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  1. An annoying thing in the game is the lack of accuracy with goalkeepers, the squad status isn't good enough. The 2nd,3rd,... goalkeepers will be unhappy if you don't play them but in real life you don't see these goalkeepers going to the press and complaining about playing time, they know their role in the team. the game should have a different squad status system for goalees so you could choose your 1st, 2nd,... goalee when signing a player instead of key player, first team, rotation,... . One more feature I want is a list during the season for the current leaders in the run for the golden boot (of europe not a specific league which there is) its really annoying not knowing where your player chances stand. I am playing in the Israeli League and cristaldo is having an amazing season with 40 goals after 27 weeks (8 more to go). I know I need twice the goals of the rest beacuase it is the israeli league (hopefully the dynamic league in fm11 will solve this problem) but I know only the top scorers in england (loaded, playable) and spain (loaded, unplayable).
  2. I played v1 for a long time with maccabi tel - aviv (israel). I had no idea that there are 3 more versions so I started a new save, this time with Manchester United and v4 is an amazing tactic when you are doing some tweaks.
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