) but it's graphics card (Geforce 7600GS 256MB ) can't handle FM18 beta at all - menu lag makes the game unplayable. I never cared for 3D, processing speed etc. on that particular machine - 2D FM17 was working fine.
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